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28 leadership competencies are grouped into which four categories?
Leading Self
Leading Others
Leading Coast Guard
Leading Performance and Change
EMI is not to be abused or used as punishment. EMI is to be used for these.
Correct minor offenses
Performance deficiences
Improve Proficiency
How many "types" of administrative remarks are there?
What Title of the U.S. Code gives CMDT authority to frock CG enlisted personnel?
Title 14
Who is designated as sole authority for frocking enlisted personnel?
Commandant designated EPM-2 as the sole authority for frocking of enlisted personnel.
Which article in the Personnel Manual should enlisted members be familiar with for advancements.
Article 5.C
An incident occured that resulted in property damage of $155,000. What type of mishap is this classified as?
Class C
Which class of mishap is most serious or costly and would warrant a formal mishap analysis board?
Class A.
A mishap ocured that resulted in property damage of $789,000. Which type of mishap is this classified as?
Class B
Are suicide and an intentional act that resulted in physical harm, a reportable or non-reportable event for a mishap?
Non-reportable event
When the ODU sleeve is folded, how many inches above the elbow should it fall?
3 inch folded cuff falls 2 inches above the elbow.
The first SENA was initiated by which MCPOCG?
Master Chief Patton
How wide should the tie tack be?
3/16 of an inch.
A projects success normally hinges on what?
After you enter evals in the employee review, which tab is next?
What amount is paid for DLA to a member forced to move out of government quarters because of construction?
$672.51 eff 1JAN11
In the SPE model for risk assessment (ORM), what does the "E" stand for?
Under the GAR model, when preparing teams what do you take into account?
Who was the first E9 in the Coast Guard?
YNCM Jack Kerwin
What Coastie had 44 years in service and retired in 1987?
BMCM Horsely
What former MCPOCG was once the Ancient Albatross for the Coast Guard?
What rank is an Enlisted USAF member with four stripes on his sleeve?
Staff Sargent
An Army enlisted member has three up and three down and star in the middle of his rank insignia, what is he?
SGT 1st Class
What is the saulation in a business letter to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court?
A Marine General with three stars on his collar is what rank?
Lieutenant General
A member pcs's from PATFORSWA after being there a year. Upon departure he had his car stored. How long does he have after returning, to get his car out of storage?
90 days
AMT2 deploys to NOLA for Katrina operations, when he gets back he forgets to file his travel claim. He gets a dunning letter and you tell him that means what?
It is an important notice that you owe money.
The advance he took is about to be charged to his pay.
When responding to Congress about matters concerning CG operations, how long do you have to respond?
10 calendar days.
How many days do you have to respond to routine correspondence?
15 working days.
When reservist's are operating under authority of the CMDT, what Title of USC direct there basic operation?
14 USC 1011 or USC 1012
Where do Petty Officer's in the USCGR get their LE authority (when acting in that capacity)?
14 USC 89
What article of the UCMJ gives a Petty Officer apprehension authority?
Article 7
When making an express shipment of HHG's because they are necessary at the new duty station, what is the max weight that can be shipped when the shipment mode is commercial air?
1000 pounds.
If it is known that terrorists are operating in a given area, but they are not known to be doing anything currently, what terrorist threat level is in place? Low / Moderate / High
The five CG roles regarding homeland security are: safeguard, maintain, ensure, protect and?
When giving a presentation, what should do you do first?
Present the objective or state the mission of the training.
When an O4 or higher is holding a court martial, what kind of court martial is it?
A Summary Court Martial.
What political activities can you engage in as a military member?
You can attend a political rally, as a spectator.
Which category of the Petty Officer EER does the following factor fall under: monitoring work and professional specialty knowledge?
When considering releasing information to the public and using the SAPP rule to make your decision, what does the "S" stand for?
What light house did Abbie Burgess serve at?
Matinicus Rock
Which flag has a window in the middle of it?

Return to the ship, the ship is about to sail.
What flag flying from a ship means all hands report to the ship?
If giving a member EMI, it must be to correct which deficiency?
As a supervisor your limitations for enforcing standards are to search and seizure, EMI, and what else?
Withholding of privileges.
Who is the directives control point at CMDT?
What office at CMDT do you send the name and phone of the records coordinator to?
A unit of what size must have a human relations counsel?
50 or larger
How soon after completion of 20 years of qualifying federal service in the reserves will PPC send you your 20 year letter?
Within one year of completing satisfactory federal service for retirement.
What do you call things that trigger a stress response?
When doing a report of survey, items under what dollar amount do not need to be surveyed?
When an item on property has reached its _____ it does not need to be surveyed.
End of service life
List a confined space that needs a permit to enter?
CMT tank
When you are assessing the risk of a task or operations what is the process called?
Risk Management
What office is not authorized to release a message?
The MCPOCG's office.
When sending an SF-135 with records to the FRC, how many copies of the SF-135 do you submit?
Original and 2 copies.
The CG adopted the use of battle streamers after what service began this practice?
What units are authorized to display a full set of battle streamers?
Only major headquarters commands.
Who saved the several people of the distressed ship Pricilla in the 1800's?
Ramus Midgett
The CG performed several functions during the Mexican-American War. These include river patrols and what?
Blockading harbors
What ship did the CGC Eagle engage in a memorable battle with and what war was it?

War of 1812
What ship did the CGC Hudson save during the Spanish American War in Cardenas Bay, Cuba?
USS Winslow
What war was the CG transferred to Navy control for the first time?
1917 during WWI
If you are the Civil Rights Officer and you want to get info about your job, what manual do you consult?
The Equal Opportunity Manual
Training for first responder should be at the awareness level and at what other level?
Under the Incident Command System, who is responsible for developing and releasing info about the incident to the news media, incident personnel, and other agencies?
Information Officer
If there is a mishap at your unit and there is a fatality, what type of mishap is it?
Class A mishap.
When did the first Chief Petty Officer's Academy graduate?
November of 1982.
The surgeon general of the PHS is equal to what rank in the CG?
A PIO can suggest to the CO the following: Dismissal, NJP, Court-Martial, and?
Administrative actions (PG-7 for enlisted and letter or reprimand for officers.)
Which Performance Improvement Tool should you use to effectively deal with negative people?
Contingency Diagram
When the CG flag is displayed at a shore station, where it is placed on the yardarm?
Starboard yardarm.
What is the max payable for TLE per day?
SK1 wants to know what rate his MALT is based on, you tell him?
A standard .19 cents per mile.
A member wants to ship his vehicle, but is over his weight allowance. He wants to request an exception. You tell him that the only exception is for what?
If a mbr is medically unable to drive his vehicle.
MK3 is transferring from Miami to Seattle leaving on 4 July and reporting on 7 July to fill a short notice vacanty. How should he get his vehicle there?
The CG will pay to ship his vehicle, since there isn't enough time for him to drive there.
The HHG weight estimate is based on what amount when the weight is not know?
7 pounds per cubic foot.
What type of material are maps, charts, and photographs received by the CG constitute.
Record material.
How many different types of BAH are there?
How many different types of IDT drills are there?
What is the amount a reservist will be paid for funeral details?
CO's on the New Jersey were called what in the 1800's?
The title Chief came to the CG from the Navy and can be traced back to what era?
Civil War
What year did the CG adopt the Navy ranks and ratings?
Chief Patterson earned the bronze star for service in Vietnam while assigned to what cutter?
CGC Point Welcome
When sending any enclosure separately, what do you put on the cover letter?
After the item in the enclosure block type Sep Cover.
A reservist gets activated for 60 days or less, what is there BAH entitlement?
A successful counseling session must include what?
Goals and objectives.
A man's hair must begin at his natural hair line and be tapered up at least how far?
3/4 inch
Leadership potential has to be listed on the EER for what pay grade and above?
E6 - E9
If using equipment would cause damage to people or other systems what tag is used?
Danger Red tag
What ratings attend the first REBI classes for women?
YN, SK, Hospitalman, and RM.
What constitutes a short letter?
8 lines or 100 words or less.
If you come across a yellow tag on some equipment that you want to use, can you use it?
Yes, with precautions.
What level in the EER system is responsible for making sure a member knows they can appeal their marks?
Approving Official
BMC wants to claim advance pay after reporting to his new unit, because he can't find housing. How long after reporting does he have to do this?
180 days with the CO's approval.
HS2 wants to stop a collection from coming out of her pay after it has already started. What is this called?
A remission.
IT3 wants to be advanced BAH because he can't find housing, how long after reporting can he do that?
Any time during the tour.
Local travel for ADT for a reservist is considered?
100 miles or up to 3 hours driving time.
If an officer is discharged by a general court martial, what type of discharge is that equivalent to?
Dishonorable discharge.
After receiving a punitive letter after NJP, you have how long to appeal it?
5 days
If a CO receives a debt letter for a member, what is the amount the debt is equal to or greater than?
$750.00 or greater
When recruits report to Cape May, they must put their civilian clothes away. They are authorized to ship what amount of clothes back home?
50 pounds
Career Status Bonus is taxed at what percent?
A member will receive the Career Status Bonus not sooner than when?
Their 15th anniversary year.
When requesting approval for a special mailing list to CMDT, what is the minimum number of addresses you must have?
25 addresses
PPC (ras) prepares retirement projection requests for people with how many years of service?
15 years
When an enlisted member is charged with a crime, what provides them with substantial rights?
Military Justice Manual
What year was OCS opened up to woman?
When a member has been convicted of a DUI in a civilian court, what form do you submit?
CG-5588 Security Action Request
When going on a HUMS, Mutual, or Unilateral; what do you have to do to get advance pay?
Ask for it.
When separating a member what must you give them along with the DD-214?
Copies of Pg 7's.
Where do you file the original Pg7?
Section II of the SPO pdr.
When enrolling mbrs in TDP, at what age are dependents automatically enrolled?
4 years of age.
How soon before their EOE can a reservist extend his enlistment?
30 days
An officer wants to cancel their retirement letter, how much time do they have to obligate if the cancellation is approved?
2 years
What manual do you look in to find rule and regulations concerning COLA?
A member serving on a HUMS thinks he needs more time, how soon should he submit his request?
60 days before the HUMS is scheduled to end.
How many copies do you send of a PRRB application?
Original and 5 copies.
How long after the date of contested info can you submit an application to the PRRB?
1 year
How many years from the date of the discrepancy do you have to submit an application to the BCMR?
3 years
What PCS entitlement is paid to offset a members total moving expenses when relocating a household?
Members are authorized to accrue net pay at PSC when on extended leave, PCS, and when?
When on extended TAD.
If a member is separating, after the effective date of orders they are entitled to a HHG move and storage. How long does that entitlement last?
For regular separtee's 180 days. If authorized Transition Benefits, one year from the date of separation.
SOFA's define the legal status of U.S. personnel and property in another country.
SOFA's usually address three types of statutes.
All SOFA agreements require U.S. personnel to have a specific type of order or specific identification documents.
SOFA's guarantee U.S. forces immunity rights from prosecution by host governments for criminal offenses outside of official duty.
In certain instances, it is permissible for a person to work on electrical equipment alone.
Personal protective equipment is required when handling flammable liquid or toxic material.
Universal Precautions is an infection control approach developed by the Coast Guard that recognizes direct contact with body fluids is infectious.
FALSE (It was developed by the CDC.)
Completing a Man Aloft Chit before sending a person to work afloat is optional.
When using a stage for a person working over the side, rigging a manrope to one end is optional.
Each unit is required to have a written plan for the decontamination of biohazardous material
Any machine part, function, or process that could cause injury must have safeguards in place. (T/F)
A Closed Compartment Opening Request Form is required to open confined spaces.
FALSE (A gas free engineer)
Examples of permit-required confined spaces on cutters and other vessels include wing tanks, fuel cells, APO spaces, and center tanks. T/F
Flywheels, shafts, generators, and clutches are all common moving parts found in a machinery space.
A lockout/tag-out system is NOT necessary when de-energizing and securing electrical equipment.
During Operation Eagle in November 2001, the Coast Guard was once again under Navy command.
Supporting documentation is required for marks of 1, 3, or 7.
An important aspect of the review is that it provides a road map for future improvement.
Recommendation for advancement is completed for Master, Senior, and Chief Petty Officer.
Adverse entries should also focus on one-time minor infractions. T/F
A member who is financially irresponsible must be marked as unsatisfactory conduct. T/F
Your role in preventing suicide is to determine whether the person will actually commit suicide.
If a person laughingly mentions a way of escaping his problems is to leave this world, you have no need to worry since he's just joking.
Suicide can be prevented.
Asking open-ended questions is one way of getting a person to talk more freely.
Your willingness to talk openly about suicide can cause the person to "clam up".
If, in communicating with the person, you discover there is no specific plan, you can safely assume it's all talk.
Under the Tuition Assistance program, enlisted members incur a service duty obligation. (T/F)
To be eligible for Tuition Assistance, courses must result in accredited college credit or contract hours.
Coast Guard Foundation grants are only for active duty service personnel in pay grades E2-E9 with three or more years of Coast Guard service.
Enlisted members may be able to receive college credit for some of their military learning experience. (T/F)
The Coast Guard Institute is the source for ALL rating course material. T/F
The DANTES program offers a means of getting college credit for learning outside of the classroom. T/F
No Coast Guard member or employee may authorize use of Coast Guard property for other than official use.
Excess property should be reported to the property officer.
To help rescue immigrants from vessels ravished by winter storms, a Federal lifesaving service was initiated in this year.
The only Coast Guard-manned light station in the U.S. today is located here.
Boston Harbor
Today, the Coast Guard is under the Department of this.
Homeland Security
One of the first uniformed women to serve in the Coast Guard.
Lucille Baker
The year women are integrated into active duty and Coast Guard Reserve.
Saved more than 600 lives, earned two gold medals, three silver, plus other awards.
Joshua James
This is the year that all officer career fields and enlisted ratings were opened to women.
Medal of Honor recipient.
Douglas Munro
Installation of First MCPOCG.
Must meet a qualifying score on the SAT, ACT, or ASVAB scores.
Officer Candidate School
Continue in their civilian employment while serving on active duty.
Selective Reserve Direct Commission Program
Must be serving in paygrade E-6 or above.
Warrant Officer appointment
Must have special training and skills in specific fields.
Direct Commission Officer Program
Can attend college on a full-time basis for up to 2 years and receive full pay and allowances.
Pre-commissioning Program
Compete by competitive examinations for direct appointments.
Coast Guard Academy
The supervisor for EER's will be these type of employees.
Enlisted person
The command may designate this person as the EER supervisor.
First Class Petty Officer
Route the completed EER to this person.
Marking Official
The supervisor must route the completed EER to the next level of the rating chain no later than this many days prior to the end of the marking period.
9 Days
Seaman Bolon was given a regular employee review six weeks ago and has just been awarded NJP. What type of eval is given or is an eval given.
Special employee review
Fireman Alleby is in an unauthorized absence status and it's the last day of January. What type of eval is given?
No employee review is done.
Petty Officer E-6 Grippe has been at her new duty station for four months and it's the last day of May. What type of eval is given?
Regular employee review is done.
Reservist Petty Officer Graul has just been promoted to Chief Petty Officer. CPO Graul has completed 20 drill periods since his last special employee review was done.
Complete another special employee review.
SA Donahue has been in the Coast Guard for 18 months and it's the last day of February. What type of eval is done?
Regular employee review is done.
A special employee review was completed for Master Chief Petty Officer Potan 5 months ago and it's the last day of September. What eval is done?
No employee review is done.
The most significant benefit of counseling is that it provides the evaluee with this.
A road map for success.
Counseling must take place not later than this many days following the employee review period ending date.
30 Days
______ counsels and reviews the evaluation with the evaluee.
The evaluee is counseled after this person reviews the employee evaluation.
The Approving Official.
It is the responsibility of this person to ensure training is properly recorded.
Coast Guard member.
All training that members receive is recorded here.
Their personal training record.
All training records can be viewed here.
Direct Access
Discrepancies in Direct Access training records should be reported here.
Servicing Personnel Office
In order for the Purchase Request to be valid it must be?
Numbered properly
Contain appropriation and accounting data
Have a valid signature
This manual is the written determination to restrict competition.

Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition
Purchase Requests for construction requests are limited to this amount.
The Purchase Request limit value for ordering supplies and services is this amount.
$3,000 for supplies
$2,500 for services
To be eligible for the SWE, you must have met these requirements.
Be in your rate for a required period of time.
Have your CO's recommendation.
Have successfully completed the End of Course test.
The reason(s) members are not ranked in the SWE process where they thought they should be is usually because of these three reasons.
Inaccurate award points
Inaccurate sea duty points
Missing data
Failure to carefully review your PDE could possibly result in this.
Ineligibility for the SWE.
Your PDE includes these three pieces of information.
Time in pay grade
Time in service
Creditable sea time
This is the most appropriate checklist to ascertain if a qualified person maintains and tests the fire detection system.
Fire Department Operation Evaluation Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ensure that guards are in place for fan blades whose periphery is less than 7 feet above the floor or working level.
Machine and Moving Mechanical Parts Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ascertain if MSDS's are maintained for all applicable materials procured and utilized.
Hazard Communication Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to check if ladders used by personnel working on live conductors have non-conductive side rails.
Electrical Safety-Related Work Practices Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to see if side rails used as climbing aids have adequate gripping and are free of sharp edges.
Fixed Ladders Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to check if all floors are free from protruding nails, holes, splinters, and loose boards.
Aisles, Passageways, and Floors Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to see if a plan is in place for specifying unit actions in event of fires, medical emergencies, bomb threats, hazard materials releases, etc.
Emergency Action Plan Checklist (Shore)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ascertain if air flasks are recertified, including hydrostatic testing every ten years.
Engineering Checklist (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ensure that the point of operation on cutters, shears, and portable and power tools is guarded.
Machine and Moving Mechanical Parts (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ascertain if personnel are being made aware of potential health hazards associated with particular materials/chemicals.
Hazard Communication Checklist (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to check if backflow preventers are installed where hoses are connected to the ship's potable water system.
Potable Water Checklist (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to see if battle lanterns are installed and properly directed in the vicinity of swithchboard.
Electrical Safety Checklist (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to ensure that luminescent tape is installed on the lower half of the escape ladders.
Ladder Safety Checklist (Vessel)
This is the most appropriate checklist to make sure that battle lanterns are being inspected, tested, and the tests/inspections are documented quarterly.
Fire Safety Checklist (Vessel)
These are effective traits and behaviors of a good presenter.
Avoids making gestures with hands.
Neat, professional appearance.
Avoids use of technical jargon.
Enthusiastic attitude.
You can search for forms by these.
Number and Title
All personnel in the current assignment year are to do this.
Submit electronic resumes.
Passwords must be at least this many characters long.
This is a written communication that is permanent, exceeds 25 pages, and must be reviewed annually and canceled when no longer applicable.
This is a written communication transmitted via the Coast Guard Message System; contents are urgent in nature.
Message-Type Notices
This is written communication that has continuing reference value or that requires continuing action.
This is written communication that contains one-time or brief information; automatically canceled in 12 months if earlier cancellation date not specified.
Personnel seeking to fill specific assignments must do this.
Submit an application to their special assignment officer.
Panels determine the best candidate for these three positions.
Command Cadre
Company Commander
When assigning members, personnel administration follows these three basic assumptions.
Service needs
Billet structure
Members fully qualified to perform their rate duties
The assignment year begins on this date.
October 1st
Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is authorized for a period not more than this many days.
60 Days
Members may request advance pay for up to this many months.
3 Months
For PCS POC travel mileage reimbursement, members are entitled to this amount per mile.
The maximum allowance for authorized temporary lodging expense is this.
Dislocation Allowance (DLA) cannot be paid in advance.

A member's grade and dependency status determine the prescribed weight allowance.
The Coast Guard may limit the amount of household goods shipped. True / False
When purchasing your own ticket, you are entitled for full reimbursement, no matter how much it costs. True / False
False / Only if you use SATO
If you have a baby after the EDO, you can claim the baby as a dependent for reimbursement purposes. True / False
False / the baby must be born before the EDO.
Per Diem is paid on a whole calendar day basis. True / False
This is a savings tool to meet long-term goals.
This is a safeguard to help protect against unexpected calamities.
This is a loan for a brief limited period of time that could bear no interest fees.
Credit Card
This is a useful tool for controlling your money.
Personal Budget
This determines your ability to obtain credit.
Credit History
This is a cash reserve to meet emergencies.
Savings Accounts
This enables the consumer to purchase high-cost items.
This performance category evaluates the degree of cooperations with other people or units to achieve a common goal.
Professional Qualities
This performance category evaluates the extent the member is well-groomed appearance in uniform.
This EER category evaluates the degree to which personnel and material resources are used.
This performance category must contain comments for E-6 personnel evaluations.
This person ensures the member is counseled.
This person darkens in the appropriate ovals.
Marking Official
This person complies with the change procedures in Article 10.B.10.b.
Appeal Authority
This person evaluates performance and places an "X" within the appropriate oval.
This person ensures all required written comments are provided.
Approving Official
This person enters the numerical equivalent in the "Mark" column.
Marking Official
This person gathers input on a subordinate's performance and behavior.
A member has the right to speak to an attorney falls into this category.
Rights of the Accused
This means that the Coast Guard has the right to seize items.
Probable Cause Search
The member has the right to not attend supplemental training on the Sabbath.
The member has the right to request a particular mast representative.
UCMJ Infractions
This is the system the Coast Guard uses to grow its workforce into leaders.
Leadership Development
This is used to achieve the desired results by providing the right tools, information, and working environment, and fostering commitment among your members.
Effective Leadership
The leadership knowledge, skills, attitudes, and abilities that the Coast Guard requires of each individual.
Leadership Performance Expectations
Measurable behavioral patterns essential to leading.
Leadership Competencies
As a rule, the petty officer's (blank) dictates the level of authority, responsibility, and accountability.
Title 14 USC, section 89, gives the petty officers authority to board a vessel under U.S. jurisdiction at any time and this.
Inspect and search the vessel, examine ship documents and papers, and address inquiries to those on board.
Rating Force Master Chiefs are tasked with this.
Responsible for the overall soundness of their rating. They are tasked to:
* Manage the structure of their rating’s workforce
* Ensure that personnel are prepared and trained to meet current and future missions
* Assume a crucial role in unit staffing
* Communicate rating issues within the organization
A tactic for recalling actions authorized Coast Guard personnel can perform is to remember this phrase.
Search the vessel and question.
Examine the ship's papers.
Arrest persons in violation.
Inspect to ensure RBS/Carriage Requirements are met.
Inquire about the compliance prior to boarding.
The office of the MCPOCG came into existence on July 17, 1971 True / False

August 17, 1969
The office of the MCPOCG was established by order of the Commandant. True / False

The MCPOCG is the most senior enlisted member of the Coast Guard. True / False
The MCPOCG has the pay grade designation of E-9. True / False

The tour assignment for the MCPOCG is four years. True / False
This is the year the Coast Guard was born.
This is the year the specialty or rating marks for petty officers became official.
This is the year the Navy recognized three classes of petty officers: First, Second and Third.
This is the year the petty officer rate became official.
This is the year that Naval petty officers got their first rate insignia.
List the seven steps of the award process.
1. Gather performance on the member.
2. Develop a performance bullet.
3. Decide on the level of the award.
4. Draft the citation.
5. Edit the citation.
6. Complete the CG1650.pdf
7. Submit the award package.
To ensure your people are fully versed in advancement requirements, you would suggest they become familiar with the requirements in this section of COMDTINST M1000.6 (series).
Chapter 5, Section C
These two circumstances could prevent promotion.
Approved retirement request and confinement.
Name the appropriate location for the following information on the CG-3307.

General - Negative
Performance and Discipline (P&D-7)
Seaman Jones was counseled this date for.....
Entry Type
Entry Type
Responsible Level
In order to do this a person must be performing military police, guard, shore patrol, or investigative duties.
Probable Cause Search
This type of discipline must be intended to improve specific task performed.
You do this when denying participation in special programs.
Withholding of Privileges
This is when alcohol is involved but was not the causative factor for a member's undesirable behavior.
Alcohol-related situation.
This is when a member with an alcohol problem asks for help.
This is awareness education, outpatient, and residential care.
Alcohol prevention and rehabilitation.
This is a member's inability to perform assigned duties due to alcohol.
Alcohol incident.
A member involved in an alcohol incident is screened when this occurs.
It is the first incident.
Members will be processed for separation after they do this.
They receive a third alcohol incident, violate their aftercare program, and they consume alcohol the second time after receiving alcohol treatment.
The intent of the Coast Guard Substance Abuse Prevention Program is this.
Promote rehabilitation, detect and separate those members who abuse drugs, and reduce substance and alcohol abuse incidents in the Coast Guard.
HS's assigned to detach duty as part of the Substance Abuse Prevention Program are called this.
Addiction Prevention Specialists.
An incident occurred that resulted in property damage of approximately $150,000. This is classified as what type of mishap?
Class "C" mishap.
The Mishap Analysis Board appointed by the CMDT (CG-11) is convened for this type mishap.
Class "A" mishap.
Mishap investigations are conducted for this reason.
Try to prevent reocurrences of the incident.
Mishaps that are sufficiently serious to warrant formal Mishap Analysis Board action are this classification.
Class "B" mishaps.
List the seven steps of the ORM process.
1. Define mission tasks.
2. Identify the hazards.
3. Assess risks.
4. Identify options.
5. Evaluate risk vs. gain.
6. Execute decision.
7. Monitor situation.
If unable to find a particular publication from the DPRI website, what do you do?
Locate the sponsor from Chapter 2 or 3 of the DPRI.
If your symbol is not authorized for distribution, prepare this form.
GS Form 5323
Publications are listed this way in the DPRI.
Alphabetically and numerically.
The DPRI consists of this many chapters.
A member transferred from the Ready Reserve because of temporary disability goes on this list.
Active Status List, Standby Reserve
This is a Reserve member designated as essential to initial contingency requirements.
Selected Reserve
This is a Reserve member who retired with 20 years of service and a 45% disability.
Disability Retiree
This is a Reserve member who is 62 years of age and receiving retired pay.
This is a trained member who previously served in the Active Forces.
Individual Ready Reserve
This is a member with at least 20 years of service and has a 20% disability.
Inactive Status List, Standby Reserve
This is a Reserve member under 60 years of age with qualifying years for retired pay.
This information must be included on all correspondence in the Coast Guard because it serves as the file number.
Name four of the nine acceptable characters used in CGMS.
' : , ( ? " / - .
How many Headquarters Units report directly to Headquarters?
This type of command is responsible for providing services such as civil engineering, health and safety, legal, and finance to all operational units within its area.
Logistic Centers
Rear Admirals head up districts. T/F
Vice Admirals lead FORCECOM and OPCOM. T/F
In this war, cutters captured 18 prizes unaided and assisted in two other captures.
A Coast Guard cutter is credited with firing the first naval shots in this war.
Civil War
First time during a war that the entire Coast Guard was transferred to the Navy.
1917 during WWI
During this war, the McCulloch served as both the escort and dispatch with Commodore George Dewey's squadron.
Spanish-American War
In this war effort, the Coast Guard played a marginal role, primarily one of support.
Korean War
Following World War II, members of what organization were given rates and ratings, uniforms, and insignia?
Coast Guard Auxiliary
Drug smuggling in the 1960's gave what mission increased significance?
Law enforcement.
What event was the impetus for the International Ice Patrol?
The sinking of the Titanic.
The fatality rate of this focus has greatly declined as a result of what Coast Guard mission?
Boating Safety
The Refuse Act of 1899 was the catalyst for what Coast Guard mission?
Environmental protection.
Members of what part-time force perform the same tasks as active duty personnel?
Coast Guard Reserve
This is the systematic process of evaluating various risk levels for specific hazards.
Risk Assessment
These are the specific scaled risk degrees determined by the ORM process.
Risk Rating Scale
This is the amount of time or equipment, and/or number of cycles or people involved in a given event.
This is the likelihood an individual event will occur.
In ORM terminology this is an unplanned event(s) causing death, injury, occupational illness, or damage.
In ORM terminology this is the determined chance of personal injury or property damage or loss.
This is a continuous, systematic process of identifying and controlling risks in all activities.
Operational Risk Management
In ORM terminology this is the degree of damage, injury, or impact on a mission.
In ORM terminology this is the real or potential condition that can endanger a mission.
PCS travel claims are submitted on Standard Form 1164. T/F

DD 1351-2
You must include receipts for any reimburseable items of $50.00 or more. T/F

$75.00 or more.
If a required receipt is lost or stolen, you must itemize and certify the expense. T/F
To be submitted to PPC for liquidation, the TONO number must begin with 10, 11, or 12. T/F

Must begin with 11, 12 or 13.
In completing block 1 of the travel claim form, the only payment option is electronic fund transfer. T/F
True for PCS Claims.

Split reimbursement is now available through T-PAX.
If your dependents traveled at a different time, you need to complete a separate Travel Voucher with the dependent(s) itinerary in block 15. T/F
Passwords expire every how many days?
90 days.
A reminder alerts you this many days before your Direct Access password expires.
2 days.
Search and Rescue is part of what Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Safety
Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Security
Maritime safety
Other Law Enforcement is part of which Coast Guard Mission?

Maritime Safety
Maritime Mobility
Maritime Security
Maritime Security
Marine Safety is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Safety
Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Mobility
Maritime Safety
Aids to Navigation is part of which Coast Guard Mission?

Maritime Security
Maritime Mobility
National Defense
Maritime Mobility
Ports, Waterways, and Coastal Security is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Mobility
Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Security
Maritime Security
Marine Environment Protection is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Safety
Maritime Security
Protection of Natural Resources
Protection of Natural Resources
Defense Readiness is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Security
National Defense
Maritime Safety
National Defense
Illegal Drug Interdiction is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Security
Maritime Safety
National Defense
Maritime Security
Ice Operations is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Mobility
Maritime Safety
Maritime Mobility
Undocumented Migrant Interdiction is part of which Coast Guard mission?

National Defense
Maritime Security
Maritime Safety
Maritime Security
Living Marine Resources is part of which Coast Guard mission?

Maritime Safety
Protection of Natural Resources
Maritime Mobility
Protection of Natural Resources
The release of photographs, videotapes, and audio recordings of Coast Guard activities must go through the same review and release process as this.
Other official information.
Name two important parts of the Coast Guard's public affairs information release policy that affect personnel.
Apply the SAPP rule.
Everything through the proper chain of command.
Petty Officer Hobdy tripped on the last step of the ladder while coming down from the bridge and broke her ankle. What is the level of mishap, is a mishap report required, and is it a reportable event?
Mishap level is a class "C" mishap.
A mishap report is required.
The mishap is a reportable event.
Prior to presenting the training objective, the instructor should provide this.
Why the training is important.
A testing strategy that includes verifying that health and safety guidelines are met and the desired outcome is achieved is this type of strategy.
Combination Strategy
This is the terrorist threat level when there is a general threat of possible terrorist activity directed against units and personnel, the nature and extent of which are unpredictable.
This is the terrorist threat level when there has been a terrorist attack in the area or when intelligence has been received that terrorist action against a specific location is likely.
The terrorist threat level is this when an incident occurs or when intelligence is received indicating that some form of terrorist action against units and personnel is imminent.
FPCON Charlie
This is the terrorist threat level when a general threat of possible terrorist activity exists but warrants only routine security posture.
FPCON Normal
This is the terrorist threat level when an increased and more predicatble threat of terrorist activity exists.
Reservists serve in the same enlisted and officer specialties as their active-duty counterparts. T/F
What two ratings are open only to members of the Reserve?
Port Security Specialist and Investigator.
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers customs and border protection.
Agency Support mission
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers courtesy marine examinations.
Environmental mission
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers chart update (verify accuracy).
Surface (water) mission
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers federal aids to navigation.
Land-based Operations mission
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers state and youth courses.
Public education mission
This Coast Guard Auxiliarist mission covers search and rescue call-out.
Air Operations mission
Based on your knowledge of directives, identify the correct directive component.

INST Directive type
16750 Originator
8A Version
COMDT = Originator
INST = Directive Type
16750 = SSIC
8A = Version
What are the three types of classified messages?
Top Secret
How do you access Direct Access?
EMI is not to be abused or used as punishment. It is to be used for these reasons.
Correct minor offenses, performance deficiencies, and improve proficiency.
How many types of administrative remarks are entered on a CG-3307?
What title of the U.S. Code gives the Commandant the autority to frock Coast Guard enlisted personnel?
Title 14
An incident occured that resulted in property damage of $155,000. What type of mishap is this classified as?
Class "C" mishap.
These two mishaps are the most serious or costly and warrant a formal mishap analysis board.
Class A & B mishaps.
A mishap occured that resulted in property damage of $789,000. Which class of mishap is it?
Class "B" mishap.
Are suicide and an intentional act resulting in physical harm, reportable or non-reportable events?
What six elements does the GAR model incorporate?
Task complexity
Team fitness
Team selection
What rank is an enlisted Airman with four stripes on his sleeve?
Staff Sargeant
An Army enlisted member has three up and three down with a star in the middle of his rank insignia, what is the rank?
Sargeant First Class
How do you address the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in a letter, in the salutation block?
You see a Marine General with three stars on his collar, what rank is he?
A Lieutenant General.
When reservists are operating under the authority of the Commandant, what US Code title directs their basic operation?
14 USC 1011 or 14 USC 1012
Where do petty officers in the USCGR get their LE authority from (when acting in that capacity)?
14 USC 89
What article of the UCMJ gives a petty officer apprehension authority?
Article 7
When considering releasing information to the public and using the SAPP rule to make your decision, what does the "S" stand for?
What light house did Ida Lewis serve at?
Lime Rock
If an item is at the end of its serviceable life, does it need to be surveyed?
When did the first Chief Petty Officer's Academy graduate?
November of 1982
Can a PIO suggest confinement?
If you are getting reduced in rank for incompetence, which PG-7 do you sign?
A man's hair must begin at his natural hair line and be tapered up at least how far?
3/4 inch
If you receive a punitive letter after NJP, how long do you have to appeal it?
5 days.
If a CO receives a debt letter for a member, what is the amount of the debt?
It would be greater than $750.00.
When a member is convicted of DUI in a civilian court, what form do you submit?
CG-5588 Security Action Request
How soon before their EOE can a reservist reenlist?
90 days.
What manual do you look in to find the rules and regulations regarding COLA?
Who is authorized Super Actual Expense?
OCONUS PDTATAC in advance.
What is a reader file?
Monthly correspondence for the CO's review.
List the first 5 African American females in the SPAR?
Olivia J. Hooker
Aileen Cooke
Julie Mosely
Winifred Byrd
Yvonne Cumberbatch
The CQA and CPC focus on these areas.
Business Results
Customer Focus
Strategic Planning
Human Resource Focus
Information & Analysis
A member is authorized to carry forward 75 days of leave 1OCT98 (15 days of excess is carried forward). During FY99, the member uses 37 days of leave. How many days of leave is automatically carried over into the new fiscal year (FY00)?
68 days of leave
The Coast Guard mission Ice Operations conducts both polar ice ops and domestic ice ops. The program objectives are this.
Provide ice-breaking capability to support our National interest in polar regions.
Facilitate US Maritime Transportation through ice-laden domestic waters.
Conduct the International Ice Patrol (established in 1912)
What are the three areas of hazards in the ORM process?
What are the 7 types of PG 7's.
Advancement and Reduction
Assignment and Transfer
Performance and Discipline
An employee review will not be completed in these circumstances.
An IDP is a tool to help members reach this within the Coast Guard.
Their career goals.
This was the year the the E8 and E9 paygrades were established.
This was the pubic law that created the E8 and E9 paygrades.
Public Law 85-422
What does the "R" in ORM stand for?
Risk (assessment)
ETR access is intended for a limited number of Command members who are designated as this.
Unit training coordinators
Assistant unit training coordinators
Surfman Frederick Hatch was a two time winner of this award.
Gold Life Saving Medal
The first of the Keeper Class coastal buoy tenders was name for this person.
Ida Lewis
Members should provide a list of significant achievements or aspects of performance these times.
Midway during the marking period and NLT 14 days prior to the end of their marking period.
The Revenue Cutter Harriet Lane, during this occasion, fired the first maritime shot during the Civil War.
The bombardment of Ft. Sumpter.
This is the proper greeting of the Commandant.
Commanders and above who are medical officers are address in this manner.
This is the age requirement for appointment to the Coast Guard Academy.
18-22 years of age.
Cutters at or under this length are assigned to the control of Sector Commanders.
225 feet or less.
What are the names of the original 10 cutters built after the passing of the Revenue Cutter Bill?
General Greene
South Carolina
This title of the US Code states that the Coast Guard is a military service.
Title 14
Where was Douglas Monroe killed?
How many Coasties served overseas during WWII?
Over 180,000 served on combat ships and in the support services, where they manned naval transports, attack transports, and attack supply vessels.
During this war LORSTA's were created in the Far East to support the air/sea naval needs of the US and other UN forces.
Korean War
Stress is defined as the collection of physical and emotional responses to any situation that disrupts this.
The equilibrium.
You must wear single hearing protection for noises reaching this decibel.
85 decibels.
You must wear double hearing protection for noises reaching this decibel.
105 decibels.
Half-staffing of the National Ensign on Memorial Day will follow this procedure.
Place at half staff until 1200 if a 21 gun salute is given. If no salute is given, raise to full staff at 1220.
The color red in the Coast Guard Ensign signifies this.
Youth and sacrifice of blood for liberty's sake.
The color blue in the Coast Guard Ensign signifies this.
Justice and our covenant against oppression.
White in the Coast Guard Ensign stands for this.
Our desire for light and purity.
The Bronze Star was awarded to this member of the CGC Pt. Welcome.
BMC Richard Patterson
Be positive at all times when doing this.
Giving a presentation.
What is the second "A" in the acronym STAAR?
Accept - risk when the benefits clearly outweigh the costs, but only as much as necessary to accomplish the mission or task.
This is the angle of the CG racing stripe.
64 degrees
The CG Reserve Assignment Request and Orders, form CG-5525 is filed in this section of the Unit PDR.
Section 4: General Admin
Three-star admirals (Vice Admirals) are responsible for overall mission performance for these.
Areas (includes districts, MLC's, and other Area units).
A micro purchase is the acquisition of supplies/services for this amount.
If the total of all supplies or services is more than $2500 for services and $3,000 for supplies, this many prices quotes are needed.
In what year did Captain Van Boskerck write Semper Paratus?
Which two services never salute with their left hand?
Army and Air Force
When entering a vessel, seniors exit and enter in this order.
Enter in last and depart exit out first.
"Is cited for meritorious (heroic) service in the performance of duty as..." is the opening phrase for this award.
Meritorious Service Medal
"Is cited for (heroic) outstanding achievement while..." is the opening phrase for this award.
CG Commendation Medal
"Is cited for superior performance of duty while..." is the opening phrase for this award.
CG Achievement Medal
In the Mexican-American War the Coast Guard contributed by blocking harbors, transportation troops and supplies, and this.
Conducting river expeditions.
Battle Streamers cover the Coast Guards heroic actions in naval encounters from this year to the present.
1798 to present.
Currently the Coast Guard has this many Battle Streamers.
Centered on the red racing stripe is this image.
The traditional Coast Guard emblem.
Information requiring the highest degree of protection, unauthorized disclosure could reasonably be expected to cause exceptionally grave damage to National Security is this type of security clearance.
Top Secret
The release of this level of information could cause serious damage to National Security.
The release of this level of information could cause damage to National Security.
Portion mark each paragraph with its security class in this place.
In parenthesis at the start of the first line of the paragraph.
Name some examples of permit-required confined spaces on cutters and other vessels.
Fuel Tanks
Double Bottoms
Ballast Tanks
CHT Storage Tanks
This vessel captured the first war prize of the War of 1812.
The USRC Jefferson.
The Coast Guard became involved with environmental concerns in this year.
The Refuse Act of 1899.
This is when the Coast Guard became involved in ATON.
August 7, 1789

All state run lighthouses were combined under the Federal Lighthouse Service.
This is the year that fogbells came into service.
The modern day Coast Guard was formed this year, when the Revenue Cutter Service merged with the Federal Lighthouse Service.
During the war with England the US Revenue Cutters were busy enforcing these acts.
Embargo and Non-Intercourse Acts.
During this war the cutter Jefferson capture the first enemy prize, the merchant Marine Patriot; while the cutter Vigilant captured the Dart off of _____ island.
War of 1812

Block Island
Name 5 of the Headquarter directorates.
Chief of Staff
Civil Rights
Integrated Deepwater System
Marine Safety & Environmental Protection
Human Resources
Governmental & Public Affairs
Chief Council
Name four core values and concepts the CQA and CPQ are built upon.
Customer Focus
Process Management
Business Results
Little Children Playing Ball
The Enlisted Professional Military Education (E-PME) Performance requirements are found here.
COMDTINST M1510.2 (series)
The acronym SAPP stands for this in public affairs.
This enlisted evaluation category evaluates the degree of written work.
This enlisted evaluation factor evaluates the degree of conformance to military traditions, customs, and courtesies.
This enlisted evaluation category evaluates ability to adjust to and manage change.
Professional Qualities
This enlisted evaluation category evaluates ability and willingness to seek responsibility and display positive judgment in making decisions.
This enlisted evaluation category evaluates degree the member set standards for subordinates performance and behavior.
The Coast Guard established the rank of "Chief" in this year.
Congress approved the E8 and E9 paygrades in this year.
How many stripes are on the Coast Guard Ensign?
An Army O-8 is address in this manner.
General, even though he is a Major General.
When were women first included in the rating structure?
He was the only Coastie to receive the Navy Cross. He received it for this battle.
Raymond Evans in 1942 at Matannikau River
You salute an officer at this many paces.
6 paces.
These Districts are in LANTAREA.
1, 5, 7, 8, and 9
Ida Lewis was the Lightkeeper for this lighthouse.
Lime Rock
These type of funds are used for ordnance.
This is the amount of funds required to be set aside for contingency.
This is the type of discharge given for unsuitability.
This is found on all pages of correspondence.
SSIC and the date.
This flag is flown from all cutters when they are engaged in law enforcement actions.
CG Ensign
The Coast Guard Ensign is flown on cutters and shore stations from this location.
Cutters - forward most mast

Shore stations - starboard yardarm
The Coast Guard Ensign is flown on the vessels starboard yardarm during these occasions.
Senior Civil Officials or when saluting foreign countries.
G, A, and R stand for these levels of risk.
Green - Low Risk - 0 to 23
Amber - Caution - 24 to 44
Red - High Risk - 45-60
This type of action plan capitalizes on negative thought. It is used to develop actions plans and deal with negative people.
Match the training manual with the right unit.

Rescue Swimmer Manual, 3710
Boat Ops and Trng Manual, 16114.32
Cutter Trng and Qual Manual, 3502.4F
Marine Safety Manual, Volume I
Air Operations Manual, 3710.1E





These two words represent the CQA and CPC purposes.
Educate and publicize.
Attracting, developing, retaining, and deploying are all components of this Commandant Watch Word.
Capable, competent, and vigilant are all components of this Commandant Watch Word.
The first Coast Guard chiefs were the former station keepers of this service.
Lifesaving Stations
The 55th US Congress on this date established the Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer grade.
May 18, 1920
The Master Chief Petty Officer of the Coast Guard reports directly to the CMDT on all matters pertaining to the well-being of Coast Guard Personnel. T/F
The administrative and operational command and control center of the Coast Guard is this.
The Commandant, a four-star admiral; plans, supervises, and coordinates the overall activities of the Coast Guard. T/F
How many major Headquarters directorates are below the Commandant?
This performance improvement tool organizes verbal information into visual form. It organizes and gives structure to a list of factors that contribute to a problem. It identifies key area where improvement is needed.
Affinity Diagram
This performance improvement tool will help you identify a root cause and see how different causes of problems relate.
Why Diagram
This performance improvement tool encourages creative thinking, enthusiastic participation, and helps avoid "analysis paralysis".
The performance improvement tool identifies and visualizes relations between significant forces influencing the problem or goal. It identifies hindrances to the goal and improvement opportunities.
Force Field Analysis
This is the best tool to develop an action plan.
Risks associated with a project are determined here.
The very first meeting.
Your analysis of the EPQ's should be sent here.
Rating Force Master Chief
Omitted core tasks in the current edition of the EPQ's could include these.
Technology Advances
New Equipment
New Policies
Analysis is required to document the performance of the EPQ task by this amount of the rating at the level (paygrade) at which it is written.
30% or higher
All E-PME requirements must be "signed off" to be eligible to advance to the next higher paygrade. T/F
False, only the performance requirements must be signed off.
The E-PME requirements are performance based and this based.
Knowledge based.
The E-PME is published in these forms.
Coast Guard Intranet
In zero based budgeting do you need to include all service contract when an outside contractor performs the work?
Items such as trash removal should be included in the budget when using this type of budget plan.
Zero Based Budgeting
In zero based budgeting funds for improving this should be included, if improvement is needed.
Work environment or processes.
Using zero based budgeting eliminates this.
Sense of entitlement.
You need to submit an explanation of this and impact of denial for all items requested.
To prepare a budget using zero based budgeting you breakdown departments and these expenses.
Fixed and variable expenses.
Men's hair cannot exceed this in bulk.
1 1/2 inch
Cuff links may be worn with this uniform.
Dinner Dress
A CPO should present to the Command all issues raised by the enlisted and prevent this.
Any issues from being raise to the Command.
The Commandant's watch words are .
Respect your Shipmate
Honor our Service
Strengthen our Partnerships
Steady the Service
Who fought with Douglas Munro and helped to provide cover during the evacuation of the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines.
PO Ray Evans (later CDR).
You do this after a project is finished.
Report on the final cost, accomplishments, and personnel who assisted.
You should have this many people on a project.
A manageable few.
It is called this when you develop a budget from the ground up.
Zero Based Budgeting
It is called this when you take ideas and put them in a visual format.
Affinity Diagram.
Directives are listed numerically in this chapter of the DPRI.
Chapter 2
Directives are listed alphabetically in this chapter of the DPRI.
Chapter 3
Disclosure logs are kept for this long in the PDR.
5 years after last entry.
While driving towards quality outcomes, the CG inspires a culture of _____ and _____. The CG also ensures the creative infusion of technology in all mission areas to _____ and _____ workloads.
Innovation and process change.

Enhance productivity and reduce workloads.
Recognize and use the chain of command properly is this Leadership Competency.
Accountability and responsibility.
Recognize and manage stress is this Leadership Competency.
Health and well-being.
Understand and support the CG's committment to respect is this Leadership Competency.
Respect for others and diversity management.
Be an active and supportive listener is this Leadership Competency.
Effective Communication
Ensure internal and external customers' needs are met is this Leadership Competency.
Customer Focus
Promote collaboration to manage contention is this Leadership Competency.
Conflict Management
What was the first organized analysis of E8's and E9's?

Senior Enlisted Needs Assessment
The rank of "Chief" was established in this year.
STAAR is an acronym for this Risk policy.
Spread Out
The Rating Enlisted Performance Qualifications are found here.
Chapter 4, CMDTINST 1414.8
The CG Ensign is flown from this place on cutters with only one mast.
Below the commissioning pennant.
Manuals are reviewed ____ by their originator and remain in effect until cancelled or when no longer applicable.
Instructions are reviewed by ____ every four years.
Reviewed by their originator.
The Commandant's Quality Award (CQA) Program and the CMDT's Performance Challenge (CPC) Collaborative Assessment Program are built on this.
Coast Guard's core values and concepts.
The Coast Guard delivers results that support ______ agenda. The Coast Guard directly contributes to achieving the desired outcomes of DHS and CG's ____.
President's Management Agenda

DHS and CG Strategic Plan
Send your suggested changes to the Enlisted Performance Qualifications here.
Rating Force MCPO.
The maximum length of women's fingernails is this.
1/4 inch past the tip of the finger.
Men's hair shall not exceed this many inches in length.
4 inches.
A coast Guard cutter is missing or abandoned, recovery is impossible or impractical, or repair is uneconomical. What class of mishap is this?
Class "A" mishap.
An injury or occupational illness results in a fatality or permanent total disability. What class of mishap is this?
Class "A" mishap.
An injury or occupational illness results in permanent partial disability. What class of mishap is this?
Class "B" mishap.
Five or more personnel are "in-patient" hospitalized as a result of the same accident. What class of mishap is this?
Class "B" mishap.
A person is overboard, an accidental firearm discharge occurs, or an electric shock occurs that does not meet the criteria of a higher classification. What class of mishap is this?
Class "D" mishap.
ORM: Consider equipment, people, environment in your analysis.
Identify Hazards
ORM: Check on the execution of the operation.
Monitor the situation.
ORM: Ensure risk controls are known by all and enforced.
Execute the decision.
ORM: Construct a list/chart showing major phases of the operation.
Define the mission.
ORM: Verify the objective is still valid.
Evaluate risk vs. gain.
ORM: Identify and evaluate risk control options according to their impact on mission or unit goals.
Identify the options.
ORM: Use the SPE model or GAR model when performing this step.
Identify the hazards.
What 6 areas are considered when using the GAR model?
Crew Selection
Crew Fitness
Event/Evolution Complexity
What are the hazard levels that G, A, and R represent?
G = Low

A = Moderate

R= High
When using SPE, each letter is rated on a scale of 1 to ____.
Severity / 1-5
Probability / 1-5
Exposure / 1-4
Name the five levels of risk used with the SPE model.
1-19 Slight / Possibly Acceptable
20-39 Possible / Attention Needed
30-59 Substantial / Correction Required
60-79 High / Correct Immediately
80-100 Very High / Discontinue, Stop
Name the four fields that must be entered on the Employee Review tab.
Effective Date
From/To Date
Review Type
Rating Scale
To measure the various dimensions, capacities, and tonnage of a ship for official registration.
International program run by the Coast Guard to provide resources to help any vessel in distress on the high seas.
Automated Mutual-assistance Vessel Rescue (AMVER) System
Forward presence by US forces that regional countries do not find threatening or objectionable.
Acceptable Presence
2 3/4 inch wide by 4 foot long cloth ribbons attached to the ceremonial version of our Coast Guard colors. The Coast Guard started using them ______.
Battle Streamers

The ability to execute a specified course of action.
The exercise of authority and direction by a properly designated commander over assigned and attached forces in the accomplishment of the missions. These functions are performed through an arrangement of personnel, equipment, communications, facilities, and procedures employed by a commander in planning, directing, coordinating, and controlling forces and operations in the accomplishment of the mission.
Command and Control
The beliefs, customs, and institutions of an organization.
Fundamental principles by which military forces or elements thereof guide their actions in support of national objectives. It is authoritative but requires judgement in application.
The EEZ extends this distance from the baseline which the territorial sea is drawn.
200 miles
Having the right assets and capabilities at the right time and the right place.
Effective Presence
Forces that are capitalized and in a sufficient state of readiness to respond as needed.
(Not the Reserves)
This is a specialized agency of the UN that is responsible for improving maritime safety and preventing pollution from ships.
International Maritime Organization (IMO)
The relationship between different modes of transportation.

*An example of an intermodal connection would be a container yard where shipping containers are transferred from ships to trucks or rail cars.
A type of performance analysis that determines the duties and tasks that are, or should be, performed by personnel occupying a given type of job or fulfilling a given function.
Job Task Analysis (JTA)
The Maritime Defense Zone (MDZ) was signed by the SECDOT and SECNAV in ____.
This consists of waterways, ports, and their intermodal connections, vessels, vehicles, and system users.
Marine Transportation System (MTS)
A number of procedures to measure the job structure of an occupation.
Occupational Analysis (OA)
This program is a congregational mandate to eliminate sub-standard vessels from US waters.
Port State Control Program
These represent the best efforts of military thinkers to identify those aspects of the use of military capabilities across the range of military operations short of war that are universally true and relevant (ie. things to deter war and promote peace).
Principles of Military Operations Other Than War (MOOTW)
An armed service specialized for a certain type or class of duties. The Coast Guard operates as this type service when part of the Navy.
Specialized Service
The level at which the missions are actually executed. For example, a small boat responding to a search and rescue mission.
Tactical Level
The degree to which the member demonstrated competency and proficiency for rating or special assignment.
Professional / Specialty Knowledge

Performance Category
The degree to which the member completed quality work and required guidance.
Quality of Work

Performance Category
The degree to which the member identified what needed to be done, set priorities, and kept supervisor informed.
Monitoring Work

Performance Category
The degree to which the member used personnel and material resources.
Using Resources

Performance Category
The degree to which the member identified, evaluated, and managed risk to personnel.

Performance Category
The degree to which the member thought and acted effectively under conditions that were stressful and mentally or physically fatiguing.

Performance Category
The effectiveness of the member in influencing and guiding others in the completion of tasks.
Directing Others

Leadership Category
The effectiveness the member promoted a team effort in accomplishing goals.
Working with Others

Leadership Category
The extent the member used coaching, counseling, training, and education to increase the knowledge and performance of subordinates or others.
**Also measures the degree of the members sensitivity and responsiveness to the goals and achievements of others.
Developing Subordinates

Leadership Category
The member's ability and willingness to enforce standards on self, subordinates, and others; to support policies and decisions; and to hold one's self accountable for own and subordinates actions.

Leadership Category
Conducted, or required others to conduct, evaluations that were objective, accurate, fair, timely, and consistent with actual performance. Evaluations are treated as an ongoing process as opposed to an event.

Leadership Category
The acquisition and use of both knowledge and skills to enhance the overall quality of life and general welfare of Coast Guard members and their families.
**Also measures the member's interest in and level of support for the Coast Guard Work-Life and related programs regardless of billet.
Work-Life Sensitivity / Knowledge

Leadership Category
The member's ability and willingness to seek responsibility and display positive judgment in making decisions.
Setting an Example

Leadership Category
The extent to which the member appeared neat, smart, and well groomed in uniform; and set standards for subordinates.
Military Bearing

Military Category
The extent to which the member conformed to military traditions, customs, and courtesies; and set standards for subordinates' performance and behavior.

Military Category
The degree to which the member exercised moderation in the use of alcohol. The degree to which the member maintained weight standards.
Health and Well-Being

Professional Qualities Category
The degree to which the member demonstrated the qualities of honesty and fair mindedness in personal relationships and actions, on and off duty.

Professional Qualities Category
The degree to which the member was committed to the Coast Guard, unit, supervisor, and shipmates.

Professional Qualities Category
The degree to which the member cooperated with other people or units to achieve a common goal.
Respecting Others

Professional Qualities Category
The degree to which the member fulfilled the letter and spirit of the Coast Guards' Human Relations / Sexual Harassment policy in personal relationships and actions.
Human Relations

Professional Qualities Category
The degree to which the member adjusted and managed change.

Professional Qualities Category
Name the five Federal agencies that merged to form today's Coast Guard.
Revenue Cutter Service
Steamboat Inspection Service
Bureau of Navigation
Lifesaving Service
What are the characteristics of the Coast Guard Flag?
52 x 66 with 2 1/2 inch golden-yellow fringe. The staff is topped by a battle-ax finial.
When the Coast Guard flag does not have its Battle Streamers attached, what is used in their place?
A blue and white cord and tassels.
The union jack is nearly always displayed with this.
The national ensign.
When is the union jack displayed?
Vesell is moored from 0800-sunset.
General court-martial or court of inquiry is session a daily sized union jack is flown at a signal yardarm.
What are the dimensions of the Commissioning Pennant?
The same as the Navy. 2 1/2 by 72 inches at the largest.
Where did Capt Francis Saltus Van Boskerck write the words to Semper Paratus?
In the cabin of the RC Yamacraw in Savannah, GA.
Where did Capt Francis Saltus Van Boskerck write the music for Semper Paratus?
Five years after he wrote the words, he wrote the music on a beat up piano in Unalaska, AK.
Protects hazardous waste workers and emergency responders from hazardous substance releases.
HAZWOPER Regulations
Contain the hazardous release from spreading.
First Responder Operations Level
A response effort to an occurrence where there was an uncontrolled release of a hazardous substance.
Emergency Response
Determines the PPE and First Responder training needed.
Potential hazards analysis.
Notify authorities of a hazardous substance release.
First Responder Awareness Level
Type of tag or label used as a precaution to provide temporary special instructions.
Caution Tag
Type of tag or label that is orange in color.
Out-of-Calibration Label
Type of tag or label that identifies instruments that will not accurately indicate parameteres.
Out-of-Calibration Label
Type of tag or label that prohibits the operation of equipment that could jeopardize safety of personnel or equipment.
Danger Tag
Type of tag or label that indicates instrument is unreliable and must be repaired.
Out-of-Commission Label
Type of tag or label that is yellow in color.
Caution Tag