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What was the name of the town where George Handel was born?

Halle, Germany

Which other composer was born in the same year as George Handel?


What did George Handel's father wanted him to study?


Who organized music lessons for George Handel?

Duke of Saxony

What major decision did George Handel make when he was 18?

Move to Hamburg.

How old was George Handel when his father died?

12 years old.

Name 3 instruments could George Handel play?

Organ, Oboe, and Horn.

Name two places that George Handel visited in Italy.

Florence and Rome.

Name an opera that George Handel wrote while in Italy?


How long did George Handel stay in Italy?

One Year

Where was George Handel when he wrote 'Rinaldo'?


What major project did George Handel undertake in 1719?

Royal Academy of Music

Who did George Handel write 'Birthday Ode' for?

Queen Anne

Name two other pieces that George Handel wrote.

'The Messiah' and 'Water Music'

When was the Music for Royal Fireworks written?


How long did it take George Handel to compose The Messiah?

23 Days

What health problem did George Handel suffer before he died?

Eye surgury