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ABC - 1 Agreement
between US and Britain allies, "get germany first" to prevent Hitler fortifying European stronghold
American Communists
denounced Anglo-French "imperialist war" before Pearl Harbor
Korematsu v. U.S., 1944
decided reconcentration camps for Japanese-Americans were constitutional
U.S. gov't action in 1988
U.S. gov't apologizes for actions in WWII to Japanese-Americans, $20,000 to each camp survivor
retired "Dr. New Deal"; replaced by "Dr. Win-the-War"
FDR ends new deal to get Big Business on his side of war production, new deal programs wiped out by congress
War Production Board
oversaw the production of war materials
Henry J. Kaiser
dubbed "sir launchalot" for prodigies of ship construction, head of War Production Board
British Malaya and Dutch East Indies
snapped US lifeline of rubber, invaded by japan, national speed limit, gasoline rationing
office of price administration
ascending prices under control with extensive regulations and rations, angered Big Business
war labor board
imposed ceilings on wage increases, angered labor unions
united mine workers
headed by John L. Lewis, walked out even though they hadn't pledged not to
smith-connally anti-strike act
authorized fed. gov't to seize any halted industries, took over coal mines and r&rs for short period of time
division of army, for noncombat roles for women
division of navy, for noncombat roles for women
division of coast guard, for noncombat roles for women