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1) to speak aloud in order that one's words may be copied or recorded.

2) to give an order; to make necessary

1) I dictated my responses for Justine while she recorded our interview.

2) The boss's policy dictates that we keep the condition of the workroom clean.


A recital of words intended to harm; a curss

James knew he was doomed as soon as the evil witch plagued him with a malediction.


A blessing

Theo received a benediction after the penultimate part of his confirmation ceremony.


Style or action of speaking

Oswald had a rather uncommon locution, for he spoke rapidly then ended with a slowly pronounced word.


Powerful and expressive

Lisa's poem was incredibly eloquent, with every one of her words representing her fearlessness, vitality, and strength.


Of or related to informal speech

When Carl entered class, he immediately changed his colloquial speech to a more appropriate, formal language.


Calling forth a vivid image or impression

The writer created an evocative description of the luxurious mansion he wrote about it.


To use misleading or confusing language

Steve justified his stealing by equivocating with baseball analogies. He stated that he could steal just as how they steal bases in baseball.


1) to argue in favor of

2) someone who argues for

1) Eddie planned to advocate for less homework at the end of the school year because he wanted to enjoy time outside.

2) Amanda was an advocate of equal rights , and she gained much support with elaborate and emotional speeches.


Having a forceful, excited, or emotional tone

Coach was well liked because of his exclamatory expressions and jokes to certain situations.


To speak loudly and with feeling

Martin declaimed about his perspective towards animal care until his opponents had shed a tear.


Characterized by a loud noise or outcry

The kookaburra's in the backyard created a clamorous call together. It seemed that they were laughing at the way we were mocking them.