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What is Gout?
Inflammatory disease of peripheral joints caused by monosodium urate crystal deposits
What is the difference between primary and secondary gout?
Primary gout is d/t inborn error in production or excretion of uric acid
Secondary gout can develop d/t another disease (leukemia, MDS, renal insufficiency) or as a result from certain drugs (salicylates, diuretics, nicotinic acid, alcohol)
Secondary can also be induce from a diet high in purines (anchovies, organ meats, liver, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, oatmeal, cocoa, sweetbreads)
Which joint is typically affected with an acute attack of gout?
MP joint of the big toe (Podagra)
S&S of an acute gout attack
Sudden onset of joint inflammation and excruciating pain
Signs include warm, tender, erythematous joint and possibly fever
What is Tophi?
chalky deposits of sodium urate

Tophi seldom become visible until 10 years after the onset of gout
What lab value is usually sufficient to establish a dx of gout?
TX of acute gout
TX of chronic gout
urate lowering agents
When would you start a urate lowering medication after an acute attack and why
2-4 weeks becaused it may worsen sx