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Mitral Stenosis - pathphys
the mitral valve narrows obstructing blood flow from the left atrium into the left ventricle during diastole
fibrous tissue replaces normal valve tissue causeing valve to stiffen and fuse
Cause of Mitral Stenosis
generally caused by rheumatic heart disease or bacterial endocarditis - it is chronic and progressive
Left Heart Failure - pathphys
decreased contractility
pulmonary congestion
poor pulses
Left Heart Failure - Med goals
Restore O2 balance
Left Heart Failure - Nursing Priorities
Activity tolerance
Fluid balance
Right Heart Failure - path phys
decreased contractility
peripheral edema
Right Heart Failure - Med goals
Improve RV function
Right Heart Failure - Nursing Priorities
Fluid balance
Hypertension - path phys
Increased afterload
BP > 139/89
Hypertension - Med goal
Decrease BP
Hypertension - Nursing Priorities
Education - meds, diet, exercise
Monitor BP
Arterial Insufficiency - path phys
Inadequate perfusion to tissues - pallor, pain, no pulse, trophic changes
Arterial Insufficiency - Med goal
Restore perfusion
Arterial Insufficiency - Nursing Priorities
Education - meds, exercise, smoking
Monitor perfusion
Venous Insufficiency - path phys
Reflux blood through vein valves, edema, aching discomfort
Venous Insufficiency - Med goals
relieve venous congestion
Venous Insufficiency - Nursing Priorities
Education - clothing, elevate legs, exercise, compression
Path phys - obstruction in large vein swelling, pain, warmth
Med goals - relieve obstruction
Nursing Priorities - decrease edema, prevent embolus
Buerger's disease
path phys - inflammation of arteries, decreased arterial perfusion
Med goals - restore perfusion, treat gangrene
Nursing Priorities - Education smoking, exercise, meds
Reynaud's Disease
pathphys - spasm arteries with intermittent ischemia, color changes with ischemia
Med goals - prevent spasms
Education - triggers, prevent complications