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I need to go.

mwen bezwen ale

The house is good

kay la bon

they give a lot

yo bay anpil

it can't go far

li pa kapab ale lwen

- or -

li pa ka ale lwen

We are very happy.

nou kontan anpil

I can’t wait for you.

mwen pa kapab tann ou

- or -

mwen pa ka tann ou

The house is not far.

Kay la pa lwen.

I’m happy I don’t need to wait.

Mwen kontan mwen pa bezwen tann.

They need the key.

Yo bezwen kle a.

You can wait in the house.

Ou kapab tann nan kay la.

The medicine is not good.

Medikaman an pa bon.

Li bezwen ou nan yon reyinyon.

She needs you in a meeting.

Tann mwen nan kay la.

Wait for me in the house.

Yon moun bezwen kle a.

Someone needs the key.

Nou pa kapab ale lwen.

We can’t go far.

Li kontan nou kapab bay anpil medikaman.

He’s happy we can give a lot of medicine.