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Millie Posted a tweet to Disney about an alternative version of shrek where both he and fiona were trans and they had a wedding. Disney only responded saying that the lion king was the only way shrek was connected to disney because of puss in boots but they loved the idea regardless


Libby and agata K stitting on a dock of some tropical beach dressed in white. Deep convo, they made up about somthing then abba style danced away.


Dad called and told me yaseen was embarrassing. Yas was upset about this and I got mad at dad and was like U REALLY UPSET HIM U CANT SAY THINGS LIKE THAT THAT WAS REALLY MEAN.


I had a lump of uneaten raviolli in my neck which had to be surgically removed


Started a mexican wave at a pentatonix concert. Sharon osbourne was on the stage and she didnt like it.


Dramatic movie style. On top of a new york building, dark, windy. Kevin spacey comes up to me surrounded by two body guards, puts hus hands on my shoulders, looks me directly in the eye and he tells me ''screaming will save the world''.


Had cheesy chips with Mary. Then was hanging out with fredsv who was married to habib lady. Felt guilty cuz πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰. Debated having cheesy chips again but gave in and had it anyway.


On the moors at night time with this guy (but it was in this weird big sports hall complex thing) . We spot a deer and go to hunt it. Turns out its a brown bear and we freak out and run out the double doors at the bottom while being chased. Man is sadly eaten by said bear and I did not help him. Get out and slam the door and is relieved. Turns out the next room also has a bear and another guy is also there and we freak out again. Guy helps me and distracts bear so i can run through, sacrificing himself in the process and I watch him die and again don't help. I escape and I am distraught and crying hysterically that these people sacrificed their life for me and I didnt even help them and the realization that I'll have to live with this 'survivors guilt' (kept mentioning specific phrase) for the rest of my life.


Parents bought me 2 rings from pandora and some pandora stick on fake nails but they kept falling of so I was like this is pandoras worst investment yet.


I told libby that ''Im like corrugated metal, because im strong AND groovy''


Conspicuous dream about raisins


In my consti exam (set in ND) I ate a full roast dinner and only answered 2 questions. I left early then realised I didnt answer anythting. No one was in the exam hall when came back with six minutes to spare and mrs spear was the adjudicator just sat there in a office thing and I was like let me in I need to finish and she was like bro you've got 6 minutes and I was like I GOT THIS. Went in sat down with my paper and ate the roasted carrots (with gravy) instead.


Libby was on the live shows of the x factor because she secretly had this great voice that she didnt tell me about. She was like 'this is my true calling, what I was meant to do'. Then dermet introduced her like NOW INTRODUCING GRAPE ELLE. I was like who tf is that and turns out it is her stage name. She was wearing a purple (grape) coloured jumper with her black guitar. I was confused byt proud.


Sat next to judi dench at an outdoor award show. I made these nasty sandwiches that she had asked me to that had mayonnaise (or frosting) and rainbow leaves filling. They were all falling apart. Johnny depp was a seat across from us and was looking at the sandwhich with disgust and i offered him one like TRY IT ITS REALLY GOOD!! He was like alright, took a bite and then spat it out and threw the sandwhich on the ground which landed by channing tatums feet. ALSO SIDE DREAM STEVEN MULHERN WAS HOSTING A HORROR THEMED PARTY ON THIS POSH MODERN HOUSE WITH A MOAT AND I STRIPPED DOWN TO MY BRA IN A OLD JEEP AND πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰NIPS&GUY??


Liberty and I were in the office and we ate a kebab


I put my foot into a shoe filled with worms which were wriggling about it was v digusting. Liberty was with me like ew. There was also a pond full of toads it was rank. Whole dream felt v muddy and dirty, woke up sweating.


I stole KSI's shoe (1 black trainer) someone (2 asian people while i was sat on a pavement by grass) offered meΒ£500 for it but I wanted more. (i think settled for Β£1000 but idk). They said to meet in the aquarium at night to make the deal but we got busted by a swat team and I hid in a storage closet with the shoe.


I was in labour and then I gave birth. Then I realised my hubs was this syrian man and I already had another kid with him. And I was like how can he be the dad if i dont even remember having πŸ˜‰ with him. I started freaking out because I was only 22 and already had 2 kids and my life was over and I never had the afterbirth and no one would drive me to the hospital to get it out.


Mary had chris as her driving instructor and she really didnt like him. I was both sad and disappointed.


I was with libby and her fam in their car and we suddenly see this massive alien spaceship thats all black pyramidsand spheres with blue electricity all around them. We all knew it was an invasion and that we had to escape and colin was grand theft auto driving us out of town.


In school hall. Libby came up, hugged me and started crying saying she loved dogs.


Yaseen failed his 11+/didnt get in. Which was true so FUTURE PREDICTION DREAM


Ramsay bolton had murdered 5 people but no one knew except me. He was in my house and I was his next target and he takes me to this weird ass bathroom and locks the door and I'm like ****. He sees some waxing strips and as part of his torture he tells me to wax off my left eyebrow (at this point i'm pretending to be real scared n following what he says). But I was willing to die before he said thay but nobody messes with my f'in eyebrow. So i go get the waxing strip and I spot a razor blade. I pick it up super fast and get him on the floor and keep swiping at his throat. Then I call for mum to get some zip ties to tie him up then i called the police.


Results day. My results didn't arrive they were like oh yea its lost in the royal mail they'll send it to you later. Mary and justine both got ABB. Libby got a bunch of numbers - 4.5, 7, 6 nobody understood and everyone was like WHAT THEY MEAN


Killed myself cuz I couldn't be bothered - suicide of laziness. Everyone in our class was in this arena egyptian tomb thing where we had to kill these 5 mummies who had like an ontorage of soldiers. And once you killed all the soldiers you had to go up to their casket and stab the mummies or else it will happen all over again. So I was the only one doing anything everyone else was just being useless and i defeated all the soldiers and was wondering how to escape and then someone told me I hadn't stabbed the corpse and I could see the skeleton soldiers being resurrected and i was just so tired and cba to do it again so I got my dagger thing and cut my throat open


Results day dream. results were AAHDE.


Results day dream. Results were BBBBM


I needed to name my bow ice like ned starks valerian steel sword in GOT.


Me n libby and a bunch of other people were at this holiday camp n you could spend tickets to do activitys me and libby went to like a throwing game n then (i think i got to go to another one like a solve the mystery and u can stay alive) so i wake up on a ship in the middle of the night with james mcavoy and another dude and blonde girl there are loads of wine gum snakes which we have to eat or they will mutate into zombie jelly snakes so we eatin fast n some are turnin to we Had to do somthing (which i dont remember) to stop them and we did and we ate them all and it was so much. Turns out this was all James's plan as he starts to laugh evily and says now that the blonde girl has eaten so much wine gums she'll sink to the bottom if the sea now and james and the other guy were gunna throw her over boared (they kinda forgot about me i was like a camera perspective now) so they r chasing her for ages and they ended up in the kitchen of the boat.(there are these handprints on the wooden countertop they used to get transported here) she picks up a huge knife and they r like NO and she starts to saw the handprint in half james is like NOOO and as soon as she reaches the other end james splits on half from head to feet n theres blood everywhere n the other guy is like 😳 then startss pleading with her not to but she is vengefull and starts to cut his handprint and he also gets spilt in half then i woke up


Libby bought me Hamilton tickets but I got stuck in a public toliet and missed it. ALSO SIDE DREAM RDJ WAS MY DAD???


The new marvel film was thor, doctor oc and doctor strange and the film title was a combo of all their names kinda like thoroc drange or somthing


Backstage on filming the og hatry potter. Harry potters stunt double goes for this really dangerous stunt and smacks his back onto the wall celing and floor. He was paralysed just like real life.


Was in nu's house and her and her mum come in and say she has some kind of venerial disease. Big group of people sat inside the conservatory (like a woman party) when they find out she contracted HIV from some lesbo activity. Everyone was shocked and no one would touch her in fear of infection. I got up and was the first person to hug her cuz she was visibly upset. After when we were going home i was talkin 2 mum like πŸ‘€πŸ‘€


Watching Outlander s4 while being irl in outlander s4. It was really good lots of green spaces - kept trying to build a house out of wood but it kept collapsing. Claire suggested using mud to make a hut instead.


On some space voyage where p


While playing uno with justine josh and Louisas gang i got a sudden(not really ive been wanting all day)massive craving for pizza hut (make ur own pizza) in order to make my feelings known i belted a rendition of 'I just died in your arms tonight' by cutting crew


I submitted the wrong document for my family coursework and phil marked it and said it was a C/D grade because it was all negative and in capitals


Kidnapped by the sardines from spongebob but they were green and aliens in a UFO aircraft. 3D spongebob was there and it was weird af. Were were categorised based on our species and they really didn't like pigs (but all the animals they had were stuffed toys??) I somehow got out and went to the end and they had a bunch of books/mini library and I asked if I could borrow one. They said yes so he came to see what I picked and it was a book of a game and he started to fight me because it could contain some strategy to help me escape. Cut to ajother place in the futuristic warehouse the avengers (actors) are sat round a table doing a table read for endgame. Someone announces that 14 of them are gunna die. I pat spidermans back as a joke and say good luck. Also before all of this i was in a weird mix of age of ultron and the original avengers where thor, ironman and i (i also had electricity power) blasted of a thing (like that shard in the jitauri monster) into the sky and it disintegrated???


Was in a massive museum in turkey with fam and mums turkey fam. Kept getting lost and in circles with bab. Found this luxury fitting room in tbe museum with a bunch or arabic style clothes. Ripped a dress while trying it on. Lady comes to take clothes which dont fit and i hide the dress so i dont have to pay for it as i ripped it. Sneak out and the fitting room is suddenly connected to tesco. Plymouth merch was on sale for Β£7. Got 3 items, didnt like them, gad trouble putting them back where they were. Cut to whole different dream. Set in outl s4. Snowing and me and the night at the museum people (saceguwea and jlaw in a female version of teddy Roosevelt) looking for somthing. Couldn't find it but in the distance light huts a metal thing and shines in the ground. We scrape the snow of this 1 spot and it it a well covered with metal mesh. We see 3 glowing spheres and jlaw trys to get them out with her sword. They turn out to be the edible water bottle things but they're more circular and solid. They called it preserved water. Tried some and didn't like it and gave it to S. A bunch of westener cowboys arrive and they bring a slave. We bekon him over and ask where he is from. He says Uzbekistan and speaks arabic. We are angry for him and his owners call him back. We get up go around the cabin and tell him were gunna kill them to free him. Massive fight scene ensues. I'm stabbing people with arrows and a bunch of red indians join. We win. Suddenly jamie claire Ian brianna and rollo are here. Ian dont know what olives look like so C sends me to help him. I gather a bunch (behind the cabin) but he warns me that the Cowboys are gunna take the olives too. They see us and another fight starts. I am fighting with J. Finshes and i go give C my olives and shes like Ugh finally since Ian didnt know them. There is also a man on her table with a burnt body and his leg like might fall off but she says its fine she fixed it. J comes after and u kno how he is after a fight πŸ˜‰ (prestonpans) make out and im like😩😩😩GOALS. and he gives her a bunch of gifts including half brown half red candles and that are also plastic candle makers and he says a adorable book quote. She is so moved/tearful. I am just dying over the LOVE. They go for a walk arms around each others waists. The feels r so real.


Pavilions pool but it was a massive forest tunnel and u exit and its like the pool with water around it - moatish - Narnia esque the woods were huge. After walking around the water went up stairs and there were a bunch of people that finished (swimming??) Trying to wrap big plastic elephants (size of baby elephant) in clingfilm. I went on a massive SJW rant tk everyone how it was a waste of plastic and that they were killing the earth. After that was by the rolle marquee in my smart wear and roasted someone who was chatting ****. Emma was like Wow go OFF πŸ‘


Unknown assassins/govermental organisation trying to kill Justin Timberlake. Me justin and his wife went to the roof of rolle to go up to his penthouse to find his life had been erased. His wife goes up the lift to look and I am serching for evidence around a massive tank. (I find that amonite section lmao) we hear soldiers footsteps coming up to the roof and I yell at justin to follow me and we hide in a place in front of the tanks where they cant see us. Gravel. Very sunny. We turn into the girl in that vid who was stuck in the desert hiking - very sunny and had these weird black nylon blankets. Then we escaped to a weird hut haven with cherry blossom like houses??? We were safe? Also side dream - very realistic - after my floss my teeth were loosened and they kept falling out. Kept pleading with mum to take me to the dentist but they wouldnt. I just had a handfull of my teeth in my hand crying with like 4 teeth. Also some teeth where cut in half and for some reason people were taking bone marrow from it? I managed to get all of mine but someone took one? They stole my marrow?! Livid


Exotic location murder mystery in the top floor of a resort. Floor was like blue plastic, dark and dank and someone was out to kill us. Pizza was on the house tho in the ground floor restaurant


Got through RPC application - happended on the day as well PREMONITION


They were holding re-elections for law committee (president) - it might acc happen lmao


Somebody shaved my eyebrows of in the night and I woke up and was wondering why my forehead was so smooth and i looked in the mirror and started freaking out. There was like a greyish eyebrow shape where they used to be and Mum was trying to convince me it looked good and i wad like NO ITS AWFUL MY LIFE IS RUINED CRY tried to investigate who would do this to me


Moral and ethical dilemma. Someone else and I had murdered a bunch of people and birds in justines garden who lived next door and left a bunch of weird corn at the scene of the crime. I was feeling real guilty because they didnt know who did it and rachel wsd really upset. I start to freak out because i could have life in prison and never practice law so all this hard work was for nothing. But also fam knew it was me and brought me in for a fam meeting where they were hinting that I should own up to it. They kept saying how they had to move house and I felt really guilty because bab has worked on this house 4 ages and he would have to leave everything because if me. I was genuinely scared and freaking out and woke up with heart palpitations and then relieved af cuz it was not real.

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Sophie sandy and nirece was taking ketamine and cocaine at my graduating nitre dame party. Pals were there as well as the peaked lot. I dragged in an old zombie apocalypse bus to collect my locker stuff and everyone was like WOOAAAHHH. For some reason lee and rachem gave me the choc egg with the filling to celebrate (party @thier house, bean was celebrating too) accidentally walked to bonies instead of notre with parents and they were like OOPs and yaseen nearly cried because he wanted subway.


Lucid dream - flung people into the sea - u kno was up boiπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜‰


I had killed some people but had been aquitted (had an IT setting idk why). I knew i did it and so did the judge and she wanted to catch me out. Ami had been murdered by her ex and was buried in the garden and everyone was sad. Remember burying them in the garden but their legs were sticking out and we were trying to cover them (one was also buried with mayoy spicy rice?? but column and dougal came to investigate?? Dougal was like what's that spicy smell and I was like thats some spicy rice I was eating becuase im asian. Was all in flashbacks from court case. Nervous the whole time. Took group photos with other suspects like an old photo of the full group (the group whom some had been killed and some were the murderers) to help with out PR/image because I knew I was suspicious and my life was over. Dad helped hide the bodies in some basement somewhere?.


Teeth all fallen out in hand and had to walk through town to dentist


Sat on lake with group of friends. Edward cullens volvo runs over friend, chased through forset with friend who had orangutan powers - climbing trees etc. And pushing me off the trees, car still chasing me. Am caught and watch a vid of mam and bab looking for me ( appeal) they r sending me secret messages - go to gameshow type lynching jump across and win dont get lynched


Tounge pushed canine tooth in old bedroom and tooth broke and half fell off. The root was wobbly and basically coming off. Went down to mum with blood in mouth etc and she said put it in arabic stew i said no put it in peas - went to a&e and got admitted and sat on the bed, asian man next to me said ge had the same thing got it fixed then had sepsis. Friends all came to visit and sat round the bed. Mouth (gums) started to swell and was drooling everywhere (lockjaw) started to walk round hosp to get some help and it gradually receded. Walked to the right of my bed and was suddenly in a big airport terminal. Next mum and i were suddenly in turkey late at night walking to our hotel. Football hooligans, police and creepy people were everywhere and mum would not stop stareing. Got back to hotel where we climed onto some very steep pillar for some reason and i got nervous because it was high af and we had to climb/jump to the next one. Mum climbed down easy cuz it turned out our hotel roof was only 1m below us. I had phone etc. In my hand so put it in my pants to climb down. A big drill machines cover wss on the pillar which fell off so i put it back and climbed down. Got back to hotel and bab and yas had come back too. Bab brought white falafel which i tried and yaseen bought a working tap in a box.