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William Cody
Known as Buffalo Bill
Free Silver
The unlimited production of silver coins
Long Drive
The sudden increase in the longhorns' value
Homestead Act
In 1862, Congress passed the Homestead Act which gave 160 acres of land to a settler who paid a filling fee and lived on the land for five years
Dawes Act
African American soldiers in segregated units
Towns that grew up almost overnight
The National Grange
The first farmers' organization of this period that offered farmers education, fellowship, and support
Buffalo Soldiers
When Congress set up the peacetime after the Civil War, it also organized four segregate regiment of African American soldiers
Crazy Horse
A Sioux military leader who acted as a decoy and lured the troops in a deadly trap
Transcontinental Railway
A railway that would span the continent and connect the Atlantic and Pacific coasts. Construction completed in May 1869
Why were immigrants and African Americans hired to build the transcontinental railroad?
Because all workers toiled for low wages in harsh conditions
Before railroads, communities across the United States what?
Kept their own time
Where did the traditions of the Cowhand begin?
What ended long cattle drives?
Barbed wire fenced off their land
Why was the Homestead Act important to settlers?
It provided an inexpensive way to start life
How did Omaha differ from Sioux land?
Omaha farmed and Sioux followed buffalo herds
Why did some native americans accept the Americans reserve policy at first?
Because Gov. officials made promises that they did not intend to keep
The Battle of Little Big horn was fought when, where, and why?
To control the black hills, against sioux, after peace treaties failed
Farmers' Alliance leaders formed the what?
Populist Party
What was the major or reform of the Populists Agenda?
Free Silver