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What is your name

My name is mostafa

What is your first name

My first name is mostafa

What is your last name

My last name is kareem

Am i mostafa

Yes you are

No you arenot

My name ,Your name, ourname , thire name, his name, her name

Mostafa ali this is jon

Jon nice to meet you

Ali nice to meet you too

ما اسمك

How are you

Fine thank you and you

Im fine andyou

Not bad

Just great

What 's up

Not much

How's it going

Good how's it going with you

كيف الحال

How old are you

I am 30 years old

Iam 30

How old am i

You are 30

How old is he

He is 2

How old is she

She is 33 years old

How old are they

They are 20 years old

How old is it

It is 10 years old

السؤال عن العمر

السؤال عن الاشياء

What is this ? This is your pen

What is that ? That is your areser

What are these ? They are your pens

What are those ? Those are your pens

What is your phon number

What is her telephon number

Her telephon number is 07700713

السؤال عن الكمية

How many ،،،،،،،معدود، do you have

I have fife pens


My good teacher

He is my good teacher

These big books

These are big books

(Short ,tall,medium height)

(Handsome,beautiful,pretty ,good looking ,ugly)

She is short and smart

They are shy and pretty



Straight,curly,short ,red ,black,blond,

She has black hair

Her hair is black

He has amoustache

We have black hair

Our hair is black

He is bald

She is short but strong

He is smart but shy

What does he look like

He is tall and handsome

What is he like

He is nice


السؤال عن الدولة

Where are you from

Iam from iraq

He is from

She is

Yiu are

I speak english

He speaks english

Do you speak english

Does he speak english

السؤال عن السكن

Where do you live

I live in iraq

Do you understand

Idont understand

السؤال عن الاشخاص

Who this is ?

This is my sister

العائلة والحالة الاجتماعية


Grand father

Grand mother

Father,mother,sister,brother, duaighter ,son,nephew,neice , uncle ,aunt,cousin

Married,single ,engaged,divorced , widewed

Iam divorced .

Are you divorced