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Most common location for a benign cystic teratoma

Anterior & superior

Most common benign tumor of the uterus is


Perihepatitis can be associated with pelvic inflammatory disease, causing right upper quadrant tenderness & pain. This condition is called

Fitz-Hugh Curtis syndrome

Frank breech

Most common- in which the fetal thighs are flexed at the hips with legs & knees extended

The pelvic mass most commonly seen during a normal first trimester pregnancy is

Corpus luteal cyst

The maternal side of the developing placenta Is referred to as the

Decidua basalis

Up to 10 weeks gestational age, the mean diameter of the normal gestational sac should grow

1 mm/ day

In ruling out hydrocephalus, where would one first begin to see enlargement

Lateral ventricular atria

Which view best demonstrates the diaphragm


Thoracic circumference is measured in the

True transverse view at the level of fetal four chamber heart

The fetal kidneys are most commonly located

Adjacent to the fetal spine bilaterally

When you have demonstrated the fetal stomach transversely at the level of the portal vein , you are at the appropriate level for

Abdominal circumference

The placenta develops from the

Chorion & decidua

All of the following are functions of the placenta EXCEPT

Except - Produces alphafetoprotein

One can rule out placenta accreta by observing

Retroplacental space

A placenta measuring 7 cm in greatest AP dimension may be associated with all of the following except


The thickness of the full term placenta should not measure more than



Benign vascular tumors of the placenta

Common medical interventions for the removal of retained products of conception (RPOC)

Dilation & curettage

Dilation & evacuation

Labor induction


3 categories :

Alobar usually fatal

Semilobar usually fatal


Holoprosencephaly is associated with

Failed development of the fetal forebrain -

Proboscis -

Cyclopia -

Fused thalami -

Most common neural tube defect is


Dangling or dropping choroid plexus is associated with