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NBC show starring Jack Webb, originally a crime radio show but also became a tv series
What influenced Film Noir
(Dark Film)
influenced by crime novels, post war realism, and german expatriates
Themes and Style of Film Noir
Themes:femme fatal, corruption and detective work, unconventional romance.

Style: moody lighting, convoluted plots with flashbacks, voice over narration
signs and symbols that convey a specific feeling
Hollywood witch hunt
where stars and directors were being accused of sympathizing with the communist party.
What is HVAC
house committee of un-american activities
What happened with the Paramount Case?
Court decided that vertically integrated companies were illegal and were monopolizing the movie industry. The big 5 had to give up their theaters and become a production company. Making it a more level playing field.
Good inventions in the 50s
3 strip technicolor- high quality color
3D- short lived but was exciting at the time
Cinemascope- widescreen
Bad inventions
Eastman Color- terrible quality color
Cinarama- terrible widescreen
Package unit syster
that is where a producer pulls some strings and gets a good director, writer, screenwriter, and actor then pitches for financing it.
Otto Preminger
He didn't get a seal for his movie "The moon is not blue" which covered controversial topics, but it still did very well.
Elia Kazan
He didn't have the final cut of his movie "A street car named desire" but on his next movie "Baby Doll" he demanded the final cut, and it did very well.
Teen Movies
pretty much all B monster movies designed for the 19 year old male.
Edwin Armstrong
created FM radio but RCA didn't want it, he got into a lot of problems with FM when WW2 ended because TV was now in the picture and messed up his frequencies for FM and he killed himself.
78 RPM
terrible quality, heavy, brittle, broke easily, only could hold about 4 minutes on each side
33 1/3 RPM
good quality, with micro-pressed grooves. Could hold 20-25 minutes of audio on both sides.
used for singles, popular with the young kids. cheap.
High Fidelity (Hi-Fi)
good quality sound
turntable, radio and speakers in one.
Fritz Pfleumer
invented magnetic tape for Nazi German
Bing Crosby and Jack Mullin
Crosby didnt want to do live shows anymore so he hired Mullin and created Ampex. (Created laugh track machine)
Revival of Local radio is because...?
car radios, decline of networks, and specialized stations (IE R&B, country etc etc)
Alan Freed
moondog show----> WINS in NYC

creates Rock'n'Roll show and top 40s hits
why the drive in
convenient, cheap, comfortable
The two types of TV
mechanical and electronic
What's wrong with Mechanical TV?
they had really low quality. Only 30 lines of resolution.
Who helps work on the electrical TV?
Rosing, Zworykin (creates iconoscope), Farnsworth (image dissector tube)

RCA announces arrival of TV at NY worlds fair
WW2 happened and no one bought TVS
First TV programming
sports because they were live and popular with men.
What is co-axial cable
it is cable that connects city to city and is used by big networks so people in different cities can watch the same programming.
Popular LIVE TV
Variety shows (Texaco Star Theater with Milton Burle Ed Wynn Show etc etc)
Live Anthology Dramas('Twelve Angry Men')
Sitcoms (Honeymooners, Mama)
Early TV to used Telefilm
Cisco Kid, I love Lucy, Father knows best, Dragnet
ABC and Paramount
Disney Land
ABC gives Disney 2 million bucks for 52 week series. With 4 segments Fantasy Land, Adventure Land, Tomorrow Land, Frontier Land
Warner Bros in TV
Promotions for movies and "Warner Bros Presents"

Disguised Anthologies
Anthology series they were literally the same story with a slight twist. IE CSI
Telefilm Triumphs
majority tv is now recorded
VIdeo tape
made high quality recordings on 2 inch tape that could be edited.
when record companies would pay off DJs to play there bands music on their stations.
Quiz Show Scandal
"21" was a fixed show that Charles Can Doren won
Newton Minow
JFK made him in charge of the FCC
"When TV is bad, nothing's worse."
"The Vast Wasteland"
Documentaries were made to
record, reveal, preserve
persuade or promote
analyze or interrogate
Direct Cinema
made to reject the norm. Real people in real situations! Creating reality and "a sense of being there" It is a lot of observation
Race Shows
Amos and Andy, Nat "King" Cole Show,

"Julia" starring Diahann Carroll
Spy Shows
inspired by the cold war in the 1960s
James Bond
"Mission Impossible", "Man fron UNCLE"
Children's Fantasy Shows
"Land of Giants", "Batman", and "Lost in space"
Adult Fantasy
"Star Trek" "The Outer Limits" and "The Prisoner"
Rural Sitcoms
"Green Acres", "Andy Griffith Show", "Beverly Hillbillies",
Paul Hemming
wrote many tv sitcoms such as "Green Acres" and "The Beverly Hillbillies"
Norman Lear
created more relevant sitcoms, with more modern issues such as "All in the Family" "Mary Tyler Moore" and "The Jefferson's"
the US is more concerned with the medium rather then life itself.
Ingmar Bengman
Swedish director. "Wild Strawberries" "Smiles of a summer night"
Akira Kurosawa
Japanese Director "The 7 Samurai" "Hidden Fortress"
Francois Truffaut (Director of 400 Blows) said
the best movies are made by those who use the camera the same way a writer uses a pen.
Auteur theory
The director is the main creative driving force of the movie.
Andrew Sarris said...
there are 3 hoops of Auteurness

1. tech competence
2. known style
3. cinema as art
French New Wave
style and practice