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What hammer is most commonly used by the ABH


What part of the screw driver fits into the slot of the screw


For a proper fit, the philips head blade should fill what percent of the screw cavity


For a proper fit, the standard head blade should fill what percent of the screw cavity


Bolt cutter are made in lengths from

18 to 36 inches

When bolt cutter are brought together rapidly, sometimes a bolt head or piece of rod being cut of will


Hacksaws are Manufactured to cut


What adjustable pipe wrench is used on soft metal such as brass


Which set of pilers is used for cutting small cotter pins

Diagonal pliers

What tool is sometimes called "the all-purpose tool"?

Wrecking bar

What type of material is the strap on strap wrench of?


What are designed for prying boards crates, for pulling spikes or heavy nails, and as a lever for moving heavy objects short distances?

Wrecking bar

With the proper attachment, which power tool can be used for buffing small items?

Portable electric drill

The chuck key is usually secured to the electric cord within how many inches from the drill itself?

18 inches

When making a small starting point on the object to be drilled, utilization of what tool will prevent the drill bit from bouncing or slipping away?


The average size disc sander used in the navy is

7 or 9

The rotary impact scaler is a scaling and chipping tool. It is sometime called an


Proper use of common power tools is discussed in detail in what chapter of tool and their uses, NAVEDTRA 14256?


Where exact measurement are requried, what measuring tool is used?


Generally, a rule has how many sets of graduations?


On flexible-rigid tapes, what is provided at one end to hook over the object being measured so you can handle it without assistance?


When not in use, rules and tapes should preferably be kept in a

Wooden box

Why should rule and tapes be kept lightly oiled?

Prevent rusting

A dynamometer is apparatus used for measuring what?

Force and energy

Uses for the dynamometer may include determining the breaking strenght of what item on flight or hangar deck?


Prior to the use of any portable electric tools, you should make sure the tools have a current what?

Inspection mark

Before plugging in any tool, be sure the tool is what?

Turned off

When any defected electrical tool are noted, the tool should be

Turned in to the electrical shop

Leaking or defective air hoses should be

Removed from service

Extension cords should be no longer than 25 feet in lenght except when used in

Repair lockers

Electric tool of all types used in the navy are requried to have

Electric safety tag

Which of the following should not be worn around rotating machinery?


When it is necessary to work with portable electrical tools or equipment in damp locations, what personal protective equipment must be worn?

Electric-grade insulated gloves

When is wearing head protection mandatory?

Working up a ladder

What is the largest line issued by the navy for general shipboard use?


Nylon will part when stretched more than


What k ot is used to secure tag lines during aircraft-hoisting operations?


What is the purpose of the block and tackle?

Gain mechanical advantage

The part of the block and tackle that runs through the sheave is called the


When stowing equipment, which tool should not be locked up

Emergency equipment.

How many main parts make up the construction of the standard screwdriver?


What make a standard screwdriver different from a philips head screwdriver?

Tip is shaped different

The stillson adjustable wrench is equipped with how many jaws?


What provides gripping ability on stillson adjustable wrench?

Serrated teeth

When a definite force must be applied to a nut or bolt head, what tool must be used?

Torque wrench

The hinges on bolt cutters should be kept?

Well oiled

What tool can be used as a lever for moving heavy objects short distances?

Wrecking bar

The term pneumatic describe what type of power source?


Excessive air pressure when utilizing pneumatic tool will result in?

Damage to the tool

The average size electric drill is equipped with what capacity, three-fingered chuck?


The pneumatic chipping hammer is another tool useful to the ABH when scaling?

Large areas

Which power tools can be maufactured to be power by air or electricity?

Rotary impact scaler and portable sander

Where exact measurement are required, what measuring tool is used?

Caliper. 0.0001

On a steel or tape rule, the lone line represents?

Inch mark

What should be done to prevent tape or fiber glass rules from kinking?

Pulled straight from the case

A dynamometer is an apparatus used to determine?

Breaking strenght

Uses for the dynamometer may include determining the breaking strenght of the tensioning system of what equipment on shore?


Before portable electrical tools are used for the first time after procurement, they should be inspected by?

Electrical safety officer

Personnel operating power tool that produce excessive noise level are required to wear hearing protection issued by?

Divisional supply representatives

What class explosion proof electric tools should be utilized where exposed explosivees are present?

Class 1 type D

Handheld portable electric tools authorized for use onvoard ships shall be equipped with?

ON/OFF switch

Extension cords should be no longer than 25 feet in lenght except when used on what class ship?


Which of the following are allowed to be worb around rotating machinery?


It is required to wear leather gloves when handling ?

Sharp material

It is required to wear leather gloves when handling ?

Sharp material

Tending lines are used for

Personnel safety

Generally, small stuff is line that is less than?

1 3/4

What knot is used to secure components on MK-1 life preserver?


When would an ABH possibly require the use of block and tackle?

Overturn a crashed aircraft

What is the mechanical advantage of the gun tackle?


It is imperative that equipment be stowed in its assigned area for what reason

Ready for use

What adjustable wrench is known as knuckle busters?

Adjustable crescent wrench

A line is rigger should be good grades as


A wire rope should be good grade as

Plow steel

The ratchet weight how many pounds


Nylon critical strenght is


What size is line manfaucture up to in the navy?

16 inches hawser

Any line greater than 5 inches is considered what?

Larger line

The largest small stuff line is

24 thread, 3 strands, 8 yarns

What is stabilizing line?

4 each, 50 foot lenghts, use to pervent aircraft oscillation

What is tag lines?

4 each, 100 foot lenghts, hand held stabilizing lines

What is securing lines?

Secure aircraft to dolly, dolly to flight deck

What is tending lines

4 each, 100 foot lengths, personel safety

How is wire rope make up?

With 6 strands and 19 wires

What PPE must you wear when handling wire rope?

Wear gloves

What is breaking strenght of manila

Bs= C2 × 900 pounds

What is the breaking strenght of nylon

BS= C2 ×2400 pounds

What is breaking strenght of wire rope

BS= C2 × 8000 pounds