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Where is the Sahel?

It is a narrow belt of land in central Africa which borders the southern edge of the Sahara Desert.
What is desertification?

The spread of desert-like conditions to semi-arid areas

What is the climate like in the Sahel?

Semi-arid and always hot

How long is the dry season in the Sahel?

Long dry season from June - January

How does the climate effect the vegetation?

Just enough rainfall for some grasses, shrubs and trees to grow.

What biome is the Sahel classified as?


Which area is most at threat from desertification?

The thin grassland on the margins of the Sahara
Give examples of wildlife found towards the middle of the savannah regions

Wildebeest, antelope and zebra
Why is climate change the cause of desertification?

If less rain falls, fewer grasses can grow and more trees die and therefore the landscape becomes more like desert.

Until what decade was water plentiful and did livestock do well in the Sahel?

What happened in the 1960s?

There was an increase in population and more trees were felled to provide fuel and building materials.
What caused over cultivation and overgrazing?

More people still tried to grow the same crops and rear the same number of animals as the climate became drier.
How did a lack of vegetation lead to the soil drying out and being eroded by wind and flash floods?

No vegetation so therefore no humus being added to the soil, without humus the soil was able to hold little water, therefore the soil dried out.

What has become almost annual since the 1970s?

Crop failures

How many people have died of starvation since the 1970s in the Sahel?


Where have people migrated to since the 1970s?

Less arid areas

What did Oxfam set up in Burkina Faso to try to prevent desertification?

A method of catching rain when it falls

Why are stone walls built following the slope of the land?

Acts as a dam when the rain falls and stops surface water run-off. It allows water to sink into the soil and therefore can increase crop yields by up to 50%