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What NFPA standard provides specific standards that contain information and specific details on uncorrected Vision in diseases of the eye

NFPA 1582 standard on comprehensive occupational Medical program for the fire department

What NFPA standard consist a list of frequencies that a driver operator must be able to hear and recommends rejecting a candidate who has hearing loss among those frequencies

NFPA 1582 standard on comprehensive occupational Medical program for the fire department

A driver operator is subject to all traffic regulations when driving under_____ conditions


Abilities and skills common to driver operators

Reading skills , computer skills , writing skills, mathematical skills, physical fitness, visual acuity, adequate hearing

Federal laws, state or provincial motor vehicle codes, city ordinances, NFPA standards, and departmental policies or regulate driver operators in there


Most driving regulations pertaining to what kind of Roads during daylight conditions?

Dry clear roads

An act of preceding to do something with a conscious awareness of danger, while ignoring any potential consequences of so doing.

Reckless disregard

____ _____, while not necessarily suggesting intent to cause harm, is a harsher condition than ordinary negligence.

Reckless disregard

Breach of Duty in which a person or organization fails to perform at the standard required by law, or that would be expected by a reasonable person under similar circumstances.


Willful and wanton disregard

Gross negligence

Driver operators drive with ____ ____for the safety of others using the highways.

Due regard

Most common place for a collision to occur is at an_____.


Perception of one surrounding environment and the ability to anticipate future events.

Situational awareness

7 basic causes of fire apparatus collisions

Improper backing, reckless driving, excessive speed , lack of driving skills and experience, overloading and misuse, mechanical failure, driver operator personal readiness

There's never a viable excuse for

Reckless driving

Loss of braking function which occurs due to excessive use of the brakes

Brake fade

Lack of driving skills

Overconfidence in your driving ability, inability to recognize a dangerous situation.

False sense of security because of the good driving record.

Misunderstanding of apparatus capabilities.

Insufficient training on a piece of apparatus.

What is the standard for fire department occupational safety and health program

NFPA 1500

When preparing to start the apparatus, whether for emergency response a routine trip, the driver operator must first know the

Destination and Route travel

In what year did diesel apparatus begin being equipped with diesel particulate particulate filters?


What does HEST stand for

High exhaust system temperature

Force that tends to create a rotational or twisting motion.


Measurement of engine check output


Force that produces or tends to produce a twisting or rotational action


Driver operators should also be aware of the following issues pertaining to driving vehicle in non-emergency situations

Adjusting mirrors

Potential points of contact

Driving down Hill

Driving off road

Visual lead time

Bridges and railroad crossings

Adverse weather

Angle formed by level ground and a line from the point where the front tires touch the ground to the lowest production at the front of the apparatus

Angle of approach

Angle formed by the level ground and a line from the point where the rear tires touch the ground to the lowest projection at the rear of the apparatus

Angle of departure

Angle form by level ground and a line from the point where the rear tires touch the ground to the bottom of the frame at the wheelbase midpoint

Breakover angle

When every vehicle undergoes a change in speed or Direction, weight transfer takes place relative to the rate and degree of___________.


Authorized driver operators must be aware that the weight carried on most fire apparatus can contribute to skidding or possible rollover due to _________.

Lateral weight transfer

Process by injecting or supplying the diesel engine with more fuel than can be burned.

Over throttling

_________ occurs when throttle is applied when a manual transmission is into high gear for the demand on the engine

Engine lugging

There are_________ locations in the US where there is less than a hundred feet following the railroad tracks.


This site accounts for an average of_________ accidents annually.


It may take_________ to_________ times greater distance for a vehicle to come to a complete stop on snow and ice than it does on dry pavement.

3 to 15

Driver operator should use the following guidelines to help avoid potential collisions :

Aim high in steering

Get the big picture

Keep your eyes moving

Leave yourself an out

Maintain enough distance from the vehicle ahead to pull out of traffic safety if the need arises

Make sure that other's can see and hear you

Driver operators must come to a complete stop at _________ controlled by a red traffic light or stop sign


At speeds above_________ mph, an emergency vehicle May outrun the effective range of its audible warning device.


In some instances, increasing the speed of an apparatus by_________mph can decrease the audible Distance by 250 feet or more.


When more than one emergency vehicle is responding along the same route, they should travel at least_________ to_________ feet apart.

300 - 500

The presence of traffic control devices does not relieve the driver operator from the responsibilities of using_________ _________ _________.

Defensive Driving techniques

Time needed to stop the apparatus or perform an evasive maneuver at the current rate of speed is_________

Visual lead time

Distance of vehicle travels from the time the brakes are applied until it comes to a complete stop.

Braking distance

Sum of the driver reaction distance and the vehicle braking distance

Total stopping distance

Distance of vehicle travels while I driver transfers a foot from the accelerator to the brake pedal at perceiving the need for stopping.

Reaction distance

Other factors affecting the driver/ operators ability to stop the apparatus include

Road conditions

Speed of apparatus

Weight of the vehicle

Type and condition of the vehicle's tires and braking system

An uncontrolled slide across a surface in a wheeled vehicle.


__________________ usually occur when the gas pedal is applied too quickly.

Acceleration skids

This type of skid is usually caused by breaking too hard at a high rate of speed and locking the wheels. The vehicle will skid no matter which way the steering wheel is turned

Locked wheel skid

Some of the most common causes involving driver error include the following:

Driving too fast for road conditions, failing to anticipate obstacles, improper use of auxiliary braking device, improper maintenance of tire air pressure and adequate tread depth

NFPA 1901 requires that all apparatus with a GVWR of_________ pounds or greater be equipped with an auxiliary braking system


What are four types of auxiliary brakes to Aid the foundation breaks in slowing the vehicle.

Exhaust brake

Engine compression

Transmission output retarder

Electromagnetic retarder

Any device that uses the engine and transmission to impede the forward motion of the motor vehicle by compression of the engine

Engine compression brake

The_________ _________ is the least capable of the four auxiliary brake devices

Exhaust brake

Exhaust brake uses a valve to restrict the flow of the_________ , which creates back pressure that adds to the engines inherit breaking ability.


An _________ ________ _________ is an electronically actuated mechanical system added to the engine valve train.

Engine compression brake

The heat energy introduced into the energy cooling system is minimal. An engine compression brake has no impact on_________ _________

Engine temperature

An _________ _________ is either mounted in the Driveline or supplied as an integral part of the rear axle.

Electromagnetic retarders

A transmission output retarder uses the viscous properties of the_________

_________ _________ to retard the drive line.

Automatic transmission fluid

Automatic snow chains may be ineffective in snow deeper than _________ to

_________ inches.

3 to 6

Many vehicles that are equipped with ABS are also equipped with_________

Automatic traction control or ATC

This feature automatically reduces engine torque and applies the brakes two wheels that have lost traction and begin to spin. This transfers torque to the wheels that still have traction which helps improve overall traction on slippery roads

Automatic traction control

The purpose of this equipment is to improve traction and handling by locking the differential during off-road and wet weather conditions, such as snow and ice.

Driver controlled differential lock or DCDL

This feature allows the operator to lock out the inter-axle differential action between the rear tandem driving axles creating one solid drive line between the rear axles.

Inter-axle differential lock

In this condition, each axle receives full Torque from the engine.

Inter-axle differential lock

These systems are designed to help prevent rollovers and tipping caused by corner or sudden changes in Direction

Stability control systems

_________ _________ _________ is integrated into the ABS system. It becomes active when the ABS computer senses an imminent rollover condition even if the driver operator does not.

Roll stability control or RSC

This system is more capable system than RSC.

Electronic stability control

While RSC merely slows the vehicle down,_________ applies the brakes independently to aim the vehicle in the direction that the operator positions the steering wheel.

ESC electronic stability control

Preposition lights to illuminate the area with a spotter will stand approximately_________ to_________ feet behind the apparatus

8 - 10

The spotter should be positioned in the vision of the driver operator, preferably in the left driver side mirror approximately_________ to_________ feet behind and slightly to the left of the apparatus.

8 - 10 feet

Backing straight

Backing left

Backing right

Slow down


Pull forward

The tillering operators driving assignments include.

Straight linedriving

Turning and backing

Proper placement of the trailer at fires

The tiller operators skills Ensure

Ready removal of ladders and equipment at the safe operation of the aerial apparatus

The tiller operator must be particularly aware of the following :

Distance of the trailer for the base of the building involved

Angle of trailer placement in regard to the position of the tractor

Proper overhead clearance

Side and rear obstructions

Grades and slopes of the working area

NFPA_________ provide specific directions on driver operator candidates evaluation


All fire apparatus training and testing should follow NFPA_________

1451 standard for a fire and emergency service vehicle operation training program

NFPA_________ specify the number of practical driving exercises that driver operator candidates should successfully complete before being authorized to drive apparatus on emergency calls


Safety issues while working on and around fire apparatus

Compartment doors

Working on top of apparatus

Hose restraints

Hose chutes

Intake and discharge caps

At 5 miles per hour_________ feet of Hose is pulled out each second.