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What are the basis of societies in Sub-Saharan Africa?
What are griots?
professional oral historians

also served as keepers of traditions and advisors to kings
In what kingdom could one find griots?
The Empire of Mali
What does Bantu refer to?
a large category of African languages

(apprx. 400, covering most of the south half of Africa)
What is the purpose of an Egyptian pyramid?
to be a tomb
What is a pharaoh?
the ruler of ancient Egypt
What are hieroglyphics?
letters in the Egyptian written language
What are ziggurats?
massive towers devoted to patron gods
What prince began the first code of law?
Where did cuneiform develop?
the Middle East
What is cuneiform?
Writing based on wedge like letters
What are city-states?
a political organization system

(regional cities ruled by princes reporting to one major king)
What is the accepted definition of "civilization"?
societies with enough economic surplus to form divisions of labor and a social hierarchy involving significant inequalities
What is surplus?
More than the minimum need
Where was Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa?
along the Indus River
Qin Dynasty
Dynasty in China that succeeded the Zhou
Qin Shihuangdi
The brutal leader of the Qin Dynasty
Who built the Great Wall of China?
Qin Shihuangdi
Terra cotta army
The army of statues in Qin Shihuangdi's grave
Liu Bang
founder of the Han Dynasty
Han Dynasty
Dynasty in China that succeeded the Qin
Han Wudi
The "Warrior Emperor"
Confucian Scholar: Official System
"some people are more important than others"
Silk roads
trade road from China to Europe
Wang Mang
founder of the Xin Dynasty

stole throne from Liu Bang
What religion was responsible for the Yellow Turban Uprising?
Mandate of heaven
"God said that I am the ruler."
Sui Yangdi
2nd emperor of the Sui Dynasty
Sui Dynasty
Preceeded the Tang Dynasty
Who built the Grand Canal?
Sui Yangdi
Why was the Grand Canal built?
for trade
to carry supplies to troops
What is a vendetta?
A bitter, distructive feud
What are pastoralists?
mountain dwellers with domesticated animals
What are tribute payments?
payments to foreign invaders for "protection"
Emperor Wanli
longest rule in Ming dynasty
peoples of Mongolian steppes
Emperor Kangzi
3rd emperor of the Qing dynasty (longest rule)
Roman Catholic missionaries
Chinese import/export monopoly
Tokugawa Ieyasu
First Shogun
(founded the shogunate)
present-day Tokyo
Closed Country Edict of 1635
Sakoku Edict issued by Tokugawa
"floating worlds"
Anarchist book
traditional Japanese theatre
Japanese entertainer
Francis Xavier
pioneering Jesuit
(16th Century China)
"Dutch Learning"
education out of Dutch schools in Japan
Ivan the Great
Ivan III
longest reigning leader of Russia
tripled Russian territory
dwellers of the southern steppes of East Europe
rulers of Russia
highest rank in Russian feudal system
Ivan the Terrible
Ivan IV
First "tsar" of Russia
members of Ivan IV's organization
Romanov Dynasty
second and last imperial dynasty of Russia
Peter the Great
Peter I
Russia ruler that westernized Russia
St. Petersburg
first capital
established by Peter the Great
Where is the loess?
North China
What is a eunuch?
Castrated men who guard a harem
What is the Shang dynasty?
1st Chinese Dynasty
(implied: that we know of)
What is the Zhou Dynasty?
2nd Chinese Dynasty, succeeding the Shang
Had no powerful government
What years did the Period of Warring States cover?
402-201 BCE
What did Confucious provide China?
elaborate codes and ethics (based on harmony)