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An employer may be liable for an employee's tort when the employees actions occur
within the scope of his/her employment
Loggins Forestry and Mill Company sells wood to henderson wood products. Henderson sells the wood to franklin constructioncompany. who uses the wood to build home and office buildings. What is the channel of distribution for the wood products
Producer to industrial distributor to user
One way to provide good customer service is to have sufficient inventory available when the customers
place their orders
Computer networking and information sharing among channel members at all levels have increased the levels of collaboration and
a manufacturer that has 65% of the market share is pressuring its wholesalers to sign an agreement stating that they will not sell competing products. In this situation, the agreement is illegal because it
violates antitrust laws
In relation to channel management, which of the following actions should the manufacturer take to effectively introduce a new product to the marketplace
use appropriate promotional techniques to inform channel members
One way that a manufacturer can foster positive reationships with its channel members is by
providing training programs
When you look for supporting evidence in published materials, you are evaluation the
Credibility of the sources
What is the most appropriate closing to include in a response to a customers email inquiry for product information
Thank you for your interest in XWQ products. Please let me know if you have any additional questions
Your supervisor has asked you to prepare a marketing status report for each of the companys six regional office. The most appropriate way to organize the information is
by site location
In which of the following documents is it most appropriate to include an executive summary
complex research report
holding a telephone conference call is an efficient way for mulitple employees to communicate at the same time when they
work in different cities
Kates coworker Jack is meeting with a very important german client tomorrow. Kate has been to germany several times and tells jack that german business people tend to be very formal and serious in business situations. After learning this information, Jack now knows that he should avoid
using humor
Which of the following is an example of a brand promise
henderson photography- uniquely capturing your special moments is our priority
Which of the following is a characteristic of the machine bureaucracy organizational structure
specialization by work task
What step can an organization take that will help it adapt quickly to changes in the marketplace
develop contingency plans
Items most likely to be subject to an excise tax include
gasoline and ciggarettes
Which of the following is a circumstance that is most likely to cause interest rates to increase
tight money supply
If one U.S. dollar is equal to $1.01018 canadian dollar, how much would you pay for a 16-gigabyte iphone that costs $299. U.S. dollars in Canadian dollars
Sean was born and raised in quebec, and his grandparents are from ireland. Seans irish heritage is his
Which of the following is an example of a potentially unethical action associated with providing business information
Discussing specific product development processes with external business sources
Janet is busy advertisting executive trying to balance her job, family, and social responsibilities. Four days a week, Janet runs on a treadmill for an hour. After her workouts, Janet feels relaxed and focused. Janets excersize program helps her manage
During a staff meeting, the sales manager said, " i want to take a moment to thank sophie for coordinating the behind the scenes efforts that have helped us land the Grisham account. I really appreciate her contribution to the company" What type of motivation is the sales manager providing sophie
Performance recognition
When you have the ability to communicate appropriately with teachers, work supervisors, and family members at different times, you are demonstarting adaptability in situations related to
personal interactions
To build collaborative relationships in the workplaces, employees should
be open to new ideas
what course of action can a lender take if a debtor's account is past due?
file a judicial lien
which of the following is an example of a payroll deduction
health insurance
One of the best ways to protect yourself against idendity theft is to
monitor your credit and bank accounts continuously
Which of the following financial services providers is most likely to provide a small, local coffee shop with business loans, checking and savings accounts, and overdraft protection
Marley and Winston Commercial Bank
What should accountants demonstrate when collecting accounting information and preparing financial documents
Professional integrity.
A financial planner advises a client to make a high-risk investment. This is an unethical action if the
financial planners primary motive is to earn a large commision
Why do human-resource mangers often post job openings on websites such as Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com
To recruit employees
By continuously monitoring internal marketing information, a business is often able to
identify problems
Which of the following is an example of an unethical practice related to obtaining marketing information about a competitor
An OQR business associate poses as a security guard at the PRW corporations headquarters to obtain information about the corporations business activities
A primary advantage of using internal databases to store marketing information is the ability to
sort and classify different types of customer information quickly
For legal purposes, a business that collects marketing information from its online customers should
post its privacy policies on its websites
Mara, a marketing researcher, watches customers as they shop for products and writes down her impressions of the customers behaviors. Mara is gathering _________, by _____________.
primary, observing
A business conducts marketing research when it needs to solve a problem or when it wants to
identify a new market opportunity
What type of research would a business conduct if it wanted to identify potential issues or opportunities?
The SBU Company developed a survey in which respondents are provided the same number of favorable and unfavorable rating options. This is an example of survey using a ________ scale
The purpose of asking the participants of a reseach study to maintain product diaries is to obtain marketing reasearch about consumers'
purchasing habits
What type of marketing data can a business obtain by reviewing its inventory reports and customers invoices?
Customers' product preferences
To obtain reliable, valid marketing-research data when conducting personal interviews, researchers must make sure that the interviewers are
open, friendly, and nonjudgemental
Survey respondents indicated that they buy potato chips at the supermarket between three and five times per month. This is an example of
The primary reason for developing a marketing research belief is to
Clarify the purpose of the research
An individual returns a marketing-research survey that contains unanswered questions. This is an example of
Non-response error
Which of the following is the component of a questionnaire that guides respondents through the survey process
What are the characterisitics of dissonance-reducing buying behavior?
Expensive, infrequent purchase with high buyer involvement and few perceived differences
In its marketing plane, ROKE athletic shoes states that it wants to increase its market share for 25- 40 year old professional females by six percent in the next 8 months. ROKE's marketing objective is related to
Its target market
To develop appealing promotional messages for a target audience, a marketer might build a profile of the typical buyer by considering demographic factors such as
age, gender, and income
what component of a marketing plan might a business use to summarize the results of its situation analysis?
SWOT analysis chart
When a situation analysis reveals that a competitors market share has steadily increased over the past year, the Franklin Electronics Company has identified an
External Threat
To determine the types of information that the business needs to operate, it is often beneficial to
Obtain employees
By searching the companys computer records, an employee obtained confidential information about a well know client which she/he discussed with a friend. Eventually the information was leaked to the media which embararassed the client and the business. What actiaon could the company have taken to prevent this unthecial behavior
Use computer passwords to limit access to certain data
What is the importance of the computer hard drive in a computer system?
It permanently stores the computer program files and data
What presentation software function allows the user to move and change the order of existing slides
Slide sorter
Which of the following is an example of a business that is most likely violating a safety regulation?
The hoffman supply company blocks several of its doors with furniture and boxes
Which of the following is a fastey procedure that businesses use to rack emplyees who must evacuate a building during an emergency
Deignating a central meeting place for all employees
Because Kevin worked late tuesday evening to complete a report, he was the lsat employee to leave the building. What procedure does kevin need to perform the building for unlawful entry
set the security alarm
Which of the following is the first step in the bidding process
Identifying needs
Determine if the following statement is true or false: The primary purpose of quality control measures is to evaulate employee efficiency levels
False-businesses also use quality control measures to evaluate products, processes, and other business functions
Which of the following is the primary benefit of keeping your personal workspace organized
Higher efficiency
Invention involves generating new ideas, and innovation involes
Acting on ideas
Which of the following is an example of an employee who is meeting his/her employers expectations
Allison focuses on her work tasks so she can meet her deadlines
Because the companys president was impressed with Ed's willingness to accept additional tasks and carry them out without a lot of direction she/he promoted ed to a mangement postition. What personal trait does ed posses that helped him advance in his career
If a pharmaceutical company sets an unnecessarily high price for a livesaving drug, it is behaving in a _______ manner.
Socially irresponsible
The use of electronically bar-coded price tags on goods has increased the
Number of customer self checkout stations
Companies A,B,AND C sell similar products. Together, they recently decided to sell their products for the same price. In what unethical activity are the businesses engaging
Price fixing
A business might reduce a products price during the growth phase of the products life cycle because
Competitiors have introduced similar products to the marketplace
What form of technology helps businesses track their production supplies and resale products in real time
Radio frequency identification
So that customers can make appropriate buying decisions, product lables should contain
accurate information
After a korean auto maufacturer built a plant in ames, iowa, Kwan noticed a substantial growth of Korean residents in the area, many of who were relocated to Ames to work for the plant. Kawn decided to import korean goods and sell them in a small korean specialty store near town. This is an example of a product opportunity resulting from
Shifts in population ethinicity
A primary role of the facilitator in a group brainstorming session that is generating product ideas is to
Encourage participation
Which of the following is a facotr used for grading product
Product contents
What can businesses do to reduce risks associated with personal injuries and product damage due to improper product use
Provide detailed written instruction
Product bundling is an effective method to sell goods and services because it
Creates a sense of value for the customer
To gain a competitive advantage, a business carefully selects channel members and trains them to provide customers with superior expertise and service. This business is positioning its products by focusingon
Channel differentiation
What does a successful corporate brand communicate and how should it communicate them
Benefits, consistently
When positioning a corporate brand, what is a marketer trying to determine by comparing the comoanys own product attributes with those of the competition
Points of difference
During which stage of the product life cycle should a business focus on the points of difference between its product and its competitors procuts
A television commercial for antonios pizza shop makes the following statement "Our pizza contains the freshest ingredients around" this is an example of
When a business sets up a facebook account to communicate with its existing and potential customers what technological tool is it using
Social networking
What is the government likely to do, if it determines that a company has engaged in deceptive advertising
require the company to place corrective advertising
Alexandria has been using look so good cosmetics for several years and would not consider changing brands. In fact, alexandrria likes the cosmetics so much that she has become an advocate for the cosmetic company. She tells everyone about the features and benefits of Look so good products, and encourages them to try the cosmetics. What type of word of mouth marketing is alexandria using?
organic marketing
During one scene of a popular tv show, an actor pours a box of brand name cereal into a bowl and beings to eat it this is an example of
product placement
What interactive communication channel do businesses use to share company information with their various publics?
to maximize the impact of a print advertisement, the headline,copy, graphics, and signature should be coordinated to
create visual appeal
which of the following is an activity that is performed by a business's public relations department
coordinating speaking engagements for employees
a business that wants to obtain a lot of publicity about a new product should send a formal announcement to an external audience, such as the
What can a business do to attract trade show attendees to the business's display or booth?
Hold a prize drawing or raffle
a business might choose to participate in a regional trade show instead of a national trade show because regional trade shows
are usually less expensive than national trade shows
A business plans to launch a new product in the next year. When developing its promotional plan, the business should
allocate a portion of its budget to promote the new product
one way that a salesperson can provide customer service after a sale has been made is by
ensuring that the order is processed correctly
When a customer brought back a coffee maker without a sales reciept, Tallman's department store applied the current selling price of the item to a gift card for the customer to use in the store. This is an example of a _____policy
Which of the following is an example of unethcial selling behavior that directly affects employee-to-employee relationships
To win a departmental sales contest, a salesperson claims to have processed a sales transaction before it has been formalized
what form of technology are salespeople using that eliminates the need to carry a laptop and personal data assistant while making sales calls?
A salesperson says to a customer, " Mr. Michaels, i wouldn't buy from davenport electronics. That company buys parts for its products from sweatshops and the items dont meet safety codes. Its products usually break within six months" In many jurisdictions, the sales person is violating selling regulations related to
Business defamation
Which of the following is a question that a salesperson is mostlikely to ask during the reaching clousre phase of a sale
Would you like yo use your credit care to pay for the camera
Because carlos considered the vehicles reliability ratings, gas-mileage savings, and warranty before he decided to purchase his new car,his motives were based on