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What type of currency was used?
Made beaver. All items were compared to the value of a mature, male beaver pelt.
What was the name given the area clamed by the H.B.C?
Rupert's land
Which company encouraged marriage?
What company was formed to compete with the HBC?
The Northwest Company?
Who were the Metis?
decendants of French NWC traders and Native women.
What two disease decimated the first nation population?
What was the name of the HBC boats?
York Boats
What is a Hierarchy?
Hierarchy is the name given to the chain of command.
What is top down?
A style of management where the commands or suggestions flow from the management to the employees who are at the bottom of the chain of command.
What is a head hunter?
A head hunter is the person who seeks out skilled employees for a company.
What is a middleman?
The person who is in between two groups who have needs. The middle man will act as a go between to satisfy those needs.
Why were native women encouraged to marry NWC employees?
Secure trading with NWC.
Improve social status for themeselves and families
Acquire European goods.