Compare And Contrast Stroke And Two Stroke Engine

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Introduction. 2
Stages. 2
Intake. 2
Compression of the crankshaft. 2
Transfer and Exhaust. 2
Compression of main cylinder. 3
Power 3
Parts of the two stroke engine 3
Crankshaft 3
Connecting rod 4
Piston 4
Flywheel 4
Sparkplug 5
Non-return valve 5
Main housing 5
Differences between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines. 6
Maintenance of Two Stroke Engines 7
Engine life: 8
References 9

For this report, we as a group decided to base are report on the two stroke engine.
A two stroke engine is a type of internal combustion engine which completes a power cycle with two strokes, an up stroke and down stroke, using the piston to complete one full revolution of the crankshaft.
The two stroke engine is usually found in lower
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Figure 7.
Differences between Two Stroke and Four Stroke Engines.
• There are many differences between two and four stroke engines. Four stroke engines are generally used for more powerful machines while a two stroke would be used for much smaller and easier to run machines.
• A two stroke engine completes its power cycle with two strokes of the piston up and down movements. This contrasts to the four stroke engine which requires the use of four strokes to complete one power cycle.
• Two stroke engines are commonly found in lower power appliances and machines like dirt bikes, mopeds and jet skis.
• A two stroke engine has a lighter flywheel and is more balanced due to one revolution from the crank shaft. The engine has a simpler design to the four stroke engine as it lacks a valve mechanism.
• A two stroke engine uses inlet and outlet ports whereas a four stroke uses inlet and outlet exhausts and also has more wear and tear due to moving parts and a simpler lubrication
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You will need to mix lighter less thick oils together and mix it together with gasoline and as the gasoline flows into the engine the oils will flow with it.
Many new cars use synthetic oil as it offers better protection for the engine. Synthetic oil can withstand a much higher temperature and can be used longer without losing its properties. But using this oil may require you to clean the oil filter as synthetic oil is known to block it. It is important to check the oil as if it is low machine parts will start to wear out. Decarbonizing:
As the oil in a two stroke engine is mixed it means that carbon deposits form more easily and these will need to be cleaned more often.
Carefully remove the cylinder head without damaging the seals nor the head itself.
Use gasoline or a similar chemical to remove the carbon build up. Clean and remove the grease from the cooling fins.

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