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To do away with legal penalties for
Nathan and his group of friends are committed to working to decriminalize guns and certain drugs.
To reveal guilt or make (someone) appear guilty
After the shoes were stolen from the store, we realized that we could incriminate Joseph because the shoes were under his bed.
An accusation made in reply; a countercharge
Beck made a recrimination against Aylene after she kept accusing him of leaving the water running, even though she showered last.
Deserving blame
Steven, who was responsible for not fixing the car's gears , considered himself culpable for Oscar's accident.
One responsible for a crime
Tess is unaware of who the culprit may be, but she thinks that Gustave might be responsible.
Mea Culpa
(interjection) Statement uttered to show personal responsibility for a wrong
"Mea culpa!" shouted Alex, as he realized that he was the one who forgot to shovel the snow.
Burden or obligation
The onus of proving that Stephanie was the pirated movie maker rests on the Judge.
Unpleasant and burdensome
Mr. Haunberg faced the onerous task of telling Casey that she had failed the graduation exam.
To prove not guilty
Irene is feeling extremely confident that her evidence from the warehouse will exonerate Maria.
Praise or approval
Juliana received much approbation for her wonderful project on Solar powered energy.
A dishonest or immoral person; a scoundrel
Tim "Aches" Burgundy, the reprobate who slaughtered the mayor's family, must be punished and sentenced to jail.
To scold or criticize
Moi wanted to reprove Manny for eating three-fourths of the pepperoni pizza by himself.