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Describe the uses of grades and standards in marketing.
A grade states the quality of a product. Example, AA, A, B.
Explain types of business ownership.
Sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, and limited liability company (LLC)
How can you demonstrate active listening skills.
Demonstrating active listening skills includes making eye contact, identifying a purpose, asking clarification questions and providing feedback.
Explain the nature of effective verbal communications.
Showing respect, knowing the purpose of why you are speaking, using your voice effectively, using enumeration where appropriate, and providing examples.
Discuss the nature of law and sources of law in the United States.
Laws are enforceable rules of society that reflect the culture and circumstance that create them.
What can you do to demonstrate a customer-service mindset?
A customer-service mindset is an attitude that customer satisfaction always comes first. Making customers feel welcome, be willing to answer questions or find answers to questions.
What are some tips for handling difficult customers?
- Listen
- Take the customer aside to discuss the complaint
- Repeat the facts to show that you understand what the customer has stated
- Get assistance from a supervisor, if necessary
- Establish a plan that determines the next action step
Explain how organizations adapt to today's markets.
By using tools like SWOT Analysis and environmental scans to identify ways the business can improve.
Identify sources that provide relevant, valid written material.
Sources for written material may be obtained internally or externally. Internal must include data like company's monthly sales records. External sources include the Internet and Government.
Explain the role of ethics in customer relationship management.
Customer relationship management involves finding customers and keeping them satisfied through a variety of means.
How can you demonstrate initiative?
Demonstrating initiative means taking action and completing tasks without being specifically asked to do so.
Describe the marketing functions.
- Channel management: the process of deciding how to get goods into customer's hands.
- Market Planning: is understanding the analysis needed to target specific marketing strategies to a select audience.
- Marketing Information Management: is gathering and analyzing information related to market, product and segmentation decisions.
- Pricing: is how much to charge for goods and services to create a profit.
- Product/Service Management: is obtaining, developing, maintaining, and improving a product or product mix in response to market opportunities.
- Promotion: is to inform, persuade, or remind potential customers about a product or service.
- Selling: is providing a customer with a good or service they want.
Explain customer buying behavior
buying behavior is the process that customers use to decide what they will buy, where they will buy it, and from whom they will buy it.
What are some ways you can maintain a sage work environment?
Creating a sage work environment is important due to the significant financial impact these policies can have on a business.
Why is it important to follow established security procedures policies?
Established security procedures allow employees to know what to do in a certain situations without them making a personal judgment.
Describe legal issues affecting businesses
Among the legal issues affecting businesses are the following. -consumer protection issues include product safety, zoning laws to protect real estate value and quality of life, public heath, and licensing for personal service providers.
As a buyer, what criteria should you use when selecting vendors?
Buyers must be aware of several criteria when selecting suppliers to work with. These include production capabilities, past experiences, product quality, special buying arrangements, special services, and pricing.
Explain the nature and scope of channel management.
Channel management is the supervision of a good or service through the manufacturing process to the final user
Explain the relationship between customer service and channel management.
Customer satisfaction is a goal of any profitable businesses. In order to meet the needs and wants of customers, channel management must work effectively to deliver a product at the right time to the right place.
Explain forms of financial exchange.
Cash, credit, debit, electronic funds transfer, etc..
Explain how to handle telephone calls in a businesslike manner.
Because in a phone conversation your listener cannot see you, a pleasant voice is very important, whether answering or initiating a call.
Explain career opportunities in marketing.
There are various careers that can ben obtained in the field of marketing including several job levels including entry-level, career-sustaining, marketing specialist, marketing supervisors and managers and CEOs/owners.
Explain effective note-taking strategies.
Note taking helps you remember facts and keeps your attentions focused.
Explain how to organize information.
First of all, you must decide if a piece of informations in important
Explain the nature of effective written communications.
Effective written communications require some basic considerations: knowing your audience, knowing your purpose, and knowing your subject.
Describe the use of technology in customer relationship management.
Customer relationship management (CRM) involves finding customers and keeping then satisfied through a variety of means, and is useful for developing and maintains customer relationships.
Explain the nature of channels of distribution.
A channel of distribution is the road that a product or service takes from production to end user.
Describe the use of technology in the channel management function.
Technology has created a new channel of distribution known as e-tailing where customers and industrial buyers make purchases using the Internet.
Explain legal considerations in channel management.
The Clayton Antitrust Act of 1914 prevents businesses from exclusionary tactics that could keep other companies from accessing a channel of distribution if this would create a monopoly or lessen competition.
Identify tips for making oral presentations.
Start off by knowing your purpose for speaking. It may be to greet, to inform to request to persuade, or to propose.
Distinguish between economic goods and services.
In economic terms, goods are tangible items that have monetary value and satisfy your needs and wants (such as cars and clothing)
Describe ethical considerations in channel management.
The American Marketing Association lists that following as responsibilities in channel management: not manipulation the availability of a product for purpose of exploitation not using coercion, and exerting undue influence over the reseller's decision to the handle the product.
Identify how to assess personal strengths and weaknesses.
When assessing your strengths and weaknesses, many areas can be explored. Interpersonal skills that can be assessed include self esteem, attitude, initiative, self control,creativity, flexibility, stress management, and time management skills.
Explain the nature of channel-member relationships.
Channel members need to work together to bring a product to the consumer.
Describe the need for marketing information.
Marketing information is needed for businesses so that they make effective decisions about their products, pricing and promotion strategies, competitor awareness and to ensure that they understand what the customer wants and needs.
Explain how to write persuasive messages.
People act in order to have their own needs met. Thus. it is important to show your reader why he/she has a need to do what you want.
Describe the use of technology in the marketing-information management function.
Technology has had a significant impact on the ability to successfully manage marketing information management activities.
Explain how to write an executive summary.
An executive summary may also be called an abstract or a synopsis.
Explain the types of economic systems
An economic system, or economy, is the way a nation provides for the needs and wants of its people.
Describe the regulation of marketing-information management.
The Federal Trade Commission has guidelines for managing and protecting consumer information.
Explain the role of finance in business.
Finance is the function of business that pertains to money management.
Identify how to prepare simple written reports.
A formal report is generally long, analytical, and impersonal, often containing preliminary and supplementary parts. An informal report is shorter and written in a less formal style.
Explain the nature of positive customer relations.
A positive customer relations mindset means believing that your customers: deserve the very best, are your employers, deserve your focused attention, have the right to expect things of me, and have important problems and complaints.
Discuss the nature of marketing research problems/issues.
A marketing research problem is a way to identify objectives that should be met during the data gathering process.