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What is the scheme?

* city authorities take an unoccupied site and install basic services (sanitation, small shops, water, sewers, electricity)

* basic houses --> give these and plot of land to slum dwellers

* slum dwellers can improve houses and work in shops


Sanjay Ghandi Nagar


* env and social conditions better than in slum

* no open sewers --> less water contamination --> better health

* better planned --> easier to access services

* families own land

* improved quality of life

* relatively cheap for council to provide basic housing

* families can run own businesses


* unoccupied site needed --> nearly all land occupied by slums

* impossible to rehouse everyone

* site well outside of city centre --> some worse off due to commuting

* encourages rural-urban migration

* still shortages of services

* some lose original businesses

* some richer people in the area complain about newcomers --> say theft has gone up

* people moved to poor quality land --> Sanjay Ghandi Nagar is a former quarry