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Statements alleged violations and the penalties to be imposed.
Formal allegation or charge.
Formal Complaint
An outline of the charges against a licensee that must be answered within the statutory time limit.
Legally Sufficient
A complaint that contains facts indicating that a violation has occurred of a Florida statute, a DBPR rule, a FREC rule.
Notice of Noncompliance
Issued by the DBPR in the case of a minor rule violation that does not endanger the public health, safety, and welfare.
Probable Cause
Reasonable grounds or justification for prosecuting.
Recommended Order
A determination by an administrative law judge that includes findings and conclusions as well as other information required by law or agency rule to be in a final order.
A writ or order commanding the person named to a year and testify in a legal proceeding.
Summary Suspension
Emergency or immediate action against a license to protect the public.