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Conception to birth
THe stage from birth to two years is known as ____?
THe period from 2to 11 years is called_____?
the stage from 11 to 18 years is called____?
THe stage from 18-death is called what? and what are the three parts of it
18-35 years (early)
35-65 years( middle)
65-death (late)
What are the three stages of development? ( known as getting your horses in one direciton)
Social/ Emotional
THe definition of self esteem please?
the experience of being capable of meeting lifes challenges and being worthy of happiness badadada snap snap
what is the difference between self concept and self esteem?
Self esteem is the ability to be happy in life self concept is the way a person evaluates them selves in a certain area
What are the 5 most common areas of ones self concept?
1. Appearance
2. Socially
3. academics
What did harry harlowes expirement with the monkeys prove?
that a person is capable of feelings even as an infant. the mokeys who were seperated form their mothers had problems and rocked themselves.
WHat is self fullfilling prophecy?
when a person believes something about them themselves for so long that they make it true. exp my day will suck and it does
Imaginary audience?
an egocentric state occuring in adolescence when a person believes that everyone is looking at them and listening to them.
Personal Fable?
believing that ones personal experiences are special of different from every one elses. " no one understands me"1
WHat is the term for the healthy kind of stress that can be productive?
Distress is what?
Stress that is bad and even harmful to the body?
What does SAD stand for?
Seasonal Affectiveness disorder, caused by a lack of sunlight
WHat makes bipolar disorder(manic depression)different from depression
Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder with a series of ups and down, whle depression is a constant state of low periods
What is Emotional Intelligence?
the ability to assess and manage the emotions of yourself and others
Eriksons 8 stages please?
1. Trust vs. Mistrust
2. autonomy vs.shame
3. iniative vs.guilt
4. industry vs. inferiority
5.identity vs. confusion
6.intamcy vs.isolation
7.generativity vs.Stagnation
8.Integrity vs. despair
Describe Trust vs Mistrust.
the first stage in ericksons stages of development in which the child is completely dependent aupon the caregiver if they are taken care of well they will achieve trust, if they are not they will achieve mistrust.
WHat is the 3rd stage of ericksons stages of development and what does it consist of?
Initiative vs.GUilt is the 3rd stage and it is when the child watns to make its own decisions and do thngs on itsown.
WHat does autonomy vs. shame consist of?
when the child learns self control and independence.
- it is important that the child is incouraged in this stage or they will achieve shame
Industry vs. Inferiority?
4th stage of development when the child masters skills and takes pride in their accomplishments. Too much criticisim will cause the child to reach inferiority
how about the 5th stage?
Identity vs confusion. THe stage in which teenagers try and become adults and find their own place in this world.
What is the stage where people look back on their lives to evaluate weather or not they made a significant contribution to this world?
Integrity vs. Despair
What is the stage in which adults hold on to the past and try to give back to their community?
Generativity vs. Stagnationt
What is Intimacy vs Isolation?
the 6th stage of development in which people try and create intimate relationships with people romantic and friendly.
Who makes you angry?
What does below the belt loine mean?
below the line of acceptable behavior, an insult that was a little extreme.
Define Psychology.
The study of human behavior and mental processes
What is the term for the kind of psychology that studies orgins, causes and results of certain types of behavior?
research psychology
what is applied psychology
psychology that makes practical use of the research
Who wrote "the origin of species" and studied animals to understand humans?
Charles Darwin
WHo was the father of psychology and what did he do?
Wilhelm Wundt and he created the first lab for studying humans.
WHo is the father of psychoanalysis and what are the 5 stages he created?
Sigmund freud.
Describe the oral stage?
Focus is on sensations of the mouth, main goal is to wean the child from the bottle, if this is done too early or too late the child will develop oral fixations
What is the anal stage?
Focus is on the anus and the main goal is to pottytrain. if this is done to strictly the child will become anal retentive if this is done to loosley the child will be anal expulsive
What is the Phallic stage?
focus is on the penis, child has a romantic attraction to the opposite sex parent they must identify with the same sex parent or they will have an Oedipus/Electra complex.
What is latency?
a period of relative calm in which the child focuses mainly on hobbies and making friends.
Describe the genital stage?
focus is on the genitals it is when adults try and find a romantic partner this is when problems emerge from earlier in life.
Who wrote the first psychology text book?
William James
What did John B. Watson do?
Founder of behaviorisim, the theory that sees behavior as reactions to learned responsess.
Who was the other founder of behaviorism?
Bf. SKinner, invented operant conditioning.
Carl rogers created which theory? explain that theory,
Humanisim, views behavior as a reflection of internal growth.
What did abraham maslow do for psychology?
He was the other founder of psychology, he created the heirarchy of needs.
5. Self actualization
4.self esteem needs
3. belongingness needs
2.saftey needs
1. physiological.
WHat percent of communication is done nonverbally?
17% tone
67% body language
Which sex is more touchy? Which sex reaveals more about themselves?
What does a placater do?
will do anything to keep the peace even give up their own thoughts or feelings, apologize and say sorry alot.
Which personality type trys to change the subject?
What is a blamer?
person who cant accept the blame, is always right and blames everyone else. uses lots of you statements.
How does a computer respond to situations?http://www.flashcardexchange.com/mycards/add/824513
They over logicize situations and try to make things rational. they state facts when in a conversation.
How do levelers respond to situations?
a leveler would look at a situation and asses the possiblities, trying to figure out the right answer, they are a combination of the 4 extremes.
Child Ego state?
state of mind in which a person reverts to childlike behavior.
Parent ego state?
state of mind in which a person is always right because they view themselves as suprme adults
Adult ego state?
state of mind in which the person is very rationale, not one exteme or the other.
What is the difference between being assertive and being agressive?
Assertive: sticking up for yourself without being mean
Agressive: get what they want no matter who they hurt.
GEnder role
societal expectations for the way men and women should behave
Gender stereotype
distorted view on how men and women should behave.
ability to have both male and female characteristics
requires beliefe in something that can not be seen.
alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself.
level of consciousness right below the present level of awareness.
study of forces that contol the body at different times.
Biological Clocks
internal chemical units that control regular cycles
free running cycles
cycles set up by biological clocks but run on their own
the process of changing free running cycles to a different rythmn
circadian rythmn
sequences of behavioral changes that occur every 24 hours.
the five stages of sleep please?
1 twilight (alpha)
2 true sleep ( theta)
3&4 deep sleep(delta)
5 dream sleep(beta)
Why do we dream?
1. problem solving
2.sorting memories
3.activation synthesis
4. replenish brain chem
when do people experience rem rebound?
when they dont get enough sleep
What are night terrors?
Incubus attacks, bad dreams that occur during true sleep
what do people generally focus on when meeting people?
physical attraction, behavior, interactional possibilities
Comlete love?
Intimacy, Commitment,passion
Romantic love
empty love?
Fantasy Love?
Passion and commitment
Intamacy and commitment
none of the three