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What are the 5 districts of Champagne?
Montagne de Reims
Vallée de la Marne
Côte des Blancs
Côte de Sézanne
Côte des Bars (the Aube)
What is the prominent grape of Montagne de Reims & the Aube?
Pinot Noir
What is the prominent grape of Côte des Blancs & Côte de Sézanne?
What is the prominent grape of Vallée de la Marne?
Pinot Meunier flourish due the sheltered vinyeards and its early ripening
What is the Échelle de Crus?
Thru the CIVC, percentile system by which the villages, or crus, of the Champagne appellation are rated and sets prices for grapes
What are the 3 different levels in the Échelle de Crus?
100%= Grand Cru
99%-90%=Premier Cru
below 90%= cru status
What 2 villages are scored at at 99% premier cru level for both white and red?
Mareuil-sur-Ay in the Vallée de la Marne
Tauxières in Montagne de Reims
What is blocage and deblocage in Champagne?
CIVC respectively regulates the reserve and release of wine stocks for use in future vintages
TorF. Today, the CIVC recommends, rather than regulates pricing, and supervises the exchange between growers and Champagne houses in order to promote fairness.
How many Grand Crus are in the Échelle de Crus?
What are the 5 villages elevated to Grand Cru in 1985?
Chouilly(white only) 
Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
Chouilly(white only)
Le Mesnil-sur-Oger
What are the 9 Grand Crus of Montagne de Reims?
Verzy (added in 1985)
What are the 2 Grand Crus of Vallée de la Marne?
Aÿ  & Tours-sur-Marne (red grapes only)
Aÿ & Tours-sur-Marne (red grapes only)
What are the 6 Grand Cru's of the Côte des Blancs?
Chouilly (white grapes only, added in 1985)
Oiry (added in 1985)
Oger (added in 1985)
Le Mesnil-sur-Oger (added in 1985)
What 2 districts of Champagne do not have any Grand Cru's?
Côte de Sézanne
Côte des Bars (the Aube)
What village is red wine only for Grand Cru?
Tours-sur-Marne Premier Cru for White
What village is white only for Grand Cru?
Chouilly Premier Cru for Red
Where is the Premier Cru Cuis & Vertus located?
Côte des Blancs. Both Premier cru for red & white
Where is the Premier Cru Cumières located?
Vallée de la Marne for white and red
Where is the Premier Cru Chigny-les-Roses & Ludes located?
Montagne de Reims for white and red
What is a "NM"?
Négociant Manipulant: A house that purchases grapes and or base wines from growers and other smaller houses
What are some NM houses of Champagne?
Moët et Chandon
Louis Roederer
Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin
Pol Roger
Laurent-Perrier Krug
What is Champagne's largest house?
Moët et Chandon - 2 million cases
What is a "RM"?
Récoltant Manipulant: A grower-producer who makes Champagne from estate-grown fruit. 95% of the grapes must originate in the producer’s own vineyards.
What is Champagnes largest Récoltant Manipulant?
Michel Gonet (Avize) at 25,000 cases
member of the Special Club
his Special Club is 100% Chardonnay
What are some other larger Récoltant Manipulant Champagne Houses?
Bonnaire (Cramant) -15,000 cases
SC: 100% Chardonnay

Gaston Chiquet (Dizy)- 15,000 cases
SC: 70% Chardonnay, 30% Pinot Noir

Pierre Gimonnet (Cuis)- 15,000 cases
SC: 100% Chardonnay from old vines
What is a "CM"?
Coopérative Manipulant: A growers’ co-operative that produces the wine under a single brand.
What is Champagne's largest Co-operative?
(Centre Vinicole de la Champagne)
main brand Nicolas Feuillate sells a majority at 230,000 cases
What is a "RC"?
Récoltant Coopérateur: A grower whose grapes are vinified at a co-operative, but sells the wine under his own label.
What is a "SR"?
Société de Récoltants: A firm, not a co-operative, set up by a union of often related growers, who share resources to make their wines and collectively market several brands.
What is a "ND"?
Négociant Distributeur: A middleman company that distributes Champagne it did not make.
What is a "MA"?
Marque d’Acheteur: A “buyer’s own brand”, often a large supermarket chain or restaurant, that purchases Champagne and sells it under its own label.
What is the Special Club?
Club Trésors de Champagne
only RM producers may join
Club Trésors will declare a vintage as being worthy of "Special Club" prestige cuvées, then each member may decide individually whether or not to produce a "Special Club" wine
All "Special Club" bottles share an identical label and bottle shape
The "Special Club" is the top-of-the-range, prestige cuvée for all members
All base wines and finished "Special Club" wines must undergo tasting analysis
What year was the Special Club created?
How many members are in the Special Club?
Explain, Henri Goutorbe's Special Club.
Henri Goutorbe (Ay)- 10,000 cases
SC: predominantly, Pinot Noir 75% rest Chardonnay 25%
His 1990 SC is the best he has made
Henri Goutorbe (Ay)- 10,000 cases
SC: predominantly, Pinot Noir 75% rest Chardonnay 25%
His 1990 SC is the best he has made
Explain, Paul Bara's Special Club.
One of Bouzy's most important producers
Chantal Bara is president of the Special Club
Bara makes a brut and rosé Special Club
Explain, J. Lassalle's Special Club.
located in Chigny- Les -Roses
The domain is ran by women
it is a Brut style only made in exceptional vintages
What RM was a former member of the Special Club?