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what is the name for the flagellates subphylum of amoeba?
Subphylum Mastigophora
What are the 5 species in subphylum mastigophora?
Dientamoeba fragilis
Giardia lamblia
Chilomastix mesnili
Enteromonas species
What is unique about Dientmoeba fragilis?
It is an Amoebaflagellate - only has internal flagella none on the outside.
What type of infection does D. fragilis cause?
Enterocolitis when in large numbers
What stage of D. fragilis is seen?

How big is it?
only the troph - doesn't have a cyst.

8-12 u
what are the characteristics of D. fragilis?
-Rarely ingests RBCs
-app 55% w/ 2 nuclei, most w/ 1
-has Fragmented Karyosomes
What is the flagellate amoeba you're most likely to see in the lab?
Giardia lamblia
what are the common names of giardia infections?
Backpacker's Disease - pick it up from drinking stream water
What are two places you might see giardia?

What are hosts?
-Day care centers

Humans and many other animals
what are the characteristics of the Giardia troph?
-2 Nuclei look like eyes
-4 pair of flagella
-axostiles down center
-sucking disk
-parabasal bodies
what are the characteristics of the giardia cyst?
9-14 u
2-4 nuclei, congregate @ 1 end
Cytoplasm shrinks from cyst wall
Retains some troph structures
what is the life cycle of giardia?
1 fully mature cyst will have 4 nuclei, this is infectious stage
2 trophozoites max can come from one cyst. they attach to the small intestine w/ sucking disk.
what are the symptoms of giardiasis?
-diarrhea and nausea
-abdominal pain
-much flatulance
-weight loss
-no dysentary
one what 3 bases is giardia diagnosed?
1. morphological
2. enterotest
3. immunological
what's an enterotest?
done when no cysts are shed in stool. Make person swallow a capsule on a string w/ 1g weight then pull back out w/ trophs attached.
how is giardia treated and prevented?
Treat: Metranidazole, Quinacrine

Prevent: filter water
What is the intestinal commensal with flagella?
Chilomastix mesnili
what are the characteristics of chilomastix mesnili compared to giardia?
-Fewer flagella
-1 single nucleus (not eyes) w/ off-center karyosome
-no axostiles, very vacuolated.
what are the characteristics of the Chilomastix mesnili cyst?
-LOOKS LIKE A LEMON due to its Nipple End.
-Has a single nucleus w/ offcent karyosome and periph chromatin off to the side.
what are the 3 trichomonad sps?
Trichomonas hominis
Trichomonas tenax
Trichomonas vaginalis
how are the trichomonads speciated?
based on where they're found because each is found in a unique body site
what's the general morphology of all the trichomonads?
Only trophs - no cysts
7-15 u
1 nucleus, axostyle, Post/Ant flagella, Undulating membrane
What is the new name for Trichomonas hominis?

Where is it found?
Pentatrichomonas hominis

Commensal in the intestine
What trichomonas is a commensal in the mouth?
Trichomonas tenax
What trichomonas causes STDs?
Trichomonas vaginalis - #1 STD ni the world!
What symptoms does T. vaginalis cause in
1/7 Females: vaginitis, itching, burning, possible discharge
Males: dysuria
How is Trichomonas vaginalis diagnosed?
-Symptoms seen
-Saline we mount
-Diamonds medium to view motility
-Microscope urinalysis
How is T. vaginalis treated?
-Personal hygiene/safe sex to prevent infection
What 2 flagellates are commensals in the intestine (other than T. tenax)
Enteromonas hominis
Retortamonas intestinalis
What does Enteromonas hominis resemble?
Trichomonas hominis, but E. is smaller about 7 u, and has both cyst/troph stages.