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In James 5: 14 - 16, the ministry of healing is also Associated with the blank

Forgiveness of sins

The term ordinance is used to refer to 3 rites of the church list them

A. Water baptism

B. The Lord's supper

C. Washing the Saints feet

The term supper is used of the sacrament of the Lord's supper because it represents spiritual blank


The progressive term lords is used in designating the right because Jesus is the blank of the meal


Our Lord instituted the right of washing of the saints feet in order to represent the spiritual experience of the blank of the disciples


In addition to the teaching and symbolizing worship the right also teaches the Spiritual grace of blank


The bread is the Lord's supper is a representation of Christ blank the fruit of Vine is a representation of Christ blank

Body, blood

As believers receive this Meal they also received from God spiritual blank and blank the agent of this experience is the blank

Strength, renewal, Holy Spirit

The Lord's supper is a memorial of blank and a prediction of blank

Christ's death, christ return

In the washing of feet, believers serve each other both blank and blank

Spiritually, and physically

In spiritual service, believers become blank of God's grace


In physical service, believers become blank