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What is TCA commonly called?

Cork Taint

What is TCA

A mold that can grow in the bark of the cork oak tree, on winemaking implements, or in the winery itself.

What are the aromas associated with TCA?

moldy, musty, damp basement

What is the percentage range of bottles affected by cork taint each year?


What is a reductive wine?

A wine where there is too much sulfur so there is a lack of oxygen. This causes aromas if burnt matches, garlic, rotten eggs, cabbage, or burnt rubber

Describe the off-odors associated with the following bacterias:

1. Acetic

2. Butyric

3. Lactic

4. Ethyl

5. Geranium

1. Vinegar

2. Rancid butter / spoiled cheese

3. Sauerkraut/goat

4. Nail polish remover

5. Crushed geranium leaves

What are the “Brett” odors?

Farm aromas, sweaty horse