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Talofa. 'O a'u o Pita.
Hello. I am Pita.
Talofa lava. 'O a'u o Mele.
Hello. I am Mele.
'O ai lou igoa?
What's your name?
'O Mele Leota.
A'o ai lou igoa?
It's Mele Leota.
And what's your name?
'O Pita Semisi.
Its Pita Semisi.
Talofa lava Pita.
Greetings Pita.
Talofa lava Mele.
Greetings Mele.
'O a mai 'oe?
How are you?
Manuia fa'afetai.
Ae ā 'oe?
Fine thank you.
And how about you?
Manuia fo'i fa'afetai.
Sau i totonu.
Fine also, thanks.
Come inside.
Fa'afetai tele.
Thank you very much.