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Following the war of 1812 President Madison endorsed
A national university
Ironically Thomas Jeffersons embargo in 1807
Led to a significant increase in american manufacturing
Following the expiration of the first bank of the US in 1811 state banks
Issued an excess of paper money
The new bank of the united states created in 1816
Served as a depository for federal funds
In 1816 when congress adopted provisions for a new bank of the united states who protested
Old Republicans
Which of the following opposed a national bank in 1816
Daniel Webster
Senator Thomas Hart Benton in opposing the new bank of the US spoke for the interests of
The West
The Tariff of 1816 was intended to do all of the following except
Lower the price of British Goods
John C. Calhoun accepted the Tariff of 1816 because he
Expected the south would become a manufacturing center
The idea of federal support for internal improvements
was represented by the construction of the national road
The idea of federal support for internal improvements
was represented by the construction of the National Road
In the first half of the 19th century internal improvements
were supported mainly by people in the west
The chief advocate for the program for economic development called the American System was
Henry Clay
The American System included support for all the following policies Except
Free public schools
James Monroe
Like Madison was a virginia Republican
The secretary of state through Monroe's presidency was
John Quincy Adams
The phrase era of good feelings resulted from president monroe's tour of
New England
All of the following characterized the United States by the time of Andrew Jacksons election except
A dynamic economy absent of panics or depresstions
Before he became president Andrew Jackson
killed a man in a duel
was a popular general
fought the british in the revolution
had experienced youthful poverty
Andrew Jacksons soldiers nicknamed him
Old Hickory
Andrew Jackson was a true Jeffersonian in his
Belief in Limited government
As a result of the Eaton affair president jackson
drew closer to martin van buren
The proposed maysville road
would be entirely in Kentucky
By the 1820's South Carolina
Was experiencing agricultural depression
In the Webster Hayne Debate, Robert Y Hayne argued that
The Union was created by a compact of the states
Tariffs passed by congress in 1830 and 1832
lowered duties on some Items
In response to South carolinas tariff nullification Jackson
Threatened to hang Calhoun
The compromise tariff that ended the nullification crisis was authored by
Thomas Hart Benton
President Jacksons policy toward Indians could best be sescribed as one of
Removal to lands west of the Mississippi
The Indian Removal Act of 1830
Proposed Moving Indian Tribes to areas west of the Mississippi river
In Worcester v Georgia, the marshall court
took the side of the Cherokees
Jackson viewed the bank of the united states as
a monster that served the interests of a wealthy few
The anti-Masonic party was the first to
Hold a national nomination convention
Pet banks were
State banks that received federal government deposits
Jacksons opponents called themselves Whigs to
Denounce what they saw as Jacksons tyrannical qualities
All of the following were presidential candidates in 1836 except
Andrew Jackson
Martin Van Buren was known as the little magician due to his
Skill as a professional politician
The independent treasury act provoked opposition from
Whigs and conservative Democrats
In 1840 the Whigs
Feared splitting their party and hence had no platform
The settlement of the West was accelerated by Cyrus McCormicks invention of the
Mechanic Reaper
Brought cheaper and faster two way traffic to the Mississippi valley
By the 1830's most western products reached New orleans by
The advantage clipper ships had over traditional merchant vessels was their
By the 1840's a communications revolution had been triggered by the development of the
The first American factories produced
Cotton Textiles
The textile plant established in Waltham Massachusetts in 1813
Manufactured finished cloth
The Rhode Island or Fall River systems differed from that of Lowell in that
Whole families were often employed
By the early 1800's the five largest american cities were all major
The most popular form of indoor entertainment in the first half of the 19th century was
In antebellum theaters audiences
responded vocally to the quality of performances
The Germans who came to the United States
Settled mainly in Rural areas