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Fuel required for hangaring on Ship
What must flashpoint of fuel be above if not using JP-5 aboard ship
120 F
Percentage of JP-5 and JP-8 to give flashpoint of 120 F
____may be encountered following nose down ground ops in excess of ___ minutes when using JP-5/JP-8
Flameouts/10 minutes
Primary Fuel
Continuous unrestricted operation
Restricted Fuel
Imposes operational Restrictions
Emergency Fuel
may be used for a minimum time when a primary fuel is not available and an urgent need exists. Shall get approval and shall be placarded
PRIST authorization
Is authorized when pre-mixed but not when sprayed with aerosol can
Main tank capacity which JP-8
3953 pounds
After switching fuel types establish IGE hover for___ prior to takeoff. If ____ caution light illuminates during hover, do not depart until light ____
10 secs/ fuel press/ self clears
____may be encountered on the ground and in flight at certain fuel____ when _____ fuels are used.
Restrictions when JP-4/JET B is used
1. Stabalize in hover for 10 secs with no fuel press cautions
2. No single engine training
3. Operating characteristics may change, lower operating temps, slower accel, and shorter range
4. Next 2 refuelings with a primary fuel shall be treated is if JP-4 is in tanks
Is electrical power required for pressure refueling main tanks?
Is electrical power required for pressure refueling the auxiliary tanks?
Yes, to ensure proper pre-check function through observation of the cockpit fuel display.
Max fueling pressure
55 psi
What must be used if the quality of the fuel is in question?
HIFR. HIFR capable of removing both water and particulate matter
How many pre-check valves must be operational to refuel safely?
One. If not, refuel only as necessary.
Which tanks can be gravity fueled?
Mains and externals, individually. Internal aux negative.
Is gravity fueling authorized with engines or APU operating?
No due to spark potential.
#1 or #2 FUEL PRESS caution indicates what?
low pressure condition exists in the engine driven fuel boost pump or an air leak in the fuel system.
#1 or #2 FUEL FLTR BYPASS indicates what?
The fuel filter is being bypassed.
Are the fuel filters sensitive to water contamination
What might water contaminated fuel cause?
fluctuations/surges in one or both engines with no associated fuel press of fuel filter bypass cautions
Main tank capacity
590 gal/ 4012 pounds JP-5
Which fuel cell has provisions for single point refuel/defuel, gravity refuel, and hifr?
Left Tank
Which tank includes 2 high level shutoffs?
Left tank
Which tank includes the APU fuel line?
Right tank
Which tank includes the fuel dump system?
Right tank
Fuel System Diagram
Fuel System Diagram
External Aux Capacity
120 Gal/816 pounds JP-5
External Aux sensors
One single gauge probe for the TDB/FMCP and a low level thermistor sensor for the FMCP
Internal Aux Capacity
105 Gal/ 714 pounds JP-5
Fuel Transfer rate
340-410 pounds per minute
Unmonitored/Monitored Fuel transfer
3200/3700 pounds.
PUMP/Valve Fail/ Aux Fuel Xfer Fault sequence
No fuel flow sensed after 300 Secs: close valve 1, open 2.
If fuel flows after 40 secs, PUMP/VALVE fail caution illuminates, fuel continues to xfer.

No fuel transfer after 40 secs: Turn 1 pump off, 2 on.

Fuel Flows after 40 secs: Pump valve fail caution and fuel transfer continues.

No fuel flow after 40 secs: Aux xfer Fault illuminates, must select manual.
Pounds of fuel that inhibits jettisoning of aux tanks using all stores sono switch
272 pounds.
Tank Fill Sequence
In auto mode, when does fuel transfer initiate fuel from an aux tank to a main tank.
When main reaches a level where the entire tank can be drained into main.
In manual mode, when does fuel transfer stop?
When high level switch is reached in main, or the aux tank is depleted.
Fuel transfer sequence in auto mode
Low Fuel State Index
210-240 pounds
If an auxiliary fuel tank connector is not connected properly to the appropriate jumper plug receptacle, what indications appears on CDU?
A full indication
Minimum fuel dump rate
836 ppm
Will fuel dump system work with WOW?
What happens when fuel dump switch is activated?
Aux Fuel tank valves open, transfer/shutoff valves close, both pumps turn on, main tank bypass shutoff valve closes, overboard dump valve opens.
What will the fuel dump system dump down until?
Will dump from both cells until the interconnect (270 pounds) and then will dump from the right tank until the low level switch (210-240).
Pressure refueling without power
All tank valves open, and fuel enters all tanks randomly until the high level switches in main tanks are activated.
Pressure refueling with power
All aux tank shutoff valves close and main tank fills. Once FMCP is signaled that main is filled, internal aux valve opens, and it fills. Once internal aux props indicates full, shutoff valve closes. Right then left aux tanks are then filled in the same fashion.