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Describe the process of creating a drum submaster

Chose TRACK >NEW select mono or stereo and aux input and click create.

Set the output for all tracks that you want in the submix to an available bus using the tracks AUDIO OUTPUT PATH SELECTORS.(You can assign a group of related tracks to a single fader, this is known as creating a submaster)

What kind of track is commonly used for a sub master

Aux input tracks

What is the purpose of grouping tracks

Grouping functions links tracks and their controls allowing you to manipulate any set of tracks as a can create groups as mix,edit or both

What is the keyboard shortcut to create a group from selected tracks

In the mix or edit window, command-click on the names of tracks you want grouped.

Choose new group from the group list pop up menu. Or choose track>group or press command+G the create group dialog box will open

What are some of the parameters That are affected by edit groups

Track views, track heights, track timebase settings, elastic audio plug-in assignments, audio and midi editing functions playlist views selection based processing (such as audio suite plug-in processing and consolidate clip) Automation editing functions

What are some of the parameters that can be affected by mix groups

Main volume level, track mute settings,track solo settings, send levels and mutes,Automation mode settings

How can you activate or deactivate a single group

In the MIX GROUP LIST or EDIT GROUPS LIST,click the name of a group to enable/disable the group

When highlighted active when un highlighted inactive or disabled

How can you globally disable or reenable all groups

Abdicate the GROUP LIST POP UP MENU from the EDIT GROUP LOUSY or MIX GROUP LIST,choose suspend all groups, or press command shift+G active group list will dim,active groups will be toggled off.


How can you identify group membership of tracks in the mix window

When a track isa member of an active group,it's GROUP ID displays the active group name with a lowercase letter in the mix window

If a track is a member of more than one active group, an uppercase letter is displayed with name of the topmost group

How can you quickly select all members of a group

Click in the column to the left of a group to select the tracks in the group. A filed in circle will appear next to the group name and the included tracks will become selected in the mix and edit window

A hollow circle indicates that only some members of the group are currently selected (not all)

What are some options for modifying or deleting a group

You can rename groups, add or remove members to/from a group, and make any other modifications necessary at anytime

Can you modify or delete the all group

The all group cannot be deleted, NO!

When is it necessary to apply dither

For a mix down that will subsequently be burned directly to an audio cd.

Where should you insert a dither plug-in


What are the differences between the types of POW-R DITHER

Type 1 has the flattest frequency spectrum in the audible range of frequencies. Type 2 is a slightly more aggressive fifth order curve that users additional noise shaping over a wide range of frequencies.

Type 3 is a more severe ninth order curve designed for full spectrum, wide stereo field material

What are the steps involved in creating a session archive

1.Clear all unused files from the session without permanently deleting any audio.

(From clip lizzy pop select> unused,choose clear, in dialog box click remove)

2. Create a copy of the session including all necessary parent files.

(After clearing unused clips make copy of session with remaining used clips you will use this for final archive )

3. Compact the parent files to eliminate unused portions of the files.

(Final step reduce the size of parent audio files by composing sound files)

What is a quick way to route a track send or output to a new track

Click on the output or send selector on the source track, select new track from pop up menu.

configure the track parameters and enter a name for the track then click create

Describe what happens when you use this option to route tracks to a submaster

You often have to use various track input output and send selectors

When configuring a submaster or an effect return this signal path will need to be connected from each of the source tracks and also to the destination track