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Missing teeth (removed or never erupted)
Teeth that are drifting / over-erupted
Multiple missing teeth
Teeth that are drifting / mesial inclination
Teeth to be extracted
Teeth that are drifting / distal inclination
All teeth missing
Teeth that need root-canal therapy
Tooth with root canal treatment, apicoectomy, and silver amalgam retrofilling
Tooth with an abcess
Teeth impacted or unerupted
Tooth with a completed root canal
Tooth with a full gold crown
Fixed bridge (abutment 3/4 gold crown-pontic-full gold-abutment full gold)
Tooth with a 3/4 gold crown
Fixed bridge (porcelain fused to metal abutment-pontic-porcelain fused to metal-abutment full gold crown)
Tooth with an MOD onlay crown
Maryland bridge
Tooth with a DO inlay crown
Supernumerary tooth
Tooth with a temporary restoration
Tooth with a porcelain crown
Periodontal pocket
Tooth with a porcelain fused to metal crown
Overhang on a restoration
Occlusal caries
Occlusal amalgam restoration
Food impaction
Open contacts
Occlusal composite restoration
Enamel sealant
Heavy calculus
Disto-occlusal caries
Class IV MI composite restoration
Mesio-occluso-distal (MOD) amalgam restoration with recurrent decay
Class V facial caries
Class I lingual amalgam restoration
Class III M composite restoration
Gingival recession / furcation involvement
Rotated tooth
Partial denture
Full denture
Fractured tooth or fractured root
Porcelain veneer
Dental implant
Stainless-steel crown
Number each tooth...
This color represents dentistry work to be done.
This color indicates work already completed.
Identify the abbreviations for Single-Surface Restorations (Simple Cavity Restorations):
1. I
2. M
3. D
4. B
5. O
6. F
1. Incisal
2. Mesial
3. Distal
4. Buccal
5. Occlusal
6. Facial
Identify the abbreviations for Two-Surface Restorations (Compound Cavity Restorations):
1. OB
2. MO
3. DO
4. DI
5. DL
6. MI
7. LI
1. Occlusobuccal
2. Mesio-occlusal
3. Disto-occlusal
4. Disto-incisal
5. Disto-lingual
6. Mesio-incisal
7. Linguo-incisal
Identify the abbreviations for Three(or more)-Surface Restorations (Complex Cavity Restorations):
1. MOD
1. Mesio-occluso-distal
2. Mesio-occluso-disto-bucco-lingual