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Name the layers of epidermal skin.
stratum basale, spinosum, granulosum, lucidum, corneum
Differentiate between Eosinophilic and Basophilic cells.
Eosinohilic cells are stained by eosin. they stain red and the stain is negatively charged and attract positive cells (including RER and mitochondria)

Basophilic stains blue and attracts negative things (ie. DNA, ribosomes). often times look purple-ish.
Epidermis consists mainly of ________ epithelium.
stratified squamous keratinized
What junctional complexes are found in the stratum basale? Stratum spinosum?
In basale, desmosomes in the lateral and upper surfaces; hemidesmosomes help bind these cells to the basal lamina

in spinosum, desmosomes
What intermediate filament is found in melanocytes? Derived from what type of cells?
Derived from neural crest cells. Vimentin positive.
Name three reasons why there are differences between light and dark skin.
in darker skin, melanocyte extensions go further up to the stratum granulosum

in darker skin, more of the melanocytes are Type 3 and 4

in darker skin, the lysosomal action is repressed that causes melanin to disappear
Name the components and functions of the stratum granulosum.
keratohyalin granules (glue/protease--anti-bacterial), odland bodies (lamellar granule) -- waterproofing, tonofibrils (structure), lysosomes, involucrin (barrier to infection, friction, abrasion),
What stratum is fillagrin found and what is its function?
spinosum; bundles tonofilaments into tonofibrils
A nucleus found in adipose tissue could be the nucleus of what 3 cells? It can't be what cell nucleus?
adipocyte, endothelial cells, or fibroblasts (secreting type 3 reticular fibers)

it can't be neuron cell nucleus
What is the function of Merkel cells? What layer of skin is it found?

What is the function of Pascinian corpuscles?
Merkel cells-- sensory mechanoreceptors in the epidermal layer

Pascinian corpuscles sense DEEP pressure.
Name 3 non-epithelial cells found in the epidermis.
Langerhan's cells, Melanocytes, Merkel's cells
Meissners corpuscle is a mechanoreceptor for _____?
from top to bottom, name the nerve receptors.
meissner (touch)
pascinian (touch/pressure)
merkel (pressure)