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An object accelerates at 1.6m/s squared on the moon. What is a 60 kg object's weight on the moon?
96 N
The pressure on a 50 m squared aircraft carrier is 30,000 Pa. What is the force on the carrier?
1 500 000N
A 10 kg dog stands on an object that has an area of 2m times 4 m. What is the pressure?
12.25 Pa
A hydraulic lift system has a 2.0 m squared piston and a 4.0 m squared piston. If 500 N (downwards) is applied to the 2.0 m squared piston, what force will be exerted on the 4.0 m squared piston?
250 Pa
A toy boat, which has a volume of 1500 mL, is rising in a liquid that has a density of 1.2 g/mL. What is the buoyant force on the boat? If the boat has a mass of 1400 g, what is the upward acceleration of the boat?
1.2m/s squared
A brick delivery truck has a mass of 3100 kg, and it accelerates from a stop light. The engine provides a forward force 9100 N. Air friction resists the truck motion with a force of 5500 N. What is the acceleration of the truck?
A= 1.16m/s squared
The tip of a hypodermic needle is pressed against someone's skin with a force of 2.0 N. If the tip of the needle has an area of 0.0000010 m squared, what is the pressure exerted on the skin by the needle?
2,000,000 Pa
A 5000 kg space ship sits on a 20 m squared landing pad on planet Centrino. The pressure on the pad is 1500 Pa. What is the acceleration of gravity on Centrino?
6m/s squared