Sigmund Freud's Phychodynamic Theories On Personality

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Sigmund Freud developed psychodynamic theories on personality. According to him there are three elements to our personality. First the ID, second the ego and third the superego. He believed that each element kept the other in check – meaning if all elements are well balanced the person is having a healthy personality. Freud also developed a theory where he believed that our subconscious developed defense mechanisms to help us cope with anxiety and conflict. Freud also developed the most controversial theory called the psychosexual stages. His theories were not widely accepted and even today they are still hot topics of debate amongst psychoanalysts. Freud’s theory is explaining that only ID is present in a person at birth. He believed …show more content…
He called it the Psychosexual stages of Development. He believed that psychological change resulted from inner forces due to biological maturation. The stages are called oral stage, Anal stage, Phallic stage, latency and genital. Oral stage is from 0-18months old when the libido is centered in child’s mouth. Too much or too little attention can end in oral fixation. Anal stage is from 18 months to 3 years old. In that stage, the focus is on eliminating feces. In this stage children learn how to use toilet and too much or too little attention can end in anal fixation. Phallic stage is from 3-6 years. In this stage children the pleasure zone switches to genitals. Here boys develop sexual desires for their mother and girls for their fathers. Boys see their father as competition and start being rival with him. Latency stage lasts from 6 to puberty. In this stage sexual urges stay repressed and children mostly play with same sex friends. Genital stage occurs at puberty. This is the final stage of psychosexual development when the sexual urges are awaken again. He believed that if any of the stages is not fully developed, the child later as an adult can have psychological problems. For example if the oral stage is not developed properly the child can be talking to much, overeating, smoking, drinking etc. If the anal stage is not developed properly the person can be very organized, stubborn, concerned with control etc. Or it can be totally opposite. He could be sloppy and wouldn’t care about

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