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What 4 pieces of evidence support the belief that eastern Pacific Islands were settled as a result of planned expeditions of Polynesian Mariners?
● settlements of Eastern
○ transference
• plants
• linguistic similarities
By what two peoples with the island of Madagascar settled?
Indonesians & Polynesians
Why was sailing in the Indian Ocean less difficult and dangerous than other places?
Monsoons were predictable
What were the vessels of the Indian Ocean called?
What 4 reasons explain why the rise of medieval Islam give trade in the Indian Ocean an important boost?
● provided a demand for valuable commodities in the Middle East Muslim cities
● spread the religion
● tied religion together
● traders shared common language, ethic & law
How did the meaning Empire attempt to create new Indian Ocean contacts?
By sending out 7 Imperial sweets between 1405 and 1433
List 4 elements of Chinese-African contacts circa 1415 - 1433
Chinese imported more pepper
there were at least three trading cities in East Africa that sent delegation to China
The Chinese treasure ships of _______ _______ carried silk, metals, and other valuable goods as gifts for distant rulers
Zheng He
Why did the Ming Court suspend the voyages of Zheng He?
High Chinese officials opposed increased contact with those they considered barbarians
The greatest Mariners of the Atlantic in the early Middle Ages were ______
How did the Vikings maneuver across long distances?
By using their knowledge of the heavens and sea's to navigate
In addition to ceiling of the Pacific coast, early Amerindians from South America also colonized ________.
The West Indies
What two nations began a maritime revolution that profoundly altered the course of world history?
Portugal & Spain
List 4 motives the led to Iberian overseas expansion
● strong economics
● religious motives
● Political motives
● intellectual increase
What factors combined to make Spain one of the most powerful European states in the 16th century?
The marriage of Isabel of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon facilitated the conquest of Granada
Why didn't the Italian states taking weed in exploring the Atlantic?
Trading states of Venice and Genoa preferred Muslim trade, ships were still suited
What was a reason for Iberian overseas exploration?
answer on test : NONE OF THESE
What was an early motivation for Portuguese maritime exploration?
Gain access to the sub-Saharan gold trade
Why was Prince Henry of Portugal known as Henry the Navigator?
He devoted his life to exploration
What was the explicit goal of Portuguese explorers?
To find a passage to India
When Portugal began making a significant income from Africa, what did it begin to issue?
Issued Gold coins
2 important navigational technologies, the _____ & ______ , were of Chinese and Arab or Greek origin, respectively.
Compass , Astrolabe
The Portuguese contribution to shipbuilding technologies was the creation of the _______.
List 4 advantages of the Caravel
● good fighting ship
● movable
● strong
● fast
What was an important addition to the Maritime revolution?
Learning to speedily returned by riding NW
Who was the first Portuguese explorer to purchase the rights of exploration of Africa?
Fernao Gomez
The first financial return from the Portuguese voyages came from which trade?
Slave trade
Who was the first Portuguese explorer to reach the southern tip of Africa and view the Indian Ocean?
Bartolomeu Dias
In 1500, what did Portuguese mariners discover while attempting to find a favorable wind around Africa?
East coast of South America
Christopher Columbus was from ____
Columbus insisted that he had reached the __________
Indian Ocean
The Treaty of Tordesillas divided the New World between ______ & ______
○ Portugal
○ Spain
An area of dispute between Portugal and Spain despite the Treaty of Tordesillas was who had claimed to the spice trade from ________
What 4 goods did the Portuguese trade with the kingdom of Benin?
● textiles
● copper
● horses
Through what 3 means did the powerful West African kingdom of Benin limit its contacts with the Portuguese?
● Declined missionaries
● Closed market of male slaves
● Didn't accept Catholicism
The most profitable and strongest colonization by Europe was in ______
The Americas
The first Portuguese who landed in India were greeted with ________
Decisive laughter
Through what 3 means did the Portuguese gain control of the eastern Indian Ocean?
● trade
● politics ¿
The Portuguese base in China was at _________
What were 4 results of Portuguese domination of Indian Ocean trade routes?
● all spices were carried on Portuguese ships
● attempted to tax and control other Indian Ocean trade
● Passports
● pay custom duties
What was the difference between the Spanish Empire in the Portuguese Empire?
○ Bigger Population
○ More resources
Who were the first Amerindians to contact the Spanish?
Arawak of Hispaniola
What does conquistador mean?
Cortés had what 4 advantages in conquering the Aztecs?
● Fire arms & horses
● Calvary Tactics
● Steel Swords
● Disease
Francisco Pizarro defeated the Inca Empire with how many men?
180 men