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The Dream I had on 6 June 2018

- I had dream where I was in place that is like descent complex.

- this place was beautiful and the doors in this place were unique.

- I was just observing this place like spy.

- As I was walking someone recognize me that I was not supposed to be there.

- And I ask for exit place the place was very beautiful.

- It seemed as If that I was not supposed to be there.

- this place seemed like a nice flat in the city.

- The exit looked like the Hotel exits.

Interpreting the dream I had on 6 June 2018

-My interpretation of the dream is that what I saw was a glimpse of what the blessing has for me in store.

Living in the best part of the City.

- If I advance in the Blessing that is what in store for me but the blessing is only for my own enjoyment but for me to be a blessing to others.

- best goods , best shops everything that is best in the city. Best jobs etc

Another Dream I had


Another dream :

- I had a dream serving a lady. She was light in completion having a delicate body.

I had a dream engathi bengibuya eNkonzweni sihambisana noMbuyazi.


I had a dream engathi my Pastor was giving me a word of encouragement or personal prophecy....

- The word was like you are one of the heroes of faith and my destiny is great.

- Even my name implies that I was born for greatness. They may not see it but I know it.

- I am a gaint and takes a giant to raise giants.

- I am a coming in to giantism and I am coming out of dwarfism.

The dream :

I had this dream of beautiful wedding and people wearing beautiful dresses with orange dresses. As I was wondering what is happening. I looked and I saw a lady by me smiling and something told me that this is the one for me.

As she looked at me she smiled and she was glowing with happiness.

Iphupho that I just had recently : 06/10/2018

- Ngiphuphe ngiphiwa imali ngo R100 / R200.

- Engathi bengiphiwa wothisha ababengifundisa.

- Maybe what I did Mthusi is going to payout for me.

- I was sleeping while listening to a message by Pastor John Kilpatrick.

The dream:

I had this dream where I had plenty of money in R100's notes and other notes.

My wallet filled with abundance.

Another Dream :

In this dream I was asleep naked with a delicate lady sleeping over me. As I woke I position my self to cuddle her. But she wanted to be intimate and she spread her self.