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this man wrote about anti-materialism in the Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald
This trial took place after a biology teacher broke the law, teaching students about evolution
Scopes Trial
The scandal involving the reserves and bribery in Hardings cabinet
Teapot Dome Scandal
This event signified the beginning of the Great Depression
Stock market crash on Black Tuesday: October 29,1929
This was the largest in the furthest reaching of all the government works programs, impacting many small towns in America including Poland
Works Progress Administration
Orson Welle's famous broadcast of HG Welle's classic ______ caused a panic amongst many frightened people who believed it was real
War of the Worlds
One of the only positives to come out of the Hoover administration is the construction this dam, later renamed Hoover dam
Boulder Dam
Britain and France were drawn into war with Germany because
Germany attacked and invaded places; Hitler's aggression
Who or what did President Roosevelt describe as the "rattlesnakes of the atlantic"
German U-Boats
At the end of World War I, many new democracies were established in Europe. In the years between the two wars most of the democracies became
totalitarians (dictators)
Name the leaders of totalitarian governments
Stalin (USSR) , Benito Mussolini (Italy), Hitler (Germany), Tojo (Japan), Franco (Spain)
Who was the supreme commander of US forces in Europe
Dwight D. Eisenhower
The purpose of the Manhattan Project was to ___
make the A-bomb
Where were atomic bombs dropped?
Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The Battle of the Bulge was significant because it marked the ____
last German offensive
This Senator became famous for his anti-Communist stance and accusing people of being communist with no proof
The Korean conflict was fought along the ___ parallel on the Korean Peninsula
The term that describes a war in which neither side confronts the other directly on the battlefield
Cold War
In the 1950s, both the beat movement and rock 'n roll were viewed as forms or expressions of
counterculture/ rebellion/ anti-establishment
A conglomerate is a large corporation that
takes control of many smaller companies in different industries so that if one fails, the other will win
Small residential communities surrounding cities
These were the monsters on maple street
In the Kennedy-Nixon debates, Richard M.Nixon was hurt MOST by
lack of experience with TV
During the Kennedy Years, Congress enthusiastically committed funds for ____
NASA/ space programs
The Bay of Pigs invasion humiliated the United States by making the nation appear
Name the congressional acts passed as part of the Great Society
(PAGE 896 in book)
Which of the following affirmed the legality of segregating the races and prompted the passage of Jim Crow laws?
Plessy vs Ferguson
MLK Jr. was a founder and first president of the
All of these were associated with the black power except a. Malcolm X.
b. Stokely Carmichael.
c. the Black Panthers.
d. the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
d. the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party.
Shortly before his death, Malcolm X began preaching a NEW message that emphasized
exercising the right to vote
What formalized the end of vietnam's war with france?
the geneva accords
name 5 events that occurred in 1968
tet offensive- january 1968
RFK enters presidential race- march 1968
MLK jr assassinated- april 1968
RFk assassinated- june 1968
apollo 8 orbits the moon- december 1968
*see notes for more
which president adopted the policy of vietnamization?
Approximately how many Americans were killed in the vietnam war?