Free Body Diagram

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Register to read the introduction… Move the ramp to an angle of zero (horizontal) and draw a free body diagram of the cabinet here:
On a horizontal plane, the normal force is _Perpendicular_______ to the weight.
The cabinet has a mass of 100kg. It therefore has a normal force of __-100______ N and a friction force (on the horizontal plane) of _2.22N_ μ = 0.30
 the ramp and draw a free body diagram of the cabinet in the box here:
The force down the plane and normal force are components of __force diagrams__________.
Before we add an applied force on the ramp, there is a force of __gravity__________ that acts against the force down the plane( Force parallel).
When we apply a force to get the cabinet moving, the friction force acts in the _opposite___________ direction as movement of the cabinet.
Slowly increase angle (0.1 degrees at a time) of the ramp until the cabinet starts to move on its own. What angle is this? ___acute_________ = θ
At this point, the force down the plane is __the same as__________ than the force of friction.
Since the ramp is now at an angle, the normal force is _less________ than the
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μ = 0.30
Complete the table below. You may check your answers in the simulation.
Force Applied is the force required (by you for instance) to make the cabinet move at a constant velocity in either direction or keep it from accelerating (if applicable).

Recall…constant velocity = _______ net force.
Also note: force applied may change direction as the angle increases!

Angle, θ Mass Weight g = 9.8m/s2 Normal Force, Fn Force parallel F// Friction Force Ff Force Applied, Fa
0.00o 100. kg 0.00 N 1. -333.43 N
10.0o 100. kg 2. 2.94 N
20.0o 100. kg 3. -0.93 N
30.0o 100. kg 4 -0.98 N
40.0o 100. kg 5. 0.68 N
50.0o 100. kg 6. 2.94 N
60.0o 100. kg 7. 0.00 N
70.0o 100. kg 8. 2.94 N
80.0o 100. kg 9. -1.00 N
90.0o 100. kg 0.00 N 10. 2.94 N
Conclusion Questions:
On a horizontal plane, the ____normal_________force equals the

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