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What pledged to establish "a general international organization for the maintenance of international peace and security"?
The Moscow Declaration
Where were the plans for the UN drawn up?
Dumbarton Oaks
Where did representatives draft a charter for the UN?
San Fransisco
Where did the first official meeting of the UN General Assembly take place? When?
London- January 10, 1946
Where is the permanent location of the UN located?
New York City
What are the three major parts of the UN?
General Assembly, Security Council, and the Secretariat
Who was the head of Communist Russia's delegation?
Andrei Gromyko
Who was an official at the US State Department later implicated as a spy for the Soviet Union and convicted of perjury for denying the transfer of top-secret files?
Alger Hiss
What were the three parties in the Cold War?
Free World, Communist, and the Third World
What are satellite nations?
Nations supposedly independent but technically under the dominance of another
Who was the communist sympathizer who used Lend-Lease shipments to send top-secret information and materials to the Soviets?
Harry Hopkins
Who were convicted of treason for send top-secret information of the atomic bomb to the Russians?
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg
Who was the director of Britain's nuclear research program who was convicted for supplying Moscow with a top-secret trigger mechanism?
Klaus Fuchs
Who exposed much Communist activity in the American Government?
Joseph P. McCarthy
What are people's republics?
Communist puppet governments
What countries had "people's republics" in Eastern Europe?
Poland, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, and Czechoslovakia
What countries had independent communist government in Easter Europe?
Yugoslavia and Albania
How did Winston Churchill describe the oppression in Eastern Europe?
and 'Iron Curtain'
What was President Truman's strategy concerning communism?
What policy aided Greece and Turkey resist communism?
Truman Doctrine
What was the European Recovery Plan better know as?
the Marshall Plan
The American, British, and French occupied parts of Germany formed what free nation?
West Germany
What program did Eastern Europe use instead of the Marshall Plan?
What kept the people of West Berlin alive during the winter of 1948-1949?
The Berlin Airlift
When was the North Atlantic Treaty signed?
April of 1949
What military alliance did the U.S., Canada, and 10 European countries join?
the North Atlantic Treaty Organization
After NATO was formed, what alliance did Eastern Europe form?
the Warsaw Pact
What did Western Europe form to help in cooperating as a whole against Eastern Europe?

(European Economic Community)
After Stalin died, who was the new leader of Russia?
Nikita Khrushchev
What did Khrushchev claim when he began leading Russia?
A "de-Stalinization" had occurred and he desired a "peaceful coexistence" with the free world.
Who was the free dictator of Yugoslavia in the 1940's?
Marshal Tito
What revolt was ended by the Soviets,
killing over 20,000 people? When?
The Hungarian Revolt- 1956
What communist government tried to grant certain civil liberties to their citizens, but the Soviets did not agree and sent 500,000 troops to stop the threat? When?
Czechoslovakia- 1968
What was the symbol of Soviet oppression in Eastern Europe?
the Berlin Wall
In what year was the Berlin wall built?
Who became Chancellor of West Germany?
Konrad Adenauer
Which conservative Prime Ministers helped improve Great Britain's economy from 1950-1960?
Winston Churchill, Anthony Eden, Harold Macmillan
Who returned to power in France and helped establish the Fifth Republic?
Charles de Gaulle
What socialist became president of France after de Gaulle died?
Francois Mitterand
Who was Italy's leader after WWII?
Alcide de Gasperi
After de Gasperi died, how many coalition governments did Italy have?
What were the Red Brigades?
Communist organized terrorist groups
After the death of Francisco Franco, who became ruler and encouraged democratic rule?
Juan Carlos
Who led the Nationalists in the Chinese civil war?
Chiang Kai-shek
Who led the Communism in the Chinese civil war?
Mao Tse-tung
After he traveled to China, who imposed an arms embargo on the Nationalists?
George C. Marshall
Where did Chiang and the Nationalist soldiers flee after the Chinese Civil War?
What establishment did Tse-tung set-up on the island of Taiwan? When?
Republic of China- 1949
What was Tse-tung's five year plan called?
the "Great Leap Forward"
What did Tse-tung launch to purge China of all foreign influences?
the "Cultural Revolution"
During the Cultural Revolution, what were the gangs of young people called?
Red Guards
How many people did Mao Tse-tung murder?
40 million
After Mao's death, what was the name of the group trying to come to power?
"Gang of Four"
Who emerged as Communist leader in China after the "Gang of Four"?
Deng Xaioping
Who led the Communist puppet regime in North Korea?
Kim IL-sung
Who was the first president of South Korea?
Syngman Rhee
What year did the Korean War start?
Who led the American and UN forces in the Korean War?
Douglas MacArthur
To what line were our forces pushed?
the Pusan Perimeter
Where did MacArthur land, near Seoul, to push the Communists out of South Korea?
What is "limited warfare"?
refusing to use all available military strength to win a complete victory
When did Stalin die?
Who was the Communist dictator in Cuba before Castro?
Fulgencio Batista
Who started the "26th of July Movement"?
Fidel Castro
Which president canceled the air cover at the Bay of Pigs?
John F. Kennedy
When did Castro openly declare Cuba a Communist state?
May of 1961
What was the name of the revolutionaries in Nicaragua?
What was the name of the President that the Sandinistas were revolting against?
What country had the revolt of the Sandinistas against President Somoza?
Who led the military overthrow in Argentina?
Juan Peron
Who became the first woman to head a government in the Western Hemisphere?
Isabel Peron
In what country did the first Marxist come to power through an elective process?
Who was the first Marxist voted in to office through an elective process?
Salvador Allende
Who assumed office after Allende?
Augusto Pinochet
What was found in Mexico in the late 1970s that increased their economic potential?
When did the reawakening of Arab nationalism occur?
When did the Israeli state emerge?
What gave the American President permission to assist any country in the Middle East who requested it against aggression from any Communist country?
Eisenhower Doctrine
Who led Israel against the Arabs in the Six Day War?
Moshe Dayan
What war occurred after the Six day War?
Yom Kippur War
What organization caused the Arab oil embargo?
OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Country)
Who signed the Camp David Accords?
Menachem Begin and Anwar elSadat
What was the first African nation south of the Sahara to gain independence?
Who was the prime minister of Ghana?
Kwame Nkrumah
Where did civil war break and the leader was Patrice Lumumba?
Republic of the Congo
Who was killed along with 28 other missionaries minutes before the paratroopers landed?
Dr. Paul Carlson
What was the Republic of the Congo renamed?
Who was overthrown by a coup in Ethiopia?
Haile Selassie I
What is racial segregation called?
What was the ANC?
African National Congress
Who was the major Vietnamese communist?
Ho Chi Minh
What were Ho Chi Minh's forces called?
Who became president of South Vietnam?
Hgo Dinh Diem
What were the Communists called that were in South Vietnam?
Viet Cong
What was the Ho Chi Minh Trail?
a supply line through Cambodia used for the Communists
What was the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution?
gave the president power to "protect our servicemen" in Vietnam
In what year did the first American combat troops are in South Vietnam?
Who was the commander in South Vietnam?
William Westmoreland
Who was the "Father of the Hydrogen Bomb"?
Who invented the hydrogen bomb?
Edward Teller
What does 'detente' mean?
the idea of reducing tension
Who ended the American opposition to China's membership in the UN?
Henry Kissinger
Who took over the Soviet Union after Khrushchev 'retired'?
Leonid Brezhnev
What did the Soviet Union agree to that said that they would limit the production of nuclear arms?
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks Treaty

What was one of the most brutal "wars of liberation"?
Invasion of Afghanistan
Who was Britain's fist woman prime minister?
Margaret Thatcher
What did Ronald Reagan believe about the economy?
trade and business should be free from government interference
What was the most extensive naval conflict since WWII? When?
Falklands War- 1982
What was the Reagan Doctrine?
an offensive policy of preemptive strikes to stop Communism BEFORE it could attack
What did the Communists plan to do with Grenada?
start a military base to invade the mainland of South America
What was the plane that was shot down by the Soviets, killing almost 270 people?
KAL 077
What was the Strategic Defense Initiative?
a system of space-age weaponry designed to destroy enemy intercontinental ballistic missiles in flight
What were the nationalists called who stood up to the Soviets? Who led them?
Solidarity- Walesa
Who came to power as the leader of the Soviet Union in 1985?
What did the Intermediate Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF) do in Europe?
it removed all of the missile sights for the U.S. and the Soviets
Where did the nuclear reactor contaminate the region in Ukraine?
When did the Communists begin to lose control of Eastern Europe?
When was the Berlin Wall opened?
November 9,1989
Which part of the UN has five permanent members?
Security Counsel
Where did 50 nations gather before the official first meeting for the UN?
San Fransisco
What Doctrine allowed money to go to any country that wanted to fight Communist aggression?
Truman Doctrine
What was the Second five-year plan called?
The Great Leap Forward
What was the attempt to purge China of all revolutionaries?
Cultural Revolution
Who led the Gang of Four?
Mou se Tung's wife