Vidal Ice Blanc Case Study

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The 2012 Vidal Ice Blanc is grown in one of the smaller winery, called Wagner Vineyards. It is located in Finger Lakes, which is known for being a popular AVA for high acid grapes, containing lots of sugar. In the about story, this small estate is found near the Eastern shore of Seneca Lake and grows their grapes on the slope hills (4). They have over 20 varieties that are grown in 250 acres, which is quite small. This Vidal wine has this price because of the production of wines they made during this year. It shares that they produced only 2,394 cases (5). Another thing that makes this wine a quality price is how this wine is harvested and the climate the grapes are grown in. In this location, it is known for its severe climates, especially …show more content…
Knowing that this vineyard has a high reputation for producing red wines already entitles the wine to have a much higher price. The wine is a blend of grapes from three different vineyards in this estate, including Mill Creek Upland, Seven Hills, and Loess and has produced 1060 cases of this wine (11). On their website it shares most of the grapes in this wine come from Mill Creek Upland where grapes are grown on the south of the hillside at 1,500 to 1,600 feet, and the weather is known to have extreme temperature differences between day and night (12). Grapes for this type of wine likes to be found in moderate, warm climates. With that said the extreme weather changes the grapes grow in allows only the best of the best to survive, making these grapes much more dense and flavorful, and high in acidity. Seven hills grapes are produced at an elevation of 930-1050 feet, on the hills, while grapes in Loess are grown at 1,075-1,145 feet. This high elevation makes for direct sunlight, and warmer temperatures. Being at very high elevation also makes it very difficult for grapes to grow, so the grapes found here must have an intense flavor when grown to full ripeness and maturity. Many of these vineyards have silt soils, which are fine grained and retain water and heat. It is said to be very difficult in growing roots (13). The difficulty in growing grapes in this area shows the level of stress it adds into the grapes, which makes these grapes have a better quality and offer bold, intense, flavors. Grapes that struggle to survive, especially in this environment, are another reasons why the price of the wine is very high and why they only produced this small amount of wine this year. This blend of wine is 92% cabernet, and 8% merlot. This type of wine is then aged for 22 months in new and neutral French Oak barrels (11). Aging wine in new French

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