The Importance Of Photojournalism In Photography

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Photographers who photograph landscapes must also often “wait for the right light to capture that perfect moment” ( If the lighting is too bright and harsh, the image can appear washed out, overexposed, and dull and lifeless in color. If the lighting is softer, as often found during the “golden hour,” most colors have more contrast and appear vibrant and alive. The “golden hour” occurs just after sunset or sunrise, when the colors in the sky appear redder and the sun’s lighting is softer. When the colors in a photograph are more vibrant, the photograph tends to be much more visually appealing, showcasing the photographer’s goal in evoking emotions from the viewers. Combining unique lighting patterns to emphasize color, along …show more content…
Depending on how the photographer places the subject in the frame, photojournalism can easily tell a story through how the photo is composed, and how the subject is posed. A color photograph of a group of people walking through a field will look completely different and evoke different emotions than seeing the exact same photograph in black-and-white. The color photographs will have some vibrancy and look alive, whereas the black-and-white photograph may create a scene that is viewed as dreary and cold. No matter the type of photography, each photograph has the capability to evoke certain emotions from the viewers, whether it is of Paris or a child laughing with friends. Color is one way that photographers are able to portray certain emotions in a photograph. This portrayal would not be possible if light was not present in the photograph, because light is what can create different shades of colors.

Initially, “a passion for great photography is a passion for great lighting,” which is what makes photography possible (Timko). Some types of photography, such as food photography, use lighting, but it may be a different type. In food photography, many people use artificial lighting, so the food does not appear dull and unappetizing. For example, one may use artificial light to highlight the moisture in the hamburger
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Lighting is the most important element, because it is what illuminates the scene that the photographer is taking pictures of, adds color, and can help the photographer create certain compositions. Once one knows about the many different photographic styles and how lighting, composition, and color techniques are used can be taken even further in create one’s own unique and eye-drawing

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