Kidney Disease Case Study Essay

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Review of Case Study The case study we chose to research relates to kidney disease, the increased incidence of caries and periodontal disease. This case study patient is a 49 year old Caucasian female. She is healthy with the exception of having polycystic kidney disease. For this condition the patient does not take medications or receive any type of dialysis treatments. This patient has several missing teeth, large restorations on all posterior teeth, crowns and root canals. Currently she has a broken crown on tooth number twenty that is asymptomatic. She also presents with symptoms of a possible abscess on tooth number thirteen with a pustule and is symptomatic on occasion. Tooth number twenty-eight has an apical radiolucency apparent on her most recent radiographs. This patient does have traumatic occlusion possibly due to rotations on all mandibular incisors and versions on several maxillary incisors, and also has areas that are in cross-bite. After reviewing the remaining partial dentition and extensive dental work, it is evident that this patient is at high risk for dental caries and high risk for periodontal disease. Maintaining the remainder of her natural dentition is a primary concern for this …show more content…
It is an inherited disease that develops when clusters of cysts form on the kidneys. There are two types of polycystic kidneys diseases; Autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease and autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease. (Staff M. C., 2014) PKD can also be the result of having Diabetes Mellitus for a prolonged period of time. There are many associated conditions with PKD, these include hypertension, renal dysfunction, heart valve problems, chronic pain, cyst formation, pregnancy complications, aneurysm’s in the brain and problems with the colon. Caution should be taken when treating patients with PKD prior to dental

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