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Death rates among ______ people during the epidemics if the early colonial period were very high
Why did the peoples of the new world black community to the disease of the Europeans?
Because of their long isolation from other continents
What was the most deadly of the in epidemics in the Americas?
From where did the worst strain of malaria originate?
African Slade
List 3 new world foods that revolutionized old world agriculture
●Maize ●Potatoes ●Manioc
What was one of the major reasons for the growth of the world population after 1700
Spread of more high-calorie per acre staple crops from the New World
What effect did the European horses have on the Americas
Transportation and trade became more efficient and improved military capacity and hunting efficiency
by the end if the 16th century , what country occupied most of Brazilian coast ?
Which export product dominated the Brazilian economy by the 17th century
Why was the council of the indies created in Spain in 1524
put royal power in place over population
Who were the highest ranking Spanish officials in the colonies ?
the Viceroyalty of the new Spain in 1535 encompassed what 3 areas?
central America , carribean , Mexico
What was the most important agent for transmitting European beliefs, language, and culture in Spanish America and Brazil?
Catholic Church conversion efforts
by what means did the Spanish pay for their colonies ?
enormous wealth by gold mine
How are the European languages and cultures primarily transmitted to indigenous populations?
Who was the most influential defender of Amerindians in the early colonial period
Bartolome de las Casas
What became the richest institution of the Spanish colonies
The Catholic Church
The economic development of the colonies in Mexico and Peru was dominated by what 2 industries
Silver mines and sugar plantations
What was an encomienda?
forced labor of natives
What was the Mita?
Spanish form of labor
in Brazil , by what was the economic importance of Amerindian slaves eventually superseded?
African slaves
A significant effect of the flood of silver from the Americas into the European economy was reinvestment in what in Europe
Reinvestment in local European farming techniques
What were Spain lesser nobles called?
What were American born Spanish whites called?
List 4 ways that slaves express their resistance to the colonial masters in Latin America
sabotage, malingering, running away, rebellion
how could slaves be manumitted?
save money and purchase their own freedom
The castas of Latin America included mixed-race peoples such as _______ & _______.
Mestizos & Mulattos
Why did Brazil develop more slowly than other areas of Latin America
Nearly a century after Cortes conquest
How did the English and French American colonies differ from the Spanish and Portuguese American colonies
Neither England or France developed colonies through private companies
What was one of the significant factors delaying English and French settlement of the Americas
distracted from involvement in wars
Within 15 years of its settlement, the colony at Jamestown lost __ % of its population
Which new form of compulsory labor was first introduced by the English in North America
Indentured servitude
In Virginia, colonial government consisted of Governor, his counsel, and representves is known as what
house of burgess
List 4 ways that the Amerindian Population reacted to the colonial economy
●became dependant on European goods
●natural balance of plants & animals was disrupted
●provided hunting & gathering- agricultural practices were disrupted
●provided furs & deer skins to European traders
The hybrid culture of Africa and America was most "standardized" by which language?
Plantation economies grew what 4 types of labor intensive crops
rice, sugar, tobacco, cotton
The salve revolt that took place in 1739 in South Carolina was called the _____ _____.
Stono Rebellion
The two groups of Protestant dissenters that colonise New England were ______ & ______.
Puritans & pilgrims
Why did massachusetts have a lower mortality rate in the southern & caribbean colonies?
greater stability of population
Who were the puritans?
protestants, dissenters from new England
one difference between northern and southern English colonies was that ______ economies were more commercially diverse.
What was the first colony to have a sole right to form a government as given by Britain
The French settlement in America resemble Spanish and Portuguese colonies in that they wanted to do what two things
Extract resources & convert population to Christianity
Who were the leaders of French expansion, the coureurs de bois?
Frenchman who were sent to live among Native people
The Amerindian enemies of the French were the ______.
In French Canada,______ efforts to convert the native people to Christianity led to the founding of ______, ______ & ______.
● Jesuits . • schools, hospitals, churches
The French and Indian War resulted in the French losing _____ to the English and_____ the Spain
Canada , Louisiana
Who was Tupac Amaru II
Peruvian/Amerindian leader
What did the English Navigation Acts seek to do
Limit colonial trading and production competition