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A blank piece of white paper has dimension


Tonal technique is employed descernible changes in.

Tone of lines

Value can by themselves imply the lines which normally define spatial edges and planar corners

Pure tone

When changes in value are not rendered discrenibly, the spatial edges and planar corners of a form must be reinforced by a line technique

Line and tone

Quite elegant as two dimensional graphic objects

Value or tone

Japanese word means "lightness-darkness"


Refers to the kind or quality of a surface


Among the element design, the most interesting is?


Contextual devices





Purpose of an architectural drawing

*use only those contextual devices necessary to communicate context scale and usage.

*draw contextual devices simply, with a minimum of detail.

*never obscure structural and space defining elements and their relationship.

*the size weight and placemebt of contextual devices must be seen as the important element in a drawing's overall composition.

Important features of human figures