Milestones In Food History Essay

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Milesstones Along the Food Timeline

Technological advances, innovations, and new methods of packaging or storing food have shaped the food industry as well as the nutritional status of society today. Below are ten milestones in food history that I found to be quite entertaining and significant for society today and over the course of time!

Irrigation 3100 BC

Ancient Egyptians were the first to use irrigation around 3100 BC in the Mesopotamian plain. As settlers learned how to cultivate different crops or grain, they needed a more efficient way of taking care of their land. One of the greatest applications to farming and agriculture was the process of irrigation; the supplement of water to land and crops to help them grow (Renault).
As the reproduction rates in society increased, people needed a way of producing an abundance of food quicker to help feed society.
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After speculating how impermeable and buoyant the bark of a Cork Oak tree was, society invented the cork to preserve wine. These Cork Oak trees appear along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and were eventually used to make corks to fit bottles in the 1700s.
Wines have become an important tradition of ceremonies in certain cultures or customs while sharing meals with people. In class we have discussed how friends, family, or acquaintances connect over a meal, and some of these meals may include beverages such as wine. Today, there are social events solely for wine tastings. Without the cork being invented the wine would not be able to be preserved as long as it can now.
It has not only led to a social impact on society, but an environmental impact as well. Nowadays corks may be recycled into things such as flooring tiles, sports equipment, or even as a knife holder. Some people go as far as collecting their corks and using them for crafts and decoration around the house.


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