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Geologic Time Scale
Both relative (what happened in what order) and absolute (actual number of years before the present) methods are used in determining the sequence of the time scale.
When geologists or acheologists dig downward into a rock or sediment they are digging "back in time." This fact is based on what principle?
physical processes operating at the same pace and intensity thats characterized throughout geologic time (Hutton and Lyell)
Through the atmosphere, crust and mantle the ROCK CYCLE produces what three rocks?
1. Igneous
2. Sedimentary
3. metamorphic
The majority of Earths crust is composed of what rock?
Igneous Rocks make up 90% of the Earths crust, although they are completely covered by sedimentary rocks (sandstone,shale,limestone), soil or oceans.
Conintental Crust is basically _____, when oceanic crust is basically _________.
Three types of rock forming processes form the_____
rock cycle
My example of an intrusive igneous rock is:
Pluton: which cools slowly in the crust
The ancient roots of mountains are usually composed of what rocks?
The occurence of "contact" metamorphism would be direct evidence of :
the local intrusion of magma that "cooked" adjoining the rock
whats located along mid ocean ridges?
The deepest single group of features on the Earths crust are:
the areas of plate subduction along the ocean.
What location does subduction occur?
along collision zones between continental and oceanic plate
convergent plate boundaries are characteristics of:
collision zones between plates
Of all the major plates, India:
accelerated over 70million years ago on its northward drift.
Transform faults along plate boundaries are characteristics of:
lateral motions of plate
Transform faults occur:
between the crests of the spreading centers, where ocean floor is moving in opposite directions
transfer of heat energy from one place to another (verticle motion)

advection (horizontal motion)
Sea floor spreading center that lead to the formation of the atlantic ocean accelerated dramatically between....
135 and 65 million years ago
Earthquake epicenters are located with what three patterned locations?
divergent,convergent, transform boundaries
Volcanic activity can form:
a. around the Pacific Ocean Basin

b. along sea floor speading, mid ocean ridges

c.at or near hot spots around the mantle plumes
mountain building and thickening of the crust
As tensional stress cracks the brittle crust:
a series of parallel faults form downward-faulting blocs into the rifting crust
What does "Plume" refer to?
a narrow column of unusually hot mantle material that flows convectively from great depths to the Earths crust