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what is the purpose of emergency care
save life and prevent further injury
what is the acronym used for triage
START- simple triage and rapid transport
how do you open an airway
Jaw Thrust
what is an incision
a sharp cut like with a scaple
what is a laceration
it is torn rather than cut
what kind of blood do capillaries release
brick red oozing
what kind of blood do veins release
dark red
what kind of blood do arteries release
red and squirting
where is a tourniquest placed
3 to 4 inches above the wound
what is the term for nose bleed
what is a the term for a large animal wound of soft tissue caused by animal bite, that is treated later
delayed primary closure
what bandage is used for a jaw dislocation
barton's bandage
what is worse- acid burn or alkali burn
how long do you wash eyes for acid burns
5-10 mins
how long do you wash eyes for alkali burns
20 mins
at what temp do people die from hypothermia
80 degrees
what cold injury is redness, swelling, tingling and pain to an effected areas
what form of diabetes is caused by not enough insulin produced
diabetes mellitus
what heart condition is caused by increasing the size of the left ventricle and increasing the heart rate
congestive heart failure
what is a condition that may be proceeded by an aura
grand mal seziure
what is a bullae
large blister
what is another name for scalded skin syndrome
toxic epidermal necrolysis
where do you clamp the cord for pregnancy
when the pulsing slows to 2 inches, clamp 6 inches fom naval