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accepter de
to accept to
achever de
to finish
think of "achieve"
éviter de
to avoid
it's kind of an opposite of "inviter à"
s'étonner de
to be surprised at (stunned, astonished)
the French don't like their "st"'s much
se garder de
to take care not to
this one is sort of negative
féliciter de
to congratulate on
remercier de
to thank for
ignore the "re"
venir de
to have just done something
it doesn't have much to do with "venir"
se vanter de
to boast of
rire de
to laugh at
like rire, with more explanation
prier de
to beg
think of prayer
mériter de
to deserve to
almost cognate
s'occuper de
to take care of
not just like "occuper"
empêcher de
to prevent from
kind of sounds like "impede"
tâcher de
to try to
se plaindre de
to complain about
Don't get "plaindre" confused with "plaire"

notice the "plain"
essayer de
to try to
The important part of this one is to remember the "de"
se contenter de
to be satisfied with
se passer der
to do without
"I think I'll pass."
oublier de
to forget to
The important part is to remember the "de"
songer à
to think about
suffire à
to be enough to
rester à
to remain to
rester=to stay
rester à=not "to stay" but they're related!
s'habituer à
to get used to
don't think of "habiter"
consentir à
to consent to
tenir à
to insist on
se decider à
to decide to
the difficult part is the meaning of "à"
s'attendre à
to expect to
related to "attendre"
renoncer à
to give up
passer (du temps) à
to spend (time)